Recall All Muslim Politicians in the U.S.A.!

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison considers Sharia Law superior to U.S. Constitution -Lied During Oath of Office

Allah maketh none to share in his government.” — Qur’an 18:26.  What in hell does that mean?  That means there is no other form of government than Sharia Law when Islam finishes conquering the world.

A theocracy is a form of government in which a country is ruled by religious leaders.  It is the ultimate intention of every Muslim politician elected in the United States to turn the USA into a Muslim caliphate, just like they are doing right now in Europe, where Caucasian-Europeans are put in prison for reporting a gang rape by Muslims, as that is somehow “offensive” to Jihadists, which must be more important that self preservation among European whites now.  In fact, you can be sure Muslims are behind all this sickening “political correctness.”  It’s their deviant way of twisting the truth to fit their agenda.

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison is a prime example of how Muslims lie, which is the objective taught to them by a third of their scriptures, so I know better than to ever believe anything a Muslim has to say.  And I know that there is no such thing as a “non-radical” Muslim because it is every Muslim’s intent to convert you to Islam or you die, period. The Qur’an says so and those who tell you “we don’t follow that” are liars.  Lying is a sacrament for those who worship Satan, whom they call Allah.

Ellison, for example, regularly resorts to typical Muslim deceptions designed to mislead you into believing that Islam will allow you to keep the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights:

O’Reilly asked him, “don’t you want to know, Congressman, the facts about the jihad and some mosques?  There are allegations as you know that extremism is being preached in some American mosques. Do you want to know that?”

Ellison said he did, but about extremism in every community, not just the Muslim one. [1]

Ellison evaded the fact O’Reilly pointed out that extremism is being preached by Islam.  No other religion is preaching the overthrow of the the United States government.  However, practicing typical Muslim deception, Ellison then forked is tongue and pointed at Timothy McVeigh and Columbine, as if those mass murders were somehow inspired by extreme religious teachings coupled with subversive actions, when in fact raids on European mosques are proving every mosque has a cache of guns, pipe bombs, and grenades.  Thoughts and speech are protected by the First Amendment.  An armed insurrection is not.  That’s treason.

By pointing outside the Muslim community in response to a question about the Muslim community, Ellison deceitfully avoided the reality of the question asked:

Islam is the only religion in America with a
primary goal of overthrowing the
United States Constitution and the Republic for which it stands.


Ellison, like every deceptive Muslim, which is all of them, disguises the fact that it is the intent of Islam to turn the United States into a theocratic caliphate in which anyone not a Muslim is subject to rape, murder, and robbery.  This includes Muslims stupid enough to change their mind about being Muslim or those who really don’t want to be “radical.”  There is no such thing as a non-radical Muslim.  Shiite Muslims can attest that it is the ultimate goal of Islam to subjugate all non-radical Muslims too.  Muslims speak with a forked tongue, a natural phenomena for those who worship Satan.  Out of one side of their face they will say their religion is one of peace and then out of the other side of their face they will approve of stoning a raped woman to death and they accept beheading as the appropriate punishment for anyone who spits on Islam, like I do.  But then in the next breath, they will tell you that they don’t really believe in that.  I have zero respect for this religion of savages that is nothing more than a beard for Satanism.

I will not condone the presence of a religion hell bent on
establishing a theocracy in the U.S.A.

Raid every mosque in the U.S.A. and you will find they are all armories preparing to overthrow the Republic.  Muslims are loyal to Islam only and never any other nation and certainly not the United States Constitution.  All Muslims are automatic traitors in the U.S.A.  Any Muslim who tells you he or she is loyal to the U.S. Constitution is a liar.  As a matter of loyalty to Islam, every Muslim politician lies during his oath of office, regardless of whether a Bible or a Qur’an is used.

No Muslim politician ever intends to
support and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Every Muslim will tell you that Sharia Law is superior to the United States Constitution and any other law, which is why they are putting Sharia Law on American law books!  In every jurisdiction held by a Muslim politician, I guarantee that if they have not already passed Sharia Law to some extent, then it is their intention to ultimately do so.  Sharia Law is apposite to the U.S. Constitution.  In fact, the practice of Sharia Law must be outlawed in the United States in order to preserve, support, and defend the United States Constitution.

It is the Intention of Every Muslim Politician
in the USA to overthrow the Republic of the United States.

It is the intent of every Muslim to turn the United States into a theocracy, one municipality at a time, with the conscious intent of ultimately overthrowing our Constitution, discarding our Bill of Rights, and subjecting us to the brutal savagery of Sharia Law.

This link contains a list of every Muslim politician who has been elected to office in the United States so far:  Click Here for a list of all Muslim politicians illegally holding office by virtue of lying under oath.

Every one of those politicians lied when taking their oath of office.  They swore to support and defend the United States Constitution and none of them have any intention of doing so.  It is their ultimate intent to replace constitutional law with Sharia Law.  That is treason.  We should hang every one of those sons of bitches, but I will be satisfied at this point with ejecting all of them from office by virtue of a recall vote based on the knowledge that the candidate considers Sharia Law superior to the U.S. Constitution, which is treason in the United States.

Sharia Law is a code of savages.
I spit on Sharia Law.

“Islamophobia” is a lie taught by Muslims.  I have the good sense not to welcome evil into my home.

Listen to this Muslim lie to Joe Biggs about how the San Bernadino murderers were members of his mosque but “he didn’t know them.”  He said Syed Farouk prayed during lunch time at the mosque every day, but “he didn’t know them.”  He admits he made the arrangements for Syed Farouk’s wedding, but “he didn’t know them.”  All Muslims are liars.  In fact, I’m willing to bet you a hundred bucks that this San Bernadino mosque has a cache of guns, bombs, and grenades.  Don’t you think it’s time we demand a raid?  Oh, San Bernadino Police Department, probable cause certainly exists to get a search warrant.  I’ll have to send the Chief a copy of this blog and see if they have more balls (Get it here now!) than the Delaware County, New York sheriff who is obviously afraid of Islamberg. (Click Here to read about his cowardice.)