Deceit through Double-Speak is Destroying America


Obama’s DHS says they won’t track missing Syrian refugees because of their “constitutional rights.”  Please let that sink in for a minute before we proceed.

Alleged “Syrian refugees” have constitutional rights.
Americans do not have constitutional rights.

The last right the traitors are now stripping Americans of is protected by the Third Amendment.

The framers of the Constitution were not concerned about their own standing army when they wrote the Third Amendment because, until the 20th Century, America did not have a standing army except when Congress declared war.  Now that Congress illegally no longer declares war and the occupant of the oval office just starts wars at will, a standing army is necessary at all times.  The last time Congress declared  war was World War II.  Every war America has engaged in since then is illegal.

So the Third Amendment was clearly written to protect us from the damned British Red Coats that the King had shoved down our throats, just like the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council remains unrelenting about forcing Americans to accept the Jihadists who are openly disguised as “refugees.”  All you have to do is see the hundreds of photos on the Internet, not only the drone shots of the armies of thousands on roads in Europe, and not the mainstream media lie found in close up shots of a couple of women and kids.  I’m talking about the photos that clearly show 90% of the alleged “refugees” are fighting age men, ugly men who have already demonstrated their hatred and animosity toward Europeans through rape, plunder, murder, and whatever base insults they can shove down European throats.

The ISIS Jihadists that B. Hussein Obama is importing into the U.S.A. against our will ARE what the Third Amendment is about.  They are already “quartering” these troops in Europe.  With the exceptionally cold weather expected in Europe this winter, I have no doubt whatsoever those Jihadist animals, with the blessing of Germany and other governments, will literally force their way into homes, cast the occupants into the streets to freeze to death, and take the homes for themselves.

That is quartering troops.
That is what the Third Amendment is all about.
That is what that traitor in the White House is
cramming down our throats.

Only Americans have a right to be an American citizen, but he strips us of those rights and turns them over to foreigners.  While Obama rolled out the red carpet for radical extremists to enter the country, the TSA failed to identify 73 employees are on the terror watch list, so obviously the TSA is set up to let terrorists in while sexually molesting your children before your eyes.  Allahu Akbar!

Wake up out of the cult.  Wake up out of the trance.
Act now or forever lose your freedom.
Only abiding by the rule of law ensures freedom.
The Constitution is our only law.
All other laws will destroy this country.

If criminals and terrorists won’t go through a background check, why should I voluntarily go through one?  Gun control is a double speak lie.

Must we really be tolerant of the intolerant?  We are told we must be tolerant of Muslims, but Muslims are not required to be tolerant of us.  That is a double speak lie.

Hillary says closing the borders validates ISIS.  That is a double speak lie.

Melissa Harris-Perry says it is evil for white people to want to preserve their DNA and culture.  Why is diversity hinged on eliminating the white race?  She spreads a double speak lie.

Double speak is a requirement of the Koran to force the world to convert to Islam.

It’s time to face the truth.  The federal government is led by traitors.
Remove the traitors, remove the threat.
Put an end to double speak and restore the Constitution.