A Political Reconciliation


Dear Mr. Trump:

I’ve changed my opinion about you, again.  A woman has a right to change her mind as many times as she wants.

You were #1 on my shit list until I heard you tell Alex Jones today that you really haven’t decided who your VP is going to be[1].  That was a heart stopper for me.  I had to do deep breathing to control the heart palpitations.  I have a short circuit (supraventricular tachycardia).

Anything else, absolutely anything else, I’m ready to compromise with you on, for now.  But a foreign, illegal VP; Cruz or Rubio, is totally out of the question because that compromises the entire sovereignty of this nation.  It is critical that only a natural-born citizen holds the office of president, vice president, or speaker of the house.  Anything less is unacceptable AND SOMEONE BESIDES ME NEEDS TO START TALKING ABOUT THIS!

I have literally been the only person in this country who has noticed that Cruz and Rubio are running illegally.  Now that you have announced that you have not really decided on your VP yet, I have come to realize that even you simply did not know, despite all the crap surrounding Obama.  Cruz fooled people because his mom is an American.  Rubio fooled people because his parents brought him here illegally but became citizens later.  It makes me want to cry to see how ignorant Americans are about the law, when that is absolutely not necessary.  I am appalled that literally from top to bottom, this country knows jack shit about how it really is supposed to run.

Well, I could go along with you about not turning Obama into a martyr, except leaving him in office one more year will bring literal blood-and-guts war onto American soil during the next 12 months.  The sonofabitch is bringing in Jihadists by the thousands and I want to see that piece of trash hang for it.

So, it looks like it’s going to be left up to well-armed Americans to put down the mad dogs that the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council sicced on us.  I’ve developed a good enough understanding of red-blooded patriotic Americans who know and exercise their rights, that I know we’re going to enjoy the best target practice we’ve ever had on those savages.  It’s open season on anyone who rapes an American woman, like the five scum who recently raped this woman in Colorado:


Americans apparently will need to take it upon themselves to declare vigilante law in such instances and make sure the criminal Jihadist scum responsible are annihilated because we can be sure Obama will make sure they have a permanent get-out-of-jail free card.  Well I know all about vigilante law under such circumstances because I live on the island of Kauai and I can assure you, there is not a rapist left alive on this island, and there’s no way for them to escape.

Have you noticed Obama has been Chairman of the U.N. Security Council during his entire administration?[2]  This means we did not legally have a president for two terms!  Yeah, people were stupid enough to re-elect a criminal holding office by virtue of his position as Chairman of the U.N. Security Council.  We root like pigs in criminality so much so, that Americans think anything is okay if some expert says so.

Have you noticed that, as the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council, the 70,000+ U.N. troops currently deployed in the USA as well as the Jihadists are his troops?  That’s why he is doing everything in his power to destroy the United States military.  He is an invading foreigner who should never have been allowed to run for office.  He is a traitor who I eagerly look forward to watching hang by his neck until he is dead.  I hope it’s televised so I can throw a party.

As for violating the 4th Amendment that I was also bitching about, well, it’s going on anyway, so nail every Jihadist bastard with it and put his or her stinking ass in prison or offer to buy them a body bomb if they are willing to sit inside a dumpster when they trigger it.  But after that mess is cleaned up, it is imperative you take down the mad dog called the NSA.  They are not even run by the American government; they work for the global criminal cartel.  The NSA must be destroyed and its leadership must be taken into custody as criminals.

I can also delay arguing about your views of illegally using eminent domain on behalf of private corporations.  That’s not a deal breaker either, for now.

What is important is that you regained my respect on the Alex Jones Show by announcing you really haven’t decided yet who you will choose for VP.  Pick the kid.  Yeah, I said the kid just ain’t quite like his father, but that’s because he has to mature.  I think after being your apprentice for four years, Rand Paul will make an outstanding president for another eight years.  By that time, the constitutional Republic will have been restored and you will go down in history as the greatest president since JFK, who they killed because of exactly what you are doing; for attempting to restore the Republic back into the hands of the people.  It’s come out the Secret Service participated in killing JFK, so don’t trust them with anything except going outside to pick up the newspaper.  Rely on your private security who you can be sure will be loyal to you.

Okay, so I don’t post on #TrumpIsTrash on Twitter anymore.  And you really warmed my heart by publicly attesting to the fact that you see Hillary for the criminal bitch that she is, although not in so many words.

You’ve got my vote back again IF you take Rand Paul for your VP.  And thank you for giving me the opportunity to prove to every individual in America that each of us has the personal power to change the world.  I know I was the only one on the Internet bitching about an illegal VP.  Absolutely no one breathed a word of it.  But I already knew from past experience what one loud, ornery old bitch can accomplish, if she makes enough noise, so I put you on my shit list and smeared it all over the Internet.

Well, if there is one thing I really enjoy seeing, it’s a change of heart.  Repentance is good for the soul.  I forgive you.  Thank you for being a man who really listens and who really loves his country.  I love you for that.  I also just practiced Ho’oponopono[3] on you.  It will expedite healing in our relationship.

Aloha, from the sunny Coconut Coast of Kauai,


Jane Doe Smith Rogers,
An uncommonly common person

cc:       Alex Jones
            Ted Cruz

P.S. :  See “A Cruz Missile Strikes America!” for further developments.  A woman has a right to change her mind as many times as she wants, until she gets it right.  I believe this is what the election process should really be all about:  Each of us checking out who we really think can do the job right.


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[2] https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2014/09/24/president-obama-chairs-un-security-council-meeting-foreign-terrorist-fighters

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