Take Affirmative Action Now and Command Your God Given Rights!

Affirmative Action
Center for Third World Organizing was spawned along with ACORN and Students for a Democratic Society by Communist subversive, Wade Radtke, a fact integral to the message of this story.

Today, this picture fits perfectly if you just switch the sign that reads “Whites” over to the sink where the sign that reads “Coloreds” is, and vice versa.  Have you noticed in recent years the world seems to have truly lost it’s mind and everything is becoming increasingly flip-flopped?

Affirmative action is intended to promote
the opportunities of defined minority groups within a society
to give them equal access to that
[which is perceived as belonging to] the majority population.”[1]

In flip-flop[2], that reads:

Affirmative action is intended to demote
the opportunities of the majority population within a society
to deny them equal access to that
[which is perceived as belonging to] defined minority groups.”[3]

That’s the intended counter-solution created by these commie-pinko subversive groups responsible for the original “affirmative action” movements that are still in operation today controlling the socialist entitlement scene in America brought to you by, but not limited to Obama, Hillary, and Bernie Sandinista.  Joe McCarthy is truly spinning in his grave, God rest his soul.  He meant well.

“They”[4] literally feed off the vibration of fear they create in you when they manufacture these problems for you.  “They” create a problem and then create a solution to the problem they created in the first place; a solution that best fits THEIR needs.  No other options allowed.  Screw you.

But not when you take control.  Not when you assert Real Affirmative Action.  Cloward-Piven on the flip side[5] is when YOU take control of providing solutions to problems presented, rather than LETTING OTHERS do it for you.  That’s Real Affirmative Action, not this commie-pinko trash that’s been fed to us, first making white people the perceived “majority” and the bad guys responsible for all problems suffered by black folks.  Now they’ve flip-flopped it to where white people are the minority and we’re still the bad guy, responsible for every form of repression found on the face of the Earth, or so “they” say.  That’s the illusion woven by master criminals.

A fine example of the double speak we are being bombarded with is found in the perceived benefits of letting the government handle matters of race equality for us rather than humanity simply maturing on its own to recognizing that we are all part of the same human race.  In November, 1996, California passed Proposition 209, which became the California Civil Rights Initiative.  On Wikipedia, “they” brag about how beneficial passing this act was to effect an improvement in graduation and enrollment rates for perceived “minorities” receiving an “equal opportunity” to attend college or university.  This table is used to suggest a “causal link” between the passage of the state’s civil rights act and “a better prepared student body.”[6]

Enrollment percentages of four major ethnic groups are shown in the table presented.  This information is analyzed to show:

The acceptance rate, or yield rate, is about the number of students who accepted their admission offer.  Asian American acceptance rates are much higher than other ethnic groups.  Chicano/Latino enrollment percentage, after several years of decreases, dramatically increased from the lowest 11.3% in 1998 to 20.7% in 2010.  In contrast, White enrollment percentage, after achieving a high of 40.2% in 1997, decreased significantly to 26.8% in 2010.  Asian American enrollment percentage remained stable.

First of all, this civil rights initiative was supposed to be primarily aimed at “African-Americans” aka blacks so they could get a “more equal opportunity” to enroll at the University of California, because “they” had created a false perception that blacks were not getting as equal of an opportunity to enroll as whites.  But check the percentage of African-American student body from 1994 through 2010 and you actually see a small decline, so nothing of the sort ever occurred.  In fact, the decline may very well reflect that over 51% of all African-Americans died through abortion; irrefutable evidence of genocide against the black race rather than creating “more equal opportunity” to enroll.

Now check the Asian-American figures and what you see has been the case with Asian-American students since the beginning of time.  They are frequently scholars and their enrollment at universities is always disproportionately higher than other races, in spite of and not because of the California Civil Rights Initiative.

Was the imposition of a civil-rights act by the government responsible for the increase in Chicano/Latino enrollment?  Hell, no!  That increase simply reflects that Latinos who also happen to be illegal immigrants are enrolling at the University of California on your dime!  That’s right.  The increase reflects open borders and welfare entitlements for illegal immigrants who are simply Latinos and not Latino-Americans or Chicano’s, which is the chosen self identity of Mexican-Americans; Mexicans who are American citizens.  So the increase in the Chicano/Latino enrollment actually reflects the illegal immigrants pouring over the wide open border to collect their welfare that you pay for with your taxes as an American citizen, so they can get the lowest tuition rate available to citizens of California; a perk not available to out-of-state American citizens.

Finally the drop in “White” student enrollment is touted as an apparent, but truly illusional evidence of equality among races being forced upon the University of California via legislation and not for any other reason.  First, what we have demonstrated here is evidence of covert racism towards European-Americans.  They had to be politically correct about labeling everyone else in this study, but when it comes to European-Americans, we are just referred to as those “Whites.”  God forbid we should apply the label of “Blacks” to “African-Americans” or “Yellow” to “Asian-Americans,” or “Illegal Immigrants, and Mexican-Americans and Latino-Americans” all bunched together as one all-inclusive Hispanic category.

More important is the decline in “White” enrollment that actually reflects the declining European-American population due to sterility induced through our food, water, and drugs, compliments of the very governments hell bent on controlling our every behavior by forcing us to treat each other “equally”.  These are the only facts really proven by this table.  The government really accomplishes nothing by creating countless laws to control your behavior.

The reality is, there have been no genuine changes in enrollment at the University of California in terms of race that in anyway reflect a reduction in racism, if that racism ever really existed to begin with, when admitting students into the university.  What it does demonstrate is the statistical factors incorporated but not mentioned in the research findings published actually reveal that there was no perceivable change in the percent of each race enrolled that was due to alleged elimination of racism in selection of candidates acceptable for admission to the school.  The university actually continued the policy that always existed and that is to admit students based on their academic qualifications and not because they are “privileged whites.”

The only thing that changed in this picture were two factors fed into this recipe through government intervention:  (1) illegal immigrant enrollment boosted the Chicano/Latino statistics.  (2) Government induced sterility through fascist partnership with corporations has caused a decline in the European-American population as well as a slightly less perceptible decline in the the African-American population, which covertly reveals no increase in blacks in America due to abortion.

Affirmative action as sponsored by “them” is designed to wipe out the white race; the real end game of artificially fomented racial division and strife and intentionally induced sterility through food, water, and drugs.  First they incited blacks into believing whites were the cause of all their problems because whites were then perceived as the evil majority.  Now blacks are incited to hate white people even more because we are now considered a “privileged minority” and that makes us a prime target or whipping boy for anything that goes wrong.  It’s a no-win situation designed to never be solved.

While “they” manipulate and re-manipulate the race-hatred scene, “they” introduce yet a third Cloward-Piven strategy to confuse the masses even further, conning us into believing there is a natural climate disaster around the corner and somehow we, all of humanity sans the 133 psychopaths and their minions, are responsible for the never-to-materialize impending disaster.  There is no climate change problem.  A review of news reports on the matter dating back to the 1970’s reveals first it was global cooling, then it was global warming, and now it is just “climate change,” which is nothing more than the four seasons coupled with natural weather cycles that develop over decades, and man-made manipulation of the atmosphere; bioengineering efforts literally designed to decrease the atmosphere that is absolutely necessary for the survival of all human and plant life on Earth.  Additionally, by virtue of a vote taken at the U.N., the sun has now been declared to have no effect whatsoever on our climate, something even the most challenged moron knows is not true.

“Climate change” is now touted as the worst disaster mankind can be faced with and it is somehow responsible for the Jihadist invasion.  I swear to God, that’s what that mad man in the White House said just prior to the commencement of the “Climate Summit,” an incredible cart-and-pony show designed to legitimize this carnival scam run right before your very eyes.  Now you see it, now you don’t.

The fraud they call “climate change” is created by completely  fabricating pseudo-facts rather than providing genuine proof found through scientific protocols.

Our ancestors would have been killing by now, with the terror that is being smeared across the world through massive invasions to be solved by worldwide marshal law under the control of the United Nations.  These psychopathic control freaks will settle for nothing less, unless.

Unless we, the people, just some of humanity, individually take Real Affirmative Action, which is using the Cloward-Piven Strategy on the Flip Side:

Flip Here!

Without taking that first step forward, individually, we will live as enslaved sheep wishing we were dead.

One courageous man or woman is a majority.

Only when each of us stops waiting for the next guy to take the first step and we decide individually to take Real Affirmative Action to change the world, only then will this world change into the one we want.  That’s what one doctor recently did to force an investigation of the growing list of holistic doctors being murdered, it appears to me, by Big Pharma because they’ve got some Earth shattering information in natural health care that Big Pharma is clearly terrified of.

Click Here to see what makes Big Pharma CEO’s fear death by lethal injection, how appropriate . . .

I took the first step the other day by filing a complaint with the correct authority to arrest the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Army, Barak Hussein Obama, to be examined for mental deficiency and, if he should not be found mentally deficient, to force Congress to commence an impeachment proceeding to try him for treason, the most heinous crime a president of the United States could commit:

Click Here to do your part (remove my name, insert yours, and be sure you know what you’re saying when you swear before God that what you are saying here is true. It’s time for a showdown at the OK Corral.)

Our success will be found in our persistence.  Our success will be found in one human being after another rising up to take control of his or her life through Real Affirmative Action.  No one is really entitled to anything.  But when we start taking Real Affirmative Action, we don’t need to demand anything anymore, like a spoiled child.  Having acted with honor and in courage, we begin to command Real Affirmative Action; action that changes the world, not into the one “they” want but, rather, into the one humanity wants:  Peace on Earth toward all men and women of goodwill.



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[2] In the intelligence community this is known as “Mundfuckese.”  (Source:  CIA)

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