Virile Christian Men are America’s Greatest Weapon

Shane Steiner after Super Male Vitality (Get it here now!)

People need to stop focusing on Bible prophecy fulfillment and focus on our strategy to take America back.  Yes, prophecy has been fulfilled, until now.  We have the free will to change it.  That’s exactly where we are at right now.  Come to present time, please.  We don’t have to accept someone else’s game.  We can play our own game.  Thank you, LRH.

What is it that is defeating Europe?  Why is Europe submitting to invasion, plunder, rape, and death without any means of self defense?

The lack of Super Male Vitality is what’s defeating Europe.

No, Hillary is not our next problem, and neither is the Tramp, who has already violated the Constitution by taking a foreign born man as his running mate, and brags about his plans to violate our Fourth Amendment rights.  He’s talking in terms of Muslims, but American rights will continue to be violated as well!  You can vote for Hillary or the Tramp if you want, but I won’t.  No, thank you.  I’m too much of a lady to vote for the Tramp, especially since I figured out he’s working with Hillary, for whom I disdain to use the word lady.

So the cause of the demise of Europe is clearly a flaccid penis problem.  I know in the USA, statistics are revealing somewhere between 30% to 40% of American men are experiencing erectile dysfunction.  Now, you might think that’s a high percentage but, like everything else, it’s a relative thing.  You see, in America, we still have God fearing Christian men who worship the God of Love and not Satan, who are smart enough not to give up their means of self defense, and who still have the courage and the chutzpah to protect their nation, their wives, and their children.

In Europe, on the other hand, it appears to me that men of true European Caucasian stock, mostly fall in the 90% to 95% range when it comes to erectile dysfunction.  Honestly, I’m being generous.  They gave up their guns trusting their government, who has never protected them before.  Wunderbar!  Then their politically correct leader, Wahabi Merkel, throws open the floodgates and says, bring me your unwashed and unfed of the world, bring me your 1.8 billion Muslims!  And the German men shouted, Wunderbar!

I must wonder.  Do they shout Wunderbar!  when their wives and daughters are gang raped?  Will they shout, Wunderbar!  when they are yanked out of their homes this next particularly bitter cold winter and thrown into the streets to freeze to death while Jihadists occupy their homes because they don’t have a Third Amendment protecting them from quartering of troops?  It’s always been the enemy’s troops.

This is what happens when the men of a country are plagued with the flaccid penis problem, brought to you by our new world order, headquartered at the United Nations in NYC, commencing this December 11, 2015.  Stay tuned for new developments.

And all you insane feminists out there who want to destroy men, I find you to be pathetic fools.  If you only understood their real purpose in life, you would know that you are throwing away your greatest weapon against the extinction of your own kind, which is all of humanity.

So now we’ve identified the problem.  Most white men just can’t get it up anymore.  Let’s face it.  They really aren’t men anymore.  So, what can we do to solve the problem?  I know Alex Jones has one solution.

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