Islam:  Religion of the New World Order

Honolulu Barry Tripping on Acid

A one world government with a one world religion, selected on your behalf by the False Prophet, rather unsaintly Francis the Satan worshiper, as he provides the final stab into the backs of millions of very confused Christians.  Allah Akbar!  Or hail Satan?  It’s hard to tell.  I know the Antichrist Obama will be happy to help Francis drive the knife all the way in.

Based on the evidence provided in the Qur’an,
Islam is the beard of Satan and Allah is the great deceiver.

The False Prophet, Francis, is no better either as he leads all of Christianity on the road to hell, openly holding black masses while the truly spiritually oblivious “amen” him left and right in total ignorance of what is really going on.  He ensures obedience by outlawing personal relationships with God, like mine.  And like I really care what he thinks?

One religion, one currency, one god.  But who is that god?

Christians who believe there is only one God are most often deceived by those who say:  There is only one god, and his name is Allah.  Brought to you by the religion that not only teaches deception as it’s most important practice, but it’s a religion that has a name that is a lie.  Islam allegedly translates to “religion of peace.”  And gun-free zones are safe places.

Muslims actually allow Christians to deceive themselves through ignorance derived from Christianity forbidding Christians to read the Qu’ran too.  If they did, they would easily see it is the beard of Satan.  If they did, like one brave Syrian Christian nun did, they would discover that the Muslim god, Allah, is NOT the same as the Christian God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, whose first son to reach Christ consciousness on Earth was Jesus.  That’s my version of my relationship with God, which I’m sure does not match whatever dogma you subscribe to.  That’s okay because, if you’re a Christian, then we are talking about the same God; the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

If you’re a Muslim, then we are not on the same page.  My God doesn’t teach people to used deceit and any other means possible to further the party line because the God of Love does not need to lie in order to bring souls to him.  Your god does.  That’s ’cause your god is a fake god.  Satan can never trump Jesus’ daddy!  Not even Trump can do that.  Jesus’ daddy, Big G, is the real God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Allah is the beard of Satan.

It was Christianity that birthed the liberty movement memorialized in the United States Constitution; a document that ensures liberty to those who abide by it, before it was overthrown by George W. Bush on September 11, 2001, the day he opened the door for the guy he likes to kiss and hold hands with in public, the King of Saudi Arabia.  That’s who attacked America on that day, the piece of camel turd.

The freedom found in the Constitution
is based on Christian principles,
not Muslim Sharia Law

The greatest danger Americans face is Sharia Law replacing the United States Constitution.  This is the goal of every Muslim politician, including municipal, state, and federal judges, as they have no problem with lying under oath about supporting and defending the Constitution.  If they tell you otherwise, they are lying with total religious dispensation.  Their god teaches them to lie.  The only god I know that does that is Satan.

Sharia Law must be outlawed in the USA.  Muslims must be outlawed from holding public office in the USA.  Taqiyya, a perverted Muslim practice that allows them to lie for the sake of promoting the furtherance of Islam, must be outlawed in the USA because it is the practice of gangsters, something wholly inappropriate to teach to any child.  That’s disgusting. Taqiyya is an unacceptable practice that unequivocally makes all Muslims unfit to hold public office in the USA.  They can take their deception elsewhere.  We cannot allow theocratic tyrants to replace our just laws with their savage, barbaric practices of the worst kind.  Americans have freedom of religious practice.  Free religious practice cannot include overthrowing the U.S. Constitution, which is clearly the goal of Islam.  For those of you unfamiliar with Sharia Law, maybe you need to do a little research.  Take a close look at “Allah the merciful,” beard of Satan:

What I see as the works of Islam is not a love of peace that translates into freedom, but rather the inexcusable rape of Europe currently in progress, which is denied by the alleged “non-radical” Muslims, in keeping with their practice of deception.  They claim to not know those people, one of the standard lies of Taqiyya; the Muslim art of lying.  The works of Islam are evident in the barbaric daily practices of Saudi Arabia, which is the enemy that attacked the U.S.A. on September 11, 2001, to whom Americans disgracefully provide financial aid, like they even need it.

My God is the God of truth.  Allah is the god of lies.  The choice is clear to me.  There will be no Islamic theocracy in the U.S.A.  God is my witness to that.  Every red blooded American will gladly die with a gun in hand before allowing such a blasphemy against the one true God, the God of Love, which Allah is not to prevail as a theocracy governing the United States.

If you insist on making it that one of us dies, Muslims, then it’s going to be you.