It Appears Dear Abby Hit The Mats Again


However, this time it’s the prayer mat rather than the doormat, although the thick icing of political correctness makes you a doormat anyway.  Abby may not take kindly to all this criticism, so I could end up having to hit the mattresses myself, depending on how riled up she gets about this upstart’s opinions.

Chanting for Patience in Austin, Texas had asked Dear Abby: [1]

Dear Abby • My spouse and I are Buddhists, and we do not intend to raise our 2-year-old daughter as a Christian. We plan to teach her about various religions, but we want the opportunity to do so to be ours as parents.

I have discussed this at length with my parents. Nevertheless, they insist on teaching her Christian songs even though I have asked them to stop. I feel their refusal to follow my wishes on this matter is disrespectful. They had their opportunity to raise me the way they chose. Now it’s my turn to raise my child as I choose.

How do I get them to take me seriously, short of telling them they can no longer see her? (I’d rather it not come to that.) — CHANTING FOR PATIENCE IN AUSTIN, TEXAS

And Dear Abby replied:

Dear Chanting • When are your parents teaching your child these songs? If they are doing it when she is with them without your supervision, limit their alone time with her. That should work in the short term. But realize that you can’t shelter your daughter from Christianity and other religions forever, particularly as she grows older and the Christian holidays roll around with all the attendant marketing that surrounds them. Having awareness of and respect for other religions is important today, because not all people believe alike.

And this is my reply to Chanting for Patience in Austin, Texas:

Dear Chanting for Patience:

Is your patience strained right now?  I know mine would be under the circumstances.  Here you let Dear Abby know that your primary concern is to exercise your God given right to raise your child the best way that you see fit, and that you are seeking advice on how to protect that inalienable right.  However, after wisely advising you to not allow unsupervised visitation with your parents, she then tells you to suck it up because the world is going to influence your child anyway, whether you like it or not.

Are they really?  Oh my God, this smells to me like Melissa Harris-Perry’s perspective of it takes a village to raise a child, thereby instantly stripping all parents of their God given parental rights in favor of the communistic dream that the state shall raise your child through an alleged public-school curriculum which is nothing more than an indoctrination program coupled with methodology designed to make sure your kid is kept as ignorant as possible.

You have every right to shelter your child in every respect from indoctrination into other religions by others.  That indoctrination, or chosen lack thereof, is your right as a parent alone.  You are even free to go to family-law court to get an injunction against your parents if they persist to indoctrinate your daughter in your presence or otherwise, thereby also creating conflict that is clearly not in the best interests of the child.  You don’t have to put up with that.

However, Abby then assumes you are going to expose your child to the “Christian” holidays, anyway, that are now essentially outlawed because it is politically incorrect to refer to anything other than some generic “holiday season,” as if anyone has a right to tell you what you may or may not think or say.  She assumes that exposure will be completely out of your control and that you just have to accept it.  She seems to think you have no right to ignore the holiday activities of other religions and that you don’t have the right to teach your child about why you are ignoring them until you deem your child is old enough to make up her own mind.

Abby says you must have “awareness of and respect for other religions because not all people believe alike.”  I cannot see where you ever indicated a lack of respect for other religions.  Clearly your communication reveals that you are not as mentally challenged as her reply assumes you are when she essentially reprimands you for somehow not accepting that “not all people believe alike.”

As far as I’m concerned, Chanting for Patience, you are being fed the current politically correct indoctrination which essentially infers that you don’t have an absolute right to question, restrict your child’s interaction with, or even dislike someone else’s religion.  Well that is certainly in keeping with the utter lack of separation of church and state that the U.S. Department of Education is currently promoting by incorporating indoctrination into Islam as part of the Common Core 7th grade curriculum.  Yep, if you unwisely choose to send your daughter to what is considered public school today, in 7th grade she will be forced to recite the Shahada or she will fail the course:

“There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

I understand some teachers even require non-Muslim girls to wear the hijab while reciting scripture from the Koran.  Oh yeah, get ready for your daughter to be Islamisized by the U.S. Department of Education, who clearly has no respect for your religion.  However, don’t worry about your daughter having Christianity shoved down her throat at school because Christian prayer is now banned.  So much for genuine tolerance.  Great grounds for disbanding and trash canning the worthless U.S. Department of Education, which clearly pushes Agenda 21 down the throats of states through enticing them with the Almighty Buck.  If it were my decision on behalf of the state governments, I would tell the feds to stick their “education” money where the sun don’t shine because no money is given away freely.  Requirements always come with the money.  Public schools are forced to force Islam down your throat by the U.S. Department of Education or they can’t have that money.

How many times do I have to tell people:

You cannot love both God and Money.
You MUST choose between one or the other.

The Christian scripture that covers this topic is Matthew 6:24.  I’d be surprised to learn there is a Muslim scripture that covers this topic.  I honestly don’t know the Buddhist scripture that covers this topic, but from what I know of Buddhism, I believe there is one.

So, if you want to strictly supervise your child’s upbringing, then you have a perfect right to do so and no one, especially the government, has a right to interfere.  And do you know what?  You don’t even have to respect anyone else’s religion in the process, if you don’t want to.  You have a God given right to choose to think and speak exactly how you choose.  No one, not even Dear Abby or me, has a right to tell you how to raise your child.  That decision is always yours alone.  You don’t need to ask anyone when it comes to your rights.  All you need to do is assert them and if the other person doesn’t like it, then tell them to go suck a raw egg.

And if it’s CPS showing up with guns to take your child from you because you choose not to inject poisons into your baby, then that’s when it’s time to back up the 1st Amendment with the 2nd Amendment.  These outrageous alleged laws that are being spawned by corporations in boiler plate format (seriously with a blank line for the legislator to fill in the name of the state), that allegedly authorize physically assaulting you or your child, violate both the 9th Amendment and the Nuremberg Code.  They are not laws.  They are the tools of tyranny.

We shall continue to have our God given rights assaulted until we stand up to the tyrants.  What’s important is to remain cool.  Do not put your finger on the trigger until you are faced with a clear and present danger, such as CPS showing up with guns to kidnap your child.  Then it’s time to fire.  That’s called self-defense.  It’s a God given right.

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