French Fried Freedom Fails


French president Francois Hollande arrives in Paris at the scene of one of the ISIS Friday-the-13th attacks.  Notice the security guard openly brandishing a gun?  As Obama would like to see happen in the United States, the French people have been rendered completely helpless, emasculated by their own government and their own stupidity.  They see nothing wrong with not being allowed to defend themselves while their president, of course, is defended.  Once again, Paris is a sitting duck for terrorists because not even the cop on the beat is allowed to have a gun!  I’m sure this knowledge causes many terrorists to hold their guts while rolling on the ground laughing.  The joy of attacking a gun-free zone.

This is the terrorism that the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council wants to foist upon the American people.  I call Obama by his rightful title because, as such, he cannot legally be the President of the United States and, therefore, he illegally occupies the oval office.  Chairman Obama is loyal to the United Nations, not to the United States, which makes clear why he is itching to create an excuse to activate the over 70,000 U.N. troops he currently has deployed within the U.S.A.  He is also openly importing thousands of Jihadists into the United States under the guise of alleged “Syrian refugees,” 90% of whom are fighting-age men and none of whom are Christians.  The FBI currently has over one thousand active Islamic terrorist cases within the U.S.A.  As far as I’m concerned, all these suspects work for Chairman Obama, fulfilling his mission to destroy the United States of America.

Since French cops on the street are ridiculously unarmed, no more than glorified meter maids, of course the SWAT militarized version of the police had to come to the rescue.  That’s what Chairman Obama wants in the U.S.A. too.  A disarmed militia, that would be you and me, are perfect sitting ducks for a military takeover, which we are now being mentally conditioned to accept through constant military “training” on U.S. soil, even though the government has plenty of land and facilities that eliminate all excuses for military training in U.S. cities.  Military training in American cities is really designed to accustom you to military occupation.  Get used to a rifle pointed in your face.  That’s the security that Chairman Obama wants to provide for you before he leaves office.  Or will he?

Martial law is exactly what’s happening in Europe right now.  Every excuse is being created for a military takeover of Europe while, ironically, the Jihadist Trojan horse is disappearing from the refugee camps, as they join the newly forming European army that is supposed to protect Europeans from the Jihadists who are quite likely already in that U.N. designed army.  Confusing isn’t it?  Political correctness has made the enemy invisible.

Wide open borders have ensured the Paris attacks and worse is still to come in the U.S.A as well.  The European people are being raped and humiliated into civil war.  Jihadist Imams publicly announce this is an invasion in which they encourage the rape of European women to wipe out the enemy’s bloodline.  Conversion to their vicious religion justifies murder while they follow the letter of the Koran, which leaves me convinced there is no such thing as a “non-radical” Muslim.  None of these alleged “non-radicals” are willing to protest ISIS publicly.  Their allegiance really belongs to the Jihadists because they know the Jihadists are following the letter of the Koran.  That’s why I believe all Muslims will throw off their sheep’s clothing as soon as they are backed up with Jihadist muscle to do the killing for them if you don’t convert.  While they claim to be “non-radical,” that only means they want to convert you before you have to be tortured or murdered.  No Muslim is saying that you don’t have to convert.  They can’t.  The Koran demands it.  Don’t believe me?  Read the Koran.

Is this what we want in America?  Do we want the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council destroying the security, peace, and prosperity of the United States of America?  No red blooded American is going to give up his or her guns to become Chairman Obama’s patsy.  It’s become apparent to the American public that gun confiscation only applies to honest citizens, like the patsies slaughtered en mass in Paris on a regular basis now.  A gun ban can only work if ALL guns are eliminated.  That includes all criminals and the military.  That includes the United Nations.  We know that’s not going to happen.  Then the only people that are banned from owning guns are the very people who need those guns to defend themselves against the military and criminals.  That’s you.

The Second Amendment is absolute for a reason, which is why all other alleged gun laws are not law at all and I believe, as a matter of self respect, un-law should be disobeyed.  In fact, it is the sworn duty of the American militia as Oath Keepers.  If you’ve pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, then you are an Oath Keeper, or had better be.  Changing your mind makes you the enemy.

The God given right to self defense is absolute and no man-made government has a right to violate it.  We, the people, are the militia.  The real danger is a standing army that must be kept employed by invading and occupying abroad because they have no place in the defense of our homeland.  That defense belongs to the militia alone, just like in Switzerland.  Like Switzerland, the U.S.A. should send home a rifle or hand gun with every citizen who is successfully trained through a mandatory adult training program in self defense while we isolate ourselves from the problems between other nations abroad.  We don’t need to send them money and we don’t need to referee their conflicts.  All we need to do is defend ourselves if they have the audacity to invade us.

America is not stupid enough to agree to becoming a gun-free zone like Paris.  As was proven in Garland, Texas, Jihadists will meet resistance here.  We are the resistance.  We are the militia.  We will not be overthrown.  We remember the Alamo.  We know the alternative to self defense is worse than death.

We don’t need to ban guns.  We need to remove the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council from the oval office and restore the Republic.  It takes restoring the rule of law to restore the Republic.  It takes integrity to restore rule of law.