Farrakhan Cukolds America on Infowars

satan and alex

Keep in mind Louis Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam.  He is not a loyal American, despite his undeserved citizenship which, hopefully, he will be stripped of with all the other treasonous Muslims inside the USA.  The Nation of Islam is not just an Islamic religious movement founded in Detroit in 1930, as Wikipedia propaganda would have you believe.  Typical of Muslim spit-in-your-face deception, they are in fact an infiltrated, subversive, foreign government represented by Sharia Law.  They are a nation!  They have quietly moved into this country and have converted Americans into sleeper terrorist cells since 1930!  The Nation of Islam has been plotting the overthrow of the Republic of the United States in favor of an Islamic caliphate for the past 86 years and now they’re licking their chops in anticipation of tearing out our hearts and eating them as the community of the spawn of hell share an unholy communion with their god, Allah, whom we know is Satan, the greatest deceiver of all, Qu’ran 3:54, 8:30.

Before you can really understand what is going on between the Nation of Islam and the Republic of the United States, you need to understand that we are dealing with subversives committed to overthrowing the U.S. Constitution.

Islam is not a religion.
Islam is not a race.
Islam is a barbaric foreign government.
It’s mission, stated in the Qu’ran, is
to overthrow all world governments
in favor of savage Sharia Law.

When we deal with the Nation of Islam, we are dealing with subversive criminals hell bent on overthrowing the citizens of the United States in the most barbaric way possible, through raping all women and children and mass bombings.  Farrakhan, the mouthpiece of Satan, makes it clear in this first Infowars video from December 3, 2015 that he relishes the idea of killing whitey.  The man is racist to the bone.  He is filled with hatred for those who worship the God of love, the God who created the heavens and the Earth because his god, Allah, is impotent Satan, and a pedophile desert bandit is his prophet.

And they cheated and deceived and Allah cheated and deceived, and Allah is the best of the cheaters and deceivers.  –Qu’ran 3:54
Did they secure Allah’s scheme? So no one trusts Allah’s scheme except the nation of losers. –Qu’ran 7:99
And when those who disbelieve deceive at you to affix you, or kill you, or bring you out, and they deceive, and Allah deceives and Allah is best of the deceivers. –Qu’ran 8:30
And if We made the people experience mercy after disastrous distress touched them, then for them is deceit in Our verses. Say: “Allah is quicker in scheming , that Our messengers write what you scheme. –Qu’ran 10:21
And those from before them had deceived, so to Allah is all the deceit. He knows what every self acquires, and the disbelievers will know to whom is the house’s result. –Qu’ran 13:42

The Qu’ran indisputably admits Muslims worship Satan.  Now listen to this Satan worshiper rave about killing whitey, the new nigger of the world:

When Farrakhan contacted Alex Jones to suggest an interview in which he claimed he has a vital message for America supporting Donald Trump’s decision to evict all undocumented Muslims from America, I quickly saw Farrahkan’s desire to deceive Alex and distract him from the prior message of let’s kill whitey.  He seeks to deceive Alex into hoping for peace as he pulls the typical Muslim Jekyll-and-Hyde routine of claiming to bring a message of peace.  Instead, he used Infowars to drop the flag, giving the go ahead for goat herders to target the one man who will keep the USA from falling into the hands of Muslim madmen.

The next video you are about to see is the message Louis Farrakhan was so eager to deliver to America in “good faith,” promoting love, toward all men of goodwill, my ass.  Watch this video while you read the transcript of his exact words, verbatim, so that you know my analysis of his words is accurate.

(Click Here for transcript from Second Video)

Analysis of Farrakhan’s Lie-fest

1st Paragraph:

  • When Farrakhan speaks of “our government,” he is addressing his people, the nation of Islam, not Americans.
  • The Nation of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood currently control Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court.  Farrakhan falsely refers to money from “our Congress” but, again, he means the whores in Congress owned by Islam.
  • Stimulation is bombing the shit out of the Mideast without provocation, a subversive Muslim plan carried out by Muslim Brotherhood member, Barak Hussein Obama, and his predecessor, known Nazi war criminal-at-large, George W. Bush, convicted at the Hague on May 11, 2012.
  • The dissatisfied are Islam, which will remain dissatisfied until every infidel is conquered or dead.
  • He’s openly laughs in America’s face about Obama arming ISIS.
  • When he says “they” created a refugee crisis, he means the Nation of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood created it through criminal operatives in the White House and Congress.

2nd Paragraph:

The second paragraph is pure gibberish so filled with deceit you can’t possibly understand what he is saying unless you write it down and look at it closely.  He begins honestly referring to Islam’s hatred of Trump for suggesting undocumented Muslims be rightfully evicted from the USA.  He then refers to speaking with Bush, who was replaced by Obama 7 years ago.  Why?

That truly those who harm mildly God and His messengers, God cursed them in the present world, and the end, and He prepared for them a degrading torture. –Qu’ran 33:57

Farrakhan would not insult a fellow member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Barak Hussein Obama.  So, instead, he referenced the infidel, Bush; Obama’s predecessor.

Farrakhan then creates a doublespeak sentence in which he is announcing, using the negative, that Trumps intent to evict undocumented Muslims has in fact united Islam against him.  He said, “No Muslim leader could call for Jihad and have it stick.  No Muslim leader had the power to unite the whole Muslim world.

Farrakhan is speaking to his people,
the Nation of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood,
calling them to arms against Donald Trump,
who, he says, united Islam against America.

3rd Paragraph:

When he says “America’s policies will unite those people against the west,” he means the policies of the Muslim Brotherhood being implemented by traitor Obama and Islamic sympathizers in Congress and “those people” are words used to deceive the infidel into not realizing “those people” are the Nation of Islam.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that
the American people are not so stupid as to support
policies designed to unite Islam against the USA.

Now we come to the sadistic smile that gives away this Satan worshiper’s true evil intent. At 2:26 minutes on the video, a sadistic smile momentarily slips out when he makes his “good faith” support statement that, “Mr. Trump, I think, is wise to vet [smile] anyone coming from that area into America because the hatred for America is in the streets now.”

Farrakhan is laughing in every infidel’s face because as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, he knows that it is impossible to vet people with no documented history.  He also brags that the Nation of Islam as well as unvetted ISIS members are inside the USA right now and he expects, like in Europe, we won’t be able to do anything about it.  The asshole forgets that we still have our guns.  Apparently, he is optimistic that Obama will succeed in confiscating them.

It’s a lie that America feels we have to let in 10,000 refugees!  The Muslim subversive in the White House as well as Muslim and Communist subversives in Congress are the ones who want those invaders who pose as refugees here!

In the last sentence Farrakhan is openly laughing at the infidels
because he is convinced we are already destroyed!

4th Paragraph:

Farrakhan continues to laugh at Americans.  He knows we are restricted by political correctness imposed by Islam.  He laughs at the cowardice of most Americans.  He is also warning the Nation of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood that Trump is freeing the American people to be dissatisfied with the imposition of barbarians upon them. Farrakhan is warning Islam that Trump is a dangerous obstacle to the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in the USA.

5th Paragraph:

Farrakhan gleefully calls all American women whores and mixes our alleged whoredom with the genuine whoredom of politicians who have sold their souls to Allah/Satan.  When he says, “you see women undressed, showing their wares for a John . . .” He is referring to any female not covered by a burqua and escorted by a male.  I have no doubt Farrakhan considers every American woman a whore.  Referencing “Johns” is his justification for all rape by Muslim animals.

When Farrakhan speaks of the “rich” he is speaking of Islam.  He says all American women are whores begging to be raped by the “rich,” meaning the barbarian animals that are all Muslim men.  He excuses the Muslim men for simply “agreeing” with the perceived offer of sexual intercourse.

6th Paragraph:

Farrakhan says, you asked for it, whores.

7th Paragraph:

Through doublespeak he praises Trump in order to deceive the infidels into believing he is acting in “good faith” while at the same time sounding the alarm to the Muslim Brotherhood that Trump is dangerous to Islam because he won’t play ball.



8th Paragraph:

“And when a politician does not want money from the rich, he’s freer than the others to really do good for the masses of the people.  And I think that today we are in the midst of the darkest hour in American history.”

I see the above words spoken by Farrakhan as
a direct death threat against Donald J. Trump.

Between those two sentences he points out to his people, the Nation of Islam, and not the patriotic citizens of the United States, the threat to his people from the politician who will not take money from the Muslim Brotherhood through various agents.  The very next sentence bespeaks Farrakhan’s death sentence upon Trump.

9th Paragraph:

“And so, if we don’t make the right move with the right people at the right time, the America that we know, we’re not going to see it become great again.”

Farrakhan, at first seems to be telling America we need to take right action to stop the invasion.  Actually, in his Satanic doublespeak, Farrakhan is telling the Nation of Islam that Trump will not succeed.  The only way Trump will not succeed is if the Nation of Islam kills him.

Farrakhan, you savage barbarian.  You don’t know what Americans are really like.  We remember the Alamo.  We will kick every god damned Muslim animal out of this nation that we don’t kill, you slimy devil worshiping snake in the grass.  You possessed demon from hell, you will not survive the wrath of whitey.

I highly recommend that every Muslim man, woman, and child be rounded up, put in chains because they are all potentially dangerous, loaded onto military transport planes, provided with parachutes, and be shoved off the planes over Saudi Arabia.

America needs to return all the garbage to Mecca.

This is how Louis Farrakhan raped Alex Jones’ woman, Infowars, in full public view.


Militia at Guilford, 1776 (Notice the plain clothes?  They weren’t soldiers.)