Rigged American presidential elections


“It is that age-old carnival game where there’s a coin under one of three or four shells. The player guesses which shell it is under. By the time the shell is lifted, the dealer has slyly moved the coin. It is about illusion and confusion. It is chaos and excitement and the probability of being right all spun into one.”[1]

And that is precisely the age-old carnival game that is being played on the American public right now so that time and time again we find ourselves wondering, how did we end up with a president like that?  Besides keeping the general public truly blind to what is really going on through manipulated mainstream media, these tarts of the communication industry cause us to end up with a backroom operation instead of our choice for president, and in our gut we know it, but we just can’t seem to figure out how they do it or how we can stop them.

Then how do we become the cause to change the effect?
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When solving problems, I always like to go to the roots first to study the root cause, in this case, of obviously rigged presidential elections.

Our current presidential election process
is fake and unconstitutional!

The root cause of the problem is, in fact, that rigged elections are the direct and proximate result of using a completely unconstitutional process before the constitutional process is implemented, which is election through the electoral college.  The Constitution in no way supports the use of a political-party system through which the candidate you get to vote for is pre-selected.  And by whom?  And how?  All outside the rule of law for sure.

Only after these “parties” choose their candidates are Americans duped into participating in the truly thereafter irrelevant process of the final vote.  Even if you voted in the primary, you did not get to select the final candidate.  A backroom operation selects the candidates among which, we the conned American public, get to choose.

There is no rule of law governing the backroom operations.
They are all run according to the standards of
those who control the backroom.

The backroom operation involves the party, not the people, deciding who will be on the ballot.  They pick and choose who will be on what ballot.  That alone skews the vote because candidates are not all fairly placed on all ballots.  Then they made themselves rules that allow the delegates elected by popular vote to change their vote based on bribes and blackmail.  That is not rule of law!  That’s a crime!!!

Today, with the level of communication and other technology that is available, there is absolutely no excuse for prohibiting the citizens of the United States, who provide valid birth certificates to register to vote,[2] to elect their president and other representatives by popular vote only, including primary elections necessary to narrow the final election down to a majority choice, and held fairly in every state regardless of the desires of any party.

Party rules include shenanigans such as barring certain candidates from the ballot in certain states.  That alone rigs the election.  Then there is paying off delegates to the national convention.  Through bribery, their rules allow the delegates to vote for someone other than who their constituency chose.  They’re nothing but a pack of whores!  And then, as the GOP did in 2012 to Ron Paul, there is changing their rules, that have no basis in law, once again during the last 15 minutes just to make sure the people’s choice does not win the nomination.  That’s criminal and we all know it.

Then, after a person who the people most likely don’t even want is chosen for the final round, we have the archaic constitutional electoral college that throws the vote even further from the truth through a process that was dreamed up because they had no idea how to choose someone to replace the king.

It’s time for a constitutional convention, people.  Times have changed since the 18th Century.  For one thing, we now know that the electoral college not only is not necessary, but actually undermines the will of the people.  For another thing we need to outlaw stuff like lobbying, tampering with elections by political parties, and much more.  It’s time to update the law and then adhere to it, which we have not been doing.

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[1] http://annbrasco.com/2014/03/27/clam-shells-bicycles-and-the-ride-of-my-life-seizing-the-present-and-changing-course/

[2] Which should be added to the Constitution.