I received a terroristic threat today from the Governor of Hawaii

He does seem to get leid a lot.

It was a second-class threat, just like the terroristic threat he falsely accused me of.  His second-class threat came via the Attorney General’s office through a lackey who left with a great big helping of my political opinions as well as a message to relay that I am appalled that the Governor of Hawaii would have the audacity to question my right to free speech.  Everything I had to say to him was no different from what I openly express in my blogs, including the alleged “terroristic threat” to the governor, my ass.

Special Agent Samuel H. Sheldon of the Kauai Investigations Division of the Attorney General’s Office showed up today, of course just as I’m about to dye my hair.  So we sit at the dining table on the lanai, me in my one dozen hair clamps filled with divided hair and he with his manila folder.  Since I named the dude, let me say on the front end, like the law enforcement officers on this island, who I kindly think of as Barney Fife & Co., he really was a terrific human being and I could tell deep down inside, he knows where I’m at, which I ended up telling him before he left anyway, just to make sure there is no misunderstanding about what my intentions are, which as far as I’m concerned, are as pure as the driven snow.  I did not agree to any recorded testimony but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was recording anyway.  After all, like he told me (and they all do), he was just doing his job.

I’m a God fearing American woman who loves the world the Constitution gave us and, putting it in a nutshell, I’ll be god damned before I let a bunch of barbarians from the other side of the world take it from me.  He understood.  I also gave him a copy of my blog with the boner on the front cover encouraging all federal employees to give up participating in seditious conspiracy.  My training for patriots certainly applies to state and local employees too.  Federal, state, and local government employees all need to stop participating in the “seditious conspiracy” of saying “I’m just doing my job.”  Mr. Sheldon was “just doing his job.”  Mr. Sheldon participated in the seditious conspiracy of attempting to violate my constitutional right to free speech.  So I gave him a copy of this blog to pass out copies of to his coworkers during his personal period of rehabilitation:

How to boycott the federal government in one easy lesson

He was about to preach to me about how he was here because of some threatening words I had said.  Well, I happen to know that the only words that are genuinely assault are those that impart imminent bodily harm and that’s not something I recall doing ever, even when I left my husband.  So I stopped him dead in his tracks.  I demanded to see the law he claimed I had violated.  He didn’t have it with him.  So he wasn’t prepared for the old bat out of hell.

He showed me three words on a paper.  I said I want a legal citation.  He called in and got the citation.  I looked it up on Google:

HRS Sec. 707-717 Terroristic threatening in the second degree.  (1) A person commits the offense of terroristic threatening in the second degree if the person commits terroristic threatening other than as provided in section 707-716.

That’s where I stopped on that alleged law because I immediately saw it is not law.  When they start sending you all over the place for exceptions and the language quickly becomes gibberish, it’s because they’re trying to hide the fact that this is not even law.

Hypothetically speaking (I don’t want Ige shitting in his britches with fear here now), if I had said if you let these goat herders onto this island and they destroy our way of life because of your actions, I’m coming down to your god damned office and beating the living shit out of you, well then, he would have good reason to believe that this crazy woman planned to literally kick his ass from here to kingdom come.

That, ladies and gentleman, has always been referred to as simple “assault;” which is when you cause a person to have good reason to believe that physical harm is imminent.  Today, the United Nations has trained the federal government, has trained the Attorney General of Hawaii to call it a “terroristic threat,” in the second degree and they apply that to any freaking words they want to!  My ass, total bull shit, shove your alleged law where the sun don’t shine, Ige, you terroristic political piece of shit.  I said nothing that could be construed as me planning to physically assault you in anyway or arrange to have you taken out.  The low life political piece of shit just wanted to teach me to shut my mouth.  Well fuck you, Ige.  I’m not buying into your terroristic bull shit.  I know my rights and I’m going to keep asserting them, in spite of your attempt to scare me, you stinking weasel.

I immediately wanted to see exactly what words Mr. Sheldon was referring to.  Interestingly, he had pieces printed out of something I had written, but when I tried to read it all the way through, we could not find a page that contained the incomplete last sentence I had just read.  So at that point I knew what this was and I printed a full copy off my blog.  This is what the Hawaii Attorney General has the audacity to call a “terroristic threat”:

An Open letter to the Governor of Hawaii

Mr. Sheldon explained these were the exact words that were the forbidden words, highlighted in yellow on his copy at the end of the letter:

Give this demand for security for the Hawaiian people the immediate attention that it requires while keeping in mind that the punishment for treason is hanging by the neck until you are dead, so help me God.

How do you like that?

I asked Mr. Sheldon if they were investigating the Mayor’s fraud and the County Council’s collusion in hiding the evidence, which tolls the statute of limitations.  I let him know I had filed a formal complaint with the AG.  He didn’t know anything about that.

I asked him about the person the County Council has paid off in the AG’s Criminal Investigations Division, to whom I had spoken, to make sure my complaint regarding their documented crimes are never investigated.  He didn’t know anything about that.

Mr. Sheldon also didn’t provide me any encouraging information about what the state plans to do to protect its citizens from these obvious Jihadists that Obama is importing into the USA, most particularly Honolulu, where women should start getting beaten on beaches in the near future for wearing bathing suits in violation of that stinking filth called Sharia Law.  No, he didn’t have anything to say about that.  In fact, despite what I said in my open letter that is the subject of the Governor’s complaint against me, the AG made no attempt whatsoever to look into my allegations about the crime wave that is being brought to Hawaii.  Mr. Sheldon knew nothing about the mass gang rapes in Europe that I suggested in the allegedly damning letter be investigated.  The fact is, the State of Hawaii does not care.  Importing Jihadists into Hawaii means job security for law enforcement.  That just means more work for them!  Right, Mr. Sheldon?

Sadly, they’re all nice guys, those government employees who can see what’s really going on because they sell their soul to Satan by pleading the excuse:


The only thing Mr. Sheldon was concerned about was that I told Ige if he does not act in a way that protects the rights of the people of Hawaii, I promised Ige, I didn’t threaten him because I was reading him the law, so I promised Ige that if he acts treasonously against the people of Hawaii, then I still do look forward to hearing his god damned neck snap when the gallows door opens under his feet.  Minimally, he will serve several decades in prison for seditious conspiracy.  And if anyone wants to tell me that expressing that opinion is a crime, then they can just shove it up their ass and I don’t care who they are.

I have a right to warn politicians
That if they are convicted of treason
For refusing to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens
Then they will hang for their crime
Or spend several decades in prison.

18 USC § 2384 — Seditious Conspiracy

And if I want to express deep satisfaction at seeing them get their just desserts and they don’t like hearing that, then that’s too bad.  Suck it up, Ige.  I don’t care if I scare you.  Maybe you need to think about why you feel scared.  And I let Mr. Sheldon know I’ve had the same thing to say about Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.  And they too need to think about why I justifiably frighten them too.

Are you, Governor Ige, doing anything like Texas Governor Abbott is doing to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Texas?  I haven’t heard doodily squat out of you about that.  And that’s apparently because you are doing doodily squat, just like your masters want you to do, you sellout piece of shit.

How dare you, Ige, threaten my exercise of my right to free political speech with a bogus god damned law that is treasonous in itself because it spits in the face of the U.S. Constitution?  So listen up to this, Ige.  You take your bogus god damned law and shove it up your nose because it’s no law at all.  Now let’s see if you call that a threat against your life, you pusillanimous worm.  Is it a terroristic threat to post the picture below of what needs to be done to those who would sell the souls of their constituents to Satan by replacing the U.S. Constitution with Sharia Law?  Think about it dude, because I’m serious.  This is not a threat.  This is a promise from the people of America.  We are not taking this goat herder invasion lying down.  We will not let these animals rape our children because that’s customary for them in their culture, which is what is happening in Europe.  And you are not going to get in my way by threatening me with a bull shit piece of un-law.

I don’t buy into bull shit threats from cheesy politicians.

Before Mr. Sheldon left, I told him he needs to tune into the Alex Jones Show to hear free speech he apparently doesn’t know about.


Listen to Infowars because there is a war on for your mind.


To be hanged, drawn and quartered was from 1351 a statutory penalty in England for men convicted of high treason, although the ritual was first recorded during the reign of King Henry III (1216–1272). Convicts were fastened to a hurdle, or wooden panel, and drawn by horse to the place of execution, where they were hanged (almost to the point of death), emasculated, disemboweled, beheaded and quartered (chopped into four pieces). Their remains were often displayed in prominent places across the country, such as London Bridge. For reasons of public decency, women convicted of high treason were instead burned at the stake.

The severity of the sentence was measured against the seriousness of the crime.[1]


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanged,_drawn_and_quartered