Is Your Sheriff Owned and Operated by the United Nations?


Delaware County, New York Sheriff Tom Mills has a Jihadist training camp in his territory and he doesn’t mind at all because, he said they told him (Look who’s in charge here!), if we need you, we’ll call you, and they just never call.

How many women are raped and then murdered for being raped in Islamberg, New York?

How many children are being raped in Islamberg, New York, particularly considering child rape is an Islamic sacrament?

How many guns do they have, Sheriff?

How many bombs do they have, Sheriff?

Do you even care that they plan to shove their filthy Sharia Law down your community’s throat and if you protest, they will kill you?

Are you even a man?  Maybe you need some Super Male Vitality to get it up.  (Get it here now!)

Do you care about anything other than your god damned paycheck?

Are you trained by the U.N. to engage only in SWAT combat and nothing else?

Why do you have no investigative powers, Sheriff Mills of Delaware County, New York, who has a god damned jihadist training camp in his backyard and doesn’t see fit to do jack shit about it?

America, traitors are in our midst, and some are county sheriffs.
Americans are under attack from within.
We must question all motives.

Who in hell is this guy and who does he really work for?

I question the motives of  New York’s Delaware County Sheriff Tom Mills, who chooses to stand down rather than investigate an in-your-face enemy training camp on American soil.

That’s just piss poor performance if you ask me.