Twitter and Facebook promote Jihad so bypass them to connect

Saudi Arabia’s billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

This video shows an armed French man defending himself against Muslim barbarians.  He has a license to carry, which means most likely he must work for someone rich.  The forbidden comment accompanying this video expressed my approval of citizens buying black market guns.  I was suspended for suggesting French citizens have a right to self defense.

No government has any right to stop self defense.
No government has any right to stop free speech.

Saudi billionaire, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal now owns over 5% of Twitter in what is apparently a Saudi takeover of Twitter in progress.  And the purpose of this takeover is evident:

Promote Jihad and silence the infidels.

Of course, the criminal activity of Satanists is not about to stop me.  I will attempt to establish a new Twitter account using my real name rather than my pen name, but then I will still have to tiptoe through the tulips of censorship, learning to be careful of what I say.  I am not about to do that either.  That is submitting to slavery.

It’s time for alternative worldwide social sites that cannot be controlled anymore than the evolving “mesh” Internet that is building outside government-controlled Internet service providers.  Creating an alternative Internet to keep the NSA out is an excellent article that provides a very thorough discussion about the worldwide success of the new “mesh” internets slowly connecting with one another.  So I highly recommend that you read this article in its entirety.

Creating an alternative Internet to keep the NSA out links to a valuable article that reveals the TPP will clinch complete control of the Internet.  If the TPP is adopted by the USA, then you can kiss free speech goodbye altogether.

How does each individual create a social site free of government control?

We must create alternative social platforms that cannot be censored anymore than “mesh” internets can be controlled.  It is not only possible but very feasible.  I believe this is the best method, which was suggested to us by Matt Drudge on his last live interview ever on the Alex Jones Show.

Build your own platform!

We all can do this and we can even do it for free!  Dear Jane – Advice/Opinions/More is produced on the free version of Word Press, which is developing a social-site aspect that I refuse to participate in to the extent that I do not allow comments.  I offer my opinions; take them or leave them.  If you have an opinion on the topic, then start your own platform on which to voice your views about it.  You decide on your platform whether or not you invite comments.

Sign up for RSS feeds from your favorite platforms.

Those not so favorite can be bookmarked for periodic review.  We can connect and communicate whatever way we want without government sabotage by becoming independent operators who connect with other independent operators.

Granted, there will be those who read blogs that inflame them and have the ability to shut down your platform.  That happened to me temporarily on Word Press because much of what I write is highly inflammatory, but it was back up in hours after I spoke with someone I know in a high place.

Established social sites are great places to generate traffic by posting links to your blogs, but you are not dependent on their approval for content.  Your content is not on their site.  Your content is on your site.  They can block or remove your blog, but they cannot shut you down.  As the “mesh” develops and as independent platforms develop and link, Twitter, Facebook and their less popular counterparts are all going straight to hell, along with their commie/barbarian/Saudi Arabian owners.

Twitter and Facebook can become Islamic whores if they want.
I won’t.  I’m independent and I’m free.

The point is, it is much harder to shut you down on an independent platform, whereas, on Twitter and Facebook, you are increasingly at the beck and call of barbarian Muslims and Communists who watch your every word while they engage in the most heinous crimes in the name of their god, Allah, whom decent human beings know to be Satan.


If this advice is not quite enough to get you going, then maybe you need a life reading or a specific question answered by Esmerelda.  You wont know how good she is until you try her.