Saudi Women Voting = Americans for Hillary Beyond the Grave


I read in the Independent[1] that Saudi women have finally won the right to vote.

(Click Here for Saudi Human-Rights Con Game)

(Click Here for the Brain Force necessary to see through this fraud)

Rose Troup Buchanan did a great job for the Independent by assimilating the facts behind the alleged right to vote that now allegedly exists in Saudi Arabia:

  • First and foremost, a guy has to give her permission to vote. What kind of right is that, ladies?
  • Women still are not allowed to drive. A guy has to take all ladies to voter registration and the polls.
  • Female candidates have to physically hide to campaign in public and god forbid they make eye contact with a male supporter. It’s fillet of candidate after that, with an apple between the teeth.
  • Women in Saudi Arabia cannot even leave the country through normal channels without her male “keeper” being notified. Yes, they still have to “escape.”

I have no doubt they are all Hillary supporters.  Has anything really changed?

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