The subversive activities of the American Gestapo


Did you know that the Department of Homeland Security has the highest turnover rate of the entire federal government?[1] Between 2010 and 2014, DHS employees have turned over at twice the rate as the overall federal government and the trend is accelerating.  During 2014, the Senate confirmed 10 new top DHS officials while trying to reduce a top-level vacancy rate of 40 percent.  Considering DHS is actually engaging in terrorist activities rather than preventing them, it’s no wonder that personnel are heading for the hills, in order to avoid 20 years in prison for sedition.  18 USC Sec. 2384.

It was the role of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany to hunt down those considered a threat to the regime.  That role has not changed for the new American Gestapo.  They have the authority to investigate treason, espionage, sabotage cases and any criminal attacks on the U.S.A.  But do they?  What about their mission is causing employees, especially top brass, to jump overboard?

Exactly who does DHS consider to be
the “enemy” of the United States?

One thing we know for sure now is that the enemy of DHS is not ISIS or any other known terrorist organization.  Two days ago, in an open letter to Congress, former DHS employee, Philip Haney, revealed that the Department of State closed down his investigation of what became the San Bernardino massacre.  That’s right.  The American Gestapo not only knew about the San Bernardo ISIS cell, but actually facilitated their terrorism.  Yes, the evidence is in your face that the United States Department of State aides and abets ISIS’ terrorism within the United States by calling off the dogs and destroying the evidence.

In the meantime, DHS places American patriots with no criminal history but who openly confess to being loyal to the United States Constitution on domestic terror watch lists in order to escalate high-tension interactions between local police and honest, law abiding citizens who own guns. [2]

Apparently the purpose of DHS is to
secure the homeland for their constituency.

Based on their actions, the constituency of the American Gestapo are the Islamic terrorists invading the country with the blessing of the radical Muslim traitor in the White House and the “enemies of the state” are law abiding American citizens who have the right to defend themselves by whatever means necessary; a right no man or government may violate.

We must identify the enemy
before we can eradicate
those who cause us to suffer.

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I believe our biggest problem is the fact that we have a massive network of traitors embedded inside the United States government.  Until we clean out this nest of vermin, our country shall continue to be destroyed from within.

Did you know that the Department of Homeland Security actually has an Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties?  They must protect the rights of their constituency, who are apparently all Islamic invaders that openly admit their mission is to overthrown the constitutional Republic of the United States to replace it with a Muslim caliphate.  It is clear from the actions of DHS, that they do not consider the citizens of the United States of America to have any civil rights or civil liberties at all.  DHS protects the privacy of terrorists while simultaneously violating every American citizen’s rights.

One way or another these traitors must be arrested, tried and hung until we can hear each of their necks snap after the gallows door opens.