A Cruz missile strikes America!


Donald Trump is a loose cannon.  That’s what we need right now as it is becoming rapidly evident to most Americans that the USA is in clear and present danger at the hands of a madman in the White House.  And having a Cruz missile on hand as backup is not a bad idea either, particularly one with three legislative warheads.

Cruz just proposed legislation that we have a three-year moratorium on the refugees coming from countries where ISIS or Al Qaeda control a substantial amount of territory or, political correctness aside, from the Mideast; you know, the Muslim rejects that Saudi Arabia strategically refuses to accept, using them as a weapon against us infidels.

“This is legislation targeted directly to the problem and the reason is simple.  We’ve been told by the FBI they cannot vet these refugees,” said Cruz.

And of course, in the panic induced by yet one more Muslim terrorist attack in the United States, we are completely overlooking the fact that everyone still seems to opt for leaving the borders open for everyone else.  Well, it doesn’t work that way.  If we are going to block Muslims for three years, then we block EVERYBODY for three years who is undocumented for any reason, period, no exceptions.  Otherwise we will be letting in criminals too, among the decent folks, that are not necessarily from ISIS infested countries.  Please keep in mind the nations of the world have thrown open their prisons to send us all of their undesirables too, who are also packing among legitimate economic refugees from all over the world.  Give me your hungry, your tired, your poor.  Yeah, and give me all your deranged psychotics too.  ISIS does not have the market cornered on that aspect of the human psyche.  The Bilderbergs are the cream of that crop.

An open border is as faulty as gun-free zones.  

In order to remove this clear and present danger that Obama is openly bringing into the country, who he refers to as “widows and orphans,” who he brings here specifically to wage Jihad on Americans, there is no way we can pick and choose which illegals still get to cross the border with a free pass and which ones get rejected because they are involved in an ideology that bespeaks of blood thirst, deceit, and Satan worship.  In order to keep those maggots out, we need to close the entire border once again, only letting those who are properly vetted and legally documented to enter this country.  We need to double our border patrol and vetting staff.  As it is, the maniac in the White House has already let in enough of these barbaric savages that we’re still going to have a hard time cleaning up his mess.  But we’re going to do it.  You betcha.  The big difference between Europe and America is Americans are not a bunch of pussies.

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Trump knows this too, in his street smart way.  He uses great simplicity when he tells people, we’re going to “fix it” or when he’s reading the average American mind by saying things like, we’re going to put a moratorium on immigration “until we can figure out what the hell is going on!”  So what we have here is two guys saying the same thing, but one is more of an average Joe in his political thinking and the other is a seasoned statesman who also happens to be a genuine patriot, just like Trump.  They just show it in different ways.

Cruz also sold me with his second piece of legislation currently on tap that firmly, unequivocally protects the interests of the states.  It doesn’t create any new powers.  The 10th Amendment already covers this issue completely.  What it appears Cruz is doing here is serving notice on Obama that the great State of Texas, formerly the Republic of Texas, will not eat his treason.  Texas is clearly prepared to defend itself from any invasion aided and abetted by the traitor in the White House, so kiss my grits, Obama!  Don’t mess with Texas or we’ll kick your ass good.

proud american

Finally, Cruz proposed an Expatriate Terrorist Act, which I understand is being blocked in Congress by the commies.  It is aimed at traitors in the USA who have the audacity to join ISIS on Jihad.  Those scum bags forfeit their U.S. citizenship.  You betcha, chief.  That’s the way it ought to be.  That’s restoring the great America I remember.

Citizenship is not a right.
Citizenship is a privilege granted to those who deserve it.

Now, I believe as a seasoned statesman, Ted Cruz would be a terrific compliment to Donald Trump, the master entrepreneur who is just plain going to straighten this bull crap out one way or another.  Donald has the street smarts coupled with true chutzpah.  Ted has what appears to me to be a keen understanding of how rule of law is supposed to work.  That’s what really sold me on him.  We cannot save this country unless we restore rule of law.  It is his clear thinking and apparent understanding of how rule of law is supposed to work that made me realize I had Ted all wrong.  He truly is every bit as patriotic as someone born on American soil with two American parents.

When I watched this video, I could feel Ted’s patriotic fervor with regard to correcting what is happening in this country right now, just like I feel it from Governor Abbott.  This made me think more deeply about what the framers of the Constitution were thinking at that time, when the world was a vast place to get around.  They could not have contemplated the truly global society we have today.

Humanity is bonding globally, wholly apart from the psychotic control trip of the elite minority that is creating all this hell on Earth, which must be stopped without delay.  For more details, see:

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So I don’t think any of us human beings really reject the idea of a new world order composed of a global humanity growing together with understanding and tolerance.  I get all that.  It’s the psychopathic version of the New World Order that requires absolute submission to totalitarian government to be concerned about; those slimy, slithering forked-tongue snakes; baby-blood drinking vampires from Transylvania are who we have to get under control, not the masses of confused people with brains fried from mind control techniques brought to you by the greatest weapon of mass destruction, the TV.  And those reptilian, cold-blooded elite are using the remnants of an ancient barbaric cult that wishes to establish itself as a worldwide caliphate, brought to you by the United Nations, with Saudi Arabia in charge of human rights.  You heard that right.   The nation that prides itself for beheading people at the drop of a hat is in charge of human rights (not).

And the Commander in Chief of those barbaric troops is none other than the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council, Barak Hussein “Honolulu Barry” “The Traitor” Obama.  People just don’t get it.  No one seems to understand why the Constitution made it illegal for the President of the United States to hold any other office.  Obama is a prime example of that.  Obama makes no bones about the fact that his loyalty lies with Islam first and the United Nations second.  Obama has absolutely no loyalty whatsoever to the constitutional Republic of the United States.  That man is such a disgrace, he makes me want to vomit.

So I’ve gotten to thinking, after Trump and Cruz get the crisis created by Obama under control, maybe then it’s time for the states to convene, with the cooperation of the new administration, to reboot a new and improved U.S. Constitution 2.0 to allow it to take into consideration factors that now exist in the 21st Century that were beyond human imagination in the 18th Century.

Maybe the new criteria for a person to qualify for President of the United States should be a citizen of the United States who is completely vetted as to his loyalty to the constitutional Republic and to no other government, which this country has scandalously failed to do in the case of Obama, who brags that his loyalty belongs to Islam, which means he is openly spitting on the United States of America.  How I wish I could slap his face.

One thing I can tell you, Ted Cruz convinced me in this video that not only is he a loyal American patriot who wants to straighten this entire invasion mess out, Ted has proven himself to me to be a Texan right to the bone.

Ted and the Donald will make a great team for
kicking ass and taking names.

Seriously, I had completely rejected Senator Ted Cruz from Texas as a viable candidate for President because he is not a natural born citizen.  Technically, being 100% anal retentive about sticking to the letter of the law as it is spelled out in black and white in the original United States Constitution, unadulterated, I could not tolerate the thought of a Canadian born guy with an American mom, running for President of the United States.  I never had anything against him personally.  I was previously not familiar with his politics.  What’s important to me now is I get a good vibe from him and I understand he is well loved for many good reasons, besides his charming good looks.  Let’s face it.  There is that voting block out there.  My mom was one of them.  That’s how she voted for JFK:

“Of course I voted for him, Adam.  He’s so handsome!
“Shut up, Eve.”
“I’ll get supper started.”

Well, when you get down to the long and short of it, I’ve eaten my fair share of crow and humble pie, but that’s good too.  There is a lesson to be learned from everything.  With that as a closing thought, please keep in mind that eating a lot of crow has helped me to realize . . . it tastes like chicken too.

Bear Meme