An Open Letter to the Governor of Hawaii


Alleged “refugees” sit in front of the Keleti East Railway Station in Budapest on September 2, 2015.

November 16, 2015

The Honorable David Y. Ige
Governor, State of Hawaii
State Capitol, Executive Chambers
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813


Dear Governor Ige:

The governors of Texas and Alabama have written a letter to the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council, Barak Hussein Obama, asserting that their states will not take ANY Syrian refugees.  The recent mass murder in Paris has made it clear that Jihadists compose 90% of those alleged “refugees.”  All European photos (not misrepresented with closeups of a woman and child by mainstream media) show 90% are fighting-age men.  Christians, the true refugees, are being refused asylum altogether in Europe and the U.S.A., a bona fide act of racism against Christians.

  • Is the Governor of Hawaii going to take the same prudent measures that the governors of Texas and Alabama have already taken or are you going to just meekly accept the second invasion of these islands in 117 years? Hawaiians are notorious for rolling over without the slightest effort at self defense.
  • Is the Governor of Hawaii going to allow illegal immigrants from any country to vote with a driver’s license and no proof of citizenship, just like the treasonous Governor of California is doing, destroying the constitutional electoral process reserved exclusively for citizens of the United States?
  • Is the Governor of Hawaii going to take emergency measures to lift all unconstitutional state gun laws immediately so that the citizens of Hawaii can arm themselves to defend against the 1,000 known Jihadists already inside the U.S.A. that the FBI is currently investigating or do you plan on turning the people of Hawaii into dead meat waiting to happen, just like the terrorized people of Paris, who no longer leave their homes since they cannot even carry a knife with which to defend themselves?

Your failure to act responsibly immediately will result in mass rapes and murders on these islands, as is currently happening in Europe, where European leaders are finally having that aha! moment, thanks to the irreversible tragedy permitted by their stupidity on Friday the 13th.  France and Sweden have now closed their borders.  Based on the excesses of alleged refugees foisted upon small communities throughout Europe, you can expect the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council, who illegally occupies the oval office and to whom these foreign troops answer, to flood these islands with hundreds of thousands of Jihadists.  Kauai alone, with a current population of 67,000, can expect to receive 100,000 Jihadists, as it is obviously the treasonous Chairman’s plan to overwhelm every nook and cranny of the United States with Muslims on hijra; an invasion commanded by the Koran in which they intentionally refuse to assimilate and are under strict orders from their satanic god, Allah, through the words of the Koran to rape, murder, pillage, and destroy our entire way of life as they shove Islam down our throats.

Diligent research of the Koran by a Syrian Catholic nun has revealed a third of the scriptures in the Koran teach Muslims how to lie in order to deceive infidels.  (  Because of the teachings of the Koran, any alleged non-radical Muslim who tells you ISIS has no connection to Islam is a liar.  Before you call me racist or Islamophobic, I suggest you read the Koran and see the evidence for yourself.  This hijra is not just some extremists acting inappropriately.  This invasion is the entire mission of Islam and every Muslim supports this Jihad while they receive dispensation from the Koran to lie to you.

The photo that accompanies the copy of this letter I posted on my web site, Dear Jane, typically reveals 90% of the alleged refugees are fighting-age men who openly destroy property, rape, murder and do whatever they want because the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council has provided them with diplomatic immunity.  Mainstream media uses close-up photos of a woman or two and a few children as a fraud designed to deceive the American people into believing that the millions of people streaming into Europe and ultimately into the United States are really refugees, while these vicious men easily bring guns in their food containers that no one deems necessary to check.  This is what Hawaii will look like in a year if you do not assert the same executive actions that have already been asserted by the responsible governors of Texas and Alabama who are not afraid to act within their rightful authority under the 10th Amendment.

Hawaiians who are U.S. citizens also need guns fast.  We do not need foreigners being given an unconstitutional right to vote.  Keeping the people defenseless and cheaply selling our rights is treason.

It’s time to chuck political correctness, Governor.  If you buy into the bull doody that being nice to these people is more important than the safety and welfare of the people of Hawaii, then you are indeed guilty of treason.

Give this demand for security for the Hawaiian people the immediate attention that it requires while keeping in mind that the punishment for treason is hanging by the neck until you are dead, so help me God.


Jane Doe Smith Rogers
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