Forced vaccinations go down Tobacco Road, until they meet the 2nd Amendment

Paralyzed by vaccine forced on him in order to see his newborn child.

“This man wanted to enter the hospital to see his newly born child. The hospital demanded he take a whooping cough vaccine before entering. He didn’t want to argue and took the vaccine. Full paralysis of all 4 limbs immediately following the vaccination. Government denies the vaccine was involved even though the injury happened immediately upon vaccination, he was perfectly healthy before the injection and the condition is a common side effect of many vaccines. Evil feasts again. Full story here.”  –Jason Christoff, Facebook

Considering the paralysis that occurred immediately after the vaccine injection, and there were apparently no pre-existing conditions that could be responsible, denial is obviously a bold-faced lie being spread by those who have a financial interest in mass genocide.  We need to start calling the truth what it is, despite bull crap claims that “scientific” evidence is not available.

Parents are documenting what occurs from the moment the vaccine is received.  Yes, empirical evidence presented time and time again, accurately duplicating each damage caused by the vaccine, is irrefutable evidence that would be admissible in a court of law if the treasonous U.S. Supreme Court did not criminally declare that lower courts have a right to presume the truth of evidence presented by the government, and apparently pharmaceutical companies too, while any evidence to the contrary, regardless of how authentic and how irrefutable such evidence is, can be omitted by the court in violation of the due-process clauses of the United States Constitution.

There is no rule of law
when the law is ignored
by the very authority sworn to protect it.

What these licensed murderers are calling “scientific” evidence are manipulated white papers that are only as worthwhile as the garbage put into them.  Garbage in; garbage out.  The leap in assumption that antibodies will protect you is not scientific protocol  A true scientific protocol is a plan for a scientific experiment or for medical treatment.[1]

For a protocol to be truly scientific,
the outcome must be
exactly the same every time.

The sole purpose of vaccinations is to destroy your natural immune system and kill you. It’s become pretty obvious that the goal is to damage each child as much as possible during the first three years of life, when the natural immune system is not yet fully developed.


Part of what the vaccine does accomplish is turning trivial diseases into dangerous ones, as is evidenced by the increasing occurrence of mumps in teenagers who have had multiple doses of mumps vaccine.  Strategically, their mumps are occurring at the age when this otherwise trivial childhood illness becomes dangerous and induces sterility.

Vaccines are created to replace an existing immune system.
Vaccines in fact induce autoimmune deficiency.
A destroyed immune system guarantees sickness.
Vaccines are a soft, slow kill, sometimes.
Forced vaccination is genocide.

As evidenced in the video, vaccinated children are the ones who are spreading the diseases.  In angry exchanges with pro-vaxxers, I often refer to them as “your diseased bastard.”  Evidence is also surfacing that those vaccinated are frequently infected by the disease they were vaccinated for whereas the unvaccinated remain immune.  The example studied in this video was the great Disneyland epidemic, which scientific investigation has revealed was caused by the vaccinated and actually had no effect at all on the unvaccinated, who still sport a natural immune system.  Those who acquired measles at Disneyland had all been vaccinated.  None of the unvaccinated examined had acquired measles at Disneyland.  Herd immunity is apparently as fake as global warming/cooling, what do they call it now?  Oh yeah, global “climate change,” which is nothing more than four seasons with longer natural cycles, but you will pay through the nose for climate change if you do not resist.

Where is all of this going?  It’s going straight down Tobacco Road is where it’s going.  Years of lawsuits against tobacco companies have revealed that tobacco is a poison dangerous for humans to smoke.  It unequivocally causes cancer.  Is the sale of this drug prohibited?  No.  However, smoking cannabis has been proven to not be harmful to your health and has caused zero deaths in all of history.  It’s on the DEA Schedule I of dangerous drugs with no medicinal value.  Yet, smoking cannabis as well as ingesting its oil has been proven to prevent and heal cancer, including lung cancer, proving it’s not smoking that causes cancer; it’s what you smoke that causes cancer.

So it shall remain with vaccines that are being proven outright deadly.  They will be marketed by pigs who worship money until you stop giving them your money.  When you smarten up and realize that vaccines, like tobacco, are marketed both for profit as well as to fulfill the genocide in progress right now, then you will not buy any of that crap anymore.

And when the commie-pinko/fascist bastards currently in control of the federal government threaten to assault you with a needle, then it’s time to turn from the 1st Amendment to the 2nd Amendment.  That’s when the rubber meets the road.


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