Attorney General Loretta Lynch is a Traitor

slut lynch
Lying during her oath of office to support and defend the United States Constitution

I’m sure her answer to every single question posted by Judge Andrew Napolitano just before her appointment as Attorney General received the unequivocal “you betcha, I would and then some”[1]:

Hence, I suggest to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that they permit Lynch to distinguish herself from Holder by inducing her to answer the following questions:

  • Will you advise the president, as Holder did, that his careful, secret, conscientious deliberations about the legal guilt of some Americans are a constitutionally adequate substitute for due process, such that he can kill uncharged, untried, unsentenced Americans?
  • Do you defend the president’s killing two innocent American children, as Holder did?
  • Will you advise the president that he can use his prosecutorial discretion in such a manner that American borders become open as they did for Central American children last summer, and that foreign nationals who are here illegally can legally remain here without complying with the laws Congress has written?
  • Will you tell the president that the NSA can disregard the Constitution and execute general warrants, which permit the bearer to search wherever he wishes and seize whatever he finds, even though the Fourth Amendment was written to prevent general warrants?
  • Can the president decline to enforce laws with which he disagrees without violating his oath to enforce federal laws faithfully?
  • Will you advise the president that he can subpoena the home telephone records and the personal email accounts of Associated Press and Fox News reporters, as Holder did?
  • Will you permit state and local police and the IRS to seize the property of known innocents who have not been charged with criminal behavior, much less convicted of it, and then retain much of the seized property even if the persons from whom it was seized are acquitted?
  • Will you permit law enforcement to break the law in order to enforce it?
  • Will you condone law enforcement using tanks and battering rams to deliver subpoenas?
  • Will you permit law enforcement personnel to create crimes so that they can solve the crimes they created and then boast about the crimes they claim to have solved?
  • Do you accept the presumption of liberty, which means that the government must respect individual choices unless and until it can prove violations of the law to a judge or jury?

It is time for a national debate about the role of law enforcement in our lives, and the confirmation hearings on the nomination of Loretta Lynch to become attorney general can provide an excellent platform. If she agrees that the Constitution is not a neutral instrument as between the people and the government because it was written to keep the government off our backs, she will be an antidote to Obama’s law breaking.

But I think I may be wishing for too much. She is, after all, his nominee.

* * *

We’ve simply switched the kettle with the pot but they’re both still black, and I’m not talking about the color of their skin.  It is my opinion that both attorney generals have black hearts, evil thoughts and deeds, and neither is fit to hold office as a public servant.

What we have here now is Loretta Lynch playing prosecutor, judge, and jury with the American public.  She is judge and jury and she shall decide what constitutes violence and not just speech, and she shall decide who should go to prison for talking.  Lynch, it is your speech toward the American public that constitutes the violent speech inherent in treason, because your speech supports the Jihad that Obama is openly waging against non-Muslim Americans.  So cram your threats of prison for saying things you don’t like right up your ass.  Any such action by you, Lynch, constitutes treason and I look forward to hearing your neck snap when the gallows open their doors under your feet, you treasonous bitch.

Any Alleged Law Aimed at “Hate Speech” Is Unconstitutional

For one thing, I think people need to start noticing fast that the general public has been intentionally kept ignorant about what constitutional law is.  Millions of Americans have been intentionally under educated and now live under the sorcerer’s pretense that the average Joe understanding the Constitution is just not possible.   It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read the original Constitution itself and then contemplate that portion relevant to your argument to understand what is constitutional and what is not.  What you generally hear to the contrary are the lies of traitors on the Supreme Court who have the audacity to think they can “interpret” the original Constitution out of existence.  Hey, you pack of dumb asses on the Supreme Court bench, the Constitution can ONLY be changed by constitutional amendment.

Did you know there is “hate speech” “outside the law” as well as “inside the law”?  Here’s an Orwellian surprise for you:

Hate speech, outside the law, is speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation.

 In law [sic], hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group. The law may identify a protected group by certain characteristics. In some countries, a victim of hate speech may seek redress under civil law, criminal law, or both. A website that uses hate speech is called a hate site. Most of these sites contain Internet forums and news briefs that emphasize a particular viewpoint. There has been debate over how freedom of speech applies to the Internet as well as hate speech in general.[2]

According to Lynch, you are reading a “hate site” right now and doing so could land you in prison, if this treasonous bitch is not restrained.  Now let’s take a look at the First Amendment[3]:

Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  U.S. Const., 1st Amend.

Did you get that?  NO LAW.  Can you read, Loretta Lynch, or do you just sign your name with an X after someone told you all about it?  There is no such thing as “hate speech,” you dumb bitch!  And your twisted deviant mind also cannot make one person’s speech equal to another person’s actions, you freaking retard!!!

I Am Not Responsible For Anyone Else’s Action.
I Am Only Responsible For My Own Actions.

And that holds true for every other human being.  But now, when you let un-American trash hold public office, well then you get somebody like this dumb bitch who thinks she can threaten the American public with her criminal activity and we’re supposed to dump in our drawers because of it.  Well it ain’t happening, sister.  Americans have more dignity and self respect than you’ve assumed.  In the meantime, I treat those who deserve respect with respect and you don’t deserve it, Loretta Lynch.  If you were any sort of decent human being, you would publicly get on your knees to beg the American people for forgiveness, but you’re still too stupid to realize that your neck is going to snap when the gallows doors fly open, and I’m going to enjoy watching it.

As for the rest of America, now hear this.  We need to go over the First Amendment one more time together because there are some very serious implications in it regarding what is happening at this very moment in this nation, which is the invasion and occupation of the U.S.A. by radical Islam led by their loyal Imam Barak Hussein Obama.  He has openly stated his loyalty belongs to Islam and not to the U.S.A.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  U.S. Const., 1st Amend.

What Obama and his fellow traitors in the U.S. government are doing is:

  • Establishing Islam as the national religion of the Caliphate of the United States.
  • Prohibiting the free exercise of Christianity, and eventually any religion other than Islam.

It just doesn’t get plainer or more in‑your-face than this, folks.  Not only is the Constitution of the United States being overthrown by Sharia Law (which has no Bill of Rights), but all other religions are scheduled to become outlawed, starting with the majority religion of the United States, which is Christianity.

Rise up, America, not to violent action but to peaceful anarchy.  Rise up against this bitch in the Office of the Attorney General who threatens you with prison if she doesn’t like what you have to say.  It is she who has no right whatsoever to treat us that way.  May she rot in hell forever.

And yes, we have a perfect right to express our anger by saying, “I would like to kill these god damned traitors.”  Thinking it, feeling it, expressing it through words is not violence.  Taking a gun and blowing the motherfuckers away right between the eyes is violence.  Don’t do it.  And if someone else does it, you are not responsible for their actions.  You are only responsible for your own actions, so the federal government had better start putting the blame exactly where it belongs, which is pointing the official finger at those Jihadist sluts and whore masters who kill Americans on our sacred soil.  Those animals single out non-Muslims to shoot.  A holy war has commenced inside the United States, the President of the United States is the ringleader, the Attorney General is a traitor too.

All non-Muslims in America are about to be wiped out unless we start carrying our guns with us and waste these motherfuckers who fire upon non-Muslims using guns supplied by the government through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  The ATF is prepared to arm these Jihadists inside the United States, completely circumventing any alleged gun-control law.

All gun bans are a trap designed to
make it impossible to defend yourself.


Point the finger of blame where it belongs, Lynch, which is at the Jihadist illegally occupying the White House, Chairman of the U.N. Security Council and Commander in Chief of NATO and ISIS troops Barak Hussein Obama.

And since Obama is obviously no longer fit to be Commander in Chief of the United States Army, isn’t it time to arrest Obama, Major General David E. Quantock, Provost Marshal General United States Army, Criminal Investigation Command?  (Click Here to send your own complaint and sworn affidavit.)

Oh, and notice in this video below that the people from the mosque that the Jihadist slut and whore master attended in San Bernardino claim they didn’t know them.  This is a standard Muslim lie to infidels taught in the Koran.  The whore master prayed with them everyday, but they didn’t know them.  The guy interviewed arranged their wedding, but they didn’t know them.  Well the Muslim slut and her Muslim whore master had fake names and passports and had guns supplied to them by the ATF, and these alleged “non-radical” Muslims knew them all right.  In Islam, “non-radical” means “liar.”

Did you know Loretta Lynch
Belonged to a Jew-Hating
Pro-Terrorist Harvard Group?  
(Click Here and see for yourself.)

It’s time for another crusade, America.  It’s time to cast out the Muslim invaders.  If you can’t figure out how we can do that without resorting to violence, then I suggest you reinforce your brain.   (Get it here now!)

In the meantime, lock and load for your own protection.  You have a God given right to self defense.