The illusion of racism


When will we learn to trust each other?  I came to this question through contemplating the current rage in racism; let’s make whitey the nigger this time.  I realized that racism today is mostly a scientific-military mind-control operation run by governments around the world under the tutelage of the Bilderbergs, for whom this entire insane scenario is being played out because Satanists love deceit, death, and destruction.  Ditto for anti-racism as well.  It serves their purposes of division and strife too.  This is the kind of stuff most people normally don’t give deep thought to, so the government pushes the envelope for us, teaching us to trust someone other than ourselves.

Nietzsche raised my prime question about Islam, the totalitarian government masquerading as a religion in order to get their foot in the American door to overthrow the U.S. Constitution through their usual lies and other methods of deceit literally taught to them in the Qu’ran.

Muslims demand 100% tolerance of
anything and everything they do and, 
they have some strange notion that they have
the sole right to be 100% intolerant of everyone else!

Did you know that 25% of Muslims in the U.S.A. support killing people who offend Islam?

That’s what I call true gall.  They think they can use the liberal heart of America to rape this nation like they’ve already done to Europe.  They have a big surprise coming.

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But getting back to the subject of trust, I believe what the mind-control operation is up to is preying on certain fundamental human instincts in order to create the most traumatizing division and strife possible; totally irreconcilable differences.  The racism constantly being brewed by the globalists around the world is designed to trigger certain emotional responses that are related to the fundamental human survival instinct of fight or flight.

The problem with not trusting others
starts with not trusting ourselves.

This scientific-military mind-control operation has done a wonderful job over the last 50 years or so by teaching us to trust anyone but ourselves.  We have been taught to trust the experts and look where that got us:  economic collapse, genocidal proportions in infant mortality in the USA, no less, and endless war.  They certainly achieved their goals by convincing us to trust someone other than our own natural instincts for survival.  And I believe that is where all basic mistrust stems from.

I believe the solution lies in trusting our instincts rather than fighting them.  It is human instinct to prefer to be in the presence of those who are similar to ourselves.  I think this is a human instinct we should trust.  I think we need to realize that this is not a negative desire, as the illusion of racism has taught us it is, or so they say.

I see the eventual unity of the family known as the human race as follows:

  • We must recognize that the fundamental unit of human existence is the family unit. That must be restored for humanity to survive.
  • We must recognize that it is a natural thing for people who look alike, with similar customs, and morays to want to live together and apart from others. That is not racism.  That is the human survival instinct that says stay close to those with whom trust already abides.
  • We must develop sustainability within our own community, without relying on outside economics. This can and should be done.  If the world collapsed tomorrow, will my community have what it needs to sustain itself?  It can.
  • We must welcome dialogue with nearby communities that may have different ways but are people with whom we believe we can develop a mutual respect. This is antiracism.  This is human beings spiritually growing.
  • We must realize there will always be those communities who are totally out of their minds with tyrannical psychopathic demands, such as are made by the adherents of Islam. They will always be far, far away from our community and our surrounding communities.  That is their choice of 100% intolerance, not ours.  Their problem is not our problem.

Yes, there may always be at least one bad apple in the barrel, but we can isolate them so that they can have at annihilating themselves with complete joy while we prevent them from forcing their anathema upon us.  Like Ted Cruz said, the Constitution is not a suicide pact.

So the bottom line is that I believe all racism is nothing more than a scientific-military mind-control operation designed to make everyone hate everyone and it really has nothing to do with genuine human relations, as I have outlined above.  At least that’s how it looks in my world.

It’s all a matter of perspective, so get a grip.  Whitey is no more a nigger today than African-Americans or Chinese were a hundred years ago.  This is all bull shit that is being intentionally propagated by a handful of globalists who control 99% of the wealth on the planet.  They include the Pope, yes.  Christianity is about as nuts today as is Islam, so I don’t want nothing to do with no religion, Ms. Scarlet.  I just wants to be left alone.

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