Why real Americans will never give up the right to self defense

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The massacre at Wounded Knee occurred because the U.S. military had bigger guns is what it really comes down to.  And that’s why every American has the right to use whatever means necessary to defend against a rogue government attacking.  No government can restrict this right in any way.

In conscious and therefore treasonous ignorance of the U.S. Constitution, Obama, in support of his invading Jihadist army, wants to take away everything except our shotgun or one‑shot rifle.  He wants to make sure you can’t defend yourself against his undercover troops, those who are openly hell bent on overthrowing the United States Constitution in favor of their Satanic law that is exactly opposite the Constitution. I’m sure you are well aware by now of those who unashamedly openly engage in barbaric behavior, have the gall to demand 100% tolerance of everything they do and reserve for themselves alone the right to be 100% intolerant of everyone and everything else literally unto death.

Obama’s goal is to put Americans on the Islamic reservation.

It is common gossip at this point that America is being invaded by Jihadists while the U.S. government intentionally looks the other way.  That is treason.  I can’t spell it out anymore plainly than that.

So what do we do about it?  This excellent telling of the true story of the battle at Wounded Knee reveals what some of the choices can be:

  • They did fight until nearly exterminated. They could have chosen total extermination.
  • Upon surrender, they had to give up their right to bear arms forever. That’s slavery.

You see the native American condition of slavery today?  That is the future of every American who surrenders to the rouge government currently in control of the District of Criminals.

There is a good reason why many of us prefer to say, give me liberty or give me death.  I have absolutely no desire to live that way.  I much rather choose to die with dignity, if necessary, although resistance can take many forms.

I am the resistance.  You are the resistance too, if you choose not to surrender.  Whenever I’m confronted with the argument of why should you gripe about the Muslim invasion and occupation of the USA because look at what you did to native Americans, I have this to say.  That idea is fostered to create racial division and strife between native Americans and Caucasian European Americans when that was never the case in the first place.  This is not between cultural groups and races.  This is between governments and humans.  Although government is a fictional entity, it has taken a life of its own, particularly now that people are stupid enough to believe a corporation is a person.  It’s all mind control, people.

The massacre at Wounded Knee is the very same massacre that Obama is planning for the patriotic citizens of the United States of America.  After he signs his stinking illegal order, if he can still find troops stupid enough to obey his illegal orders, then the military is coming down your street and unless you are ready to go whole hog slave, pissing, shitting on yourself, begging to be raped, they’re going to kill you.

So, do you want to be a slave or are you going to fight back?  I remember the Alamo.  There were no slaves taken.

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Cut me off at your peril
“Cut me off at your peril”