Living in the Divided States of Confusion


Anarchy is the absence of any form of political authority, is political disorder and confusion, and is absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.[1]

What befuddles my mind is the ignorant belief propagated by mainstream media that guns are responsible for the anarchy that exists in the U.S.A. today.  As you can see from the definition of anarchy, guns have nothing to do with it.  Our means of self defense has nothing to do with it.  Our ability to protect ourselves from government and criminals has nothing to do with it.

  • American anarchy is the result of an abdicated Congress controlled through bribes and blackmail.
  • American anarchy is the overthrow of the Constitution in favor of the Patriot Act, replaced by the Freedom Act, both reverse Orwellian names, devised to dupe you into believing there is something better than the Constitution.
  • American anarchy is the propaganda machine called mainstream media, owned by six corporations for the sole purpose of controlling your mind with lies.
  • American anarchy is found in the Common Core school system that is designed to create ignorance with stupidity such as 5+5+5 = 15 is the wrong answer, as well as with literally forcing Islam down our throats in the curriculum while banning Christian prayer.
  • American anarchy is found in sexualizing our children in public schools, teaching them about homosexuality while passing out dildos to third grade girls to try on, conducting elementary school field trips to sex toy shops, while forcing women to suffer sexual molestation through transgender restrooms, currently promoted by the sexually deviant Mayor of Houston.
  • American anarchy is found in the propaganda that calling a pervert a pervert is somehow wrong despite the dictionary definition[2] that reveals sexual perversion is fundamental to the extinction of the human race while heterosexuals are being medically sterilized.
  • American anarchy is found in outlawing a highly valuable medicinal plant with zero negative side effects, proven to never have killed a single human being, while the criminal Food & Drug Administration approves chemical poisons called prescription drugs that openly admit to causing additional severe illnesses as well as death which are benignly called “side effects.” In the meantime, 46,471 deaths occurred in 2013 in the U.S.A. alone from chemical concoctions designed by the pharmaceutical industry, with 75% of those deaths due to legally prescribed drugs.[3]
  • American anarchy is found in the incredible number of brainwashed college students who are demanding the repeal of the First Amendment.
  • American anarchy is found in the federal government’s refusal to obey immigration laws.
  • American anarchy is found in the fact that the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council illegally occupies the oval office, openly waging Jihad against the American people who are told by mainstream media to respect him?
  • American anarchy is found in the fact that every single war since 1945 that American troops have and continue to engage in is an illegal war because none of these wars have been declared by Congress.
  • American anarchy is found in the fact that every member of the United States military since 1945 has blindly followed illegal orders because when they are brainwashed as minors, which is called the recruiting process, they are focused on the steady paycheck and promised benefits that are nothing but a lie, rather than maintaining their oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution, overthrown on September 11, 2001.
  • American anarchy is found in the obedience of every American soldier to train in American cities in what is obvious mental conditioning of both soldier and citizen to martial law as a way of life.
  • American anarchy exists because America allows it to exist.

Owning a gun with which to defend yourself, a God given right, has nothing to do with American anarchy.  It is the American public’s refusal to demonstrate over the fact that we are not living under rule of law is what is responsible for American anarchy.  I believe there is no more time left for peaceful demonstrations because the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council has already started shipping Jihadist troops to L.A. and Baton Rouge, with millions more invaders in the pipeline to all of America’s 190 major metropolitan areas.

That is what causes anarchy.  To get rid of anarchy, you need to get rid of the cause.  You need to get rid of the traitors in Washington, D.C. or the states must secede from the union as a matter of self defense because clearly that government in the District of Criminals is not of, for, and by the people anymore.  What we have in Washington, D.C. is not the constitutional Republic of the United States.  We live in anarchy until this insurgent fascist government shoving a communist way of life down our throats is overthrown by the American people, which we have the means to do without violence.  U.S. Constitution, Article V is not just a method to revise the Constitution.  It was created for exactly what is going on right now.  Article V demands that the state legislatures convene independent of the federal government in order to make plans to overthrow the federal government through simply firing them and installing an interim government until special elections or through violence, if the traitors demand it.

The only connection between American gun ownership and anarchy is that guns are the sole means by which we can guarantee the overthrow of what is clearly the insurgent criminal government of the United States.

American anarchy exists until we put an end to it.






2 thoughts on “Living in the Divided States of Confusion

  1. You repeatedly use the term anarchy, yet what you describe is tyranny. The word anarchy is from Greek roots meaning without (an-) rulers (-anarchos). The picture you paint of oppression, conditioning, propaganda and indoctrination of children are all functions of a tyrannical rulers. The definition you give of anarchy is the chaos resulting from a power vacuum. There is another view of anarchy that is really quite beautiful, though somewhat utopian. One in which there is no power vacuum, because each person is sovereign. There is no state to violate ones natural rights of life, liberty and property through violence and coercion. All interactions are voluntary and the primary tool of civil order is societal pressure, though the right to self-defense remains an option. It is a society where you cannot secretly enter a voting booth and give an organization rights that you do not possess yourself.


    1. Dear John:

      You are suffering from viewing the etymology of a word with tunnel vision. Re-read the dictionary definition I relied on. Then tell me where we have a ruler or rule of law in any of the situations listed. Yes, anarchy can be tyranny, although idealistic people believe it could be peaceful. I’m not holding my breath on the latter. Based on the facts listed in the article, the anarchy we live under today is tyranny BECAUSE it is without rule of law or, essentially, a legitimate ruler.




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