I’m sick of Trump’s trash talk

Trump says he supports reauthorizing the Patriot Act [sic]
Is Donald Trump really the savior of America or is he the Bilderberg 2015 Trojan Horse?  I certainly have to wonder considering he appears to be laughing in our faces with his plans to throw the U.S. Constitution into the toilet and flush so that it’s gone forever.

Donald is a showman which some would call a con artist.  He can convince millions of people that he’s their friend and we gleefully believe it, because we’re desperate to save the constitutional Republic from the apparent overthrow-in-progress.

However, I have clearly seen a forked tongue emerging from his mouth over and over again.  He came storming onto the scene just as the rape of Europe began, but most of America remained oblivious to it because of mainstream media censorship.  He started with, let’s bring all these poor refugees in, until I called him a “fucking treasonous bastard” as I don’t mince words with him either, and I noted that he actually planned to facilitate the current ongoing Jihadist invasion-in-progress by traitor Obama’s Muslim troops into the USA.

He quickly responded with flipping on that and he even took my advice to woo Libertarians via the Alex Jones Show.  So I forgave him because I thought he was uninformed about the topic like everyone else and he had simply made a mistake.  He also said on the show that he doesn’t really know who he will choose for VP, so I believed he also needed the Supreme Court research I sent him that reveals at least four Supreme Court cases since the inception of this nation make it perfectly clear a “natural born citizen” has two parents that were citizens before the candidate was born.  As Obama has proven, it’s a matter of loyalty, regardless of what the candidate may say.

However, as trash continues to flow from Donald’s mouth, I must wonder if he is really laughing in our faces.  Listen closely to what he is openly telling America:

I plan to complete the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution

That’s right, folks.  When Donald says things that Americans assume is meant to protect us, he may very well be calling us fools.  Let’s take a look at the plans he’s been announcing:

  • He wants to build a wall along the Mexican border and get Mexico to pay for it, even though it can still be dug under and therefore, obviously, stationing Border Patrol literally every 100 feet along the entire border supported by drones would be the sensible thing to do. The only way he will get another country to pay for that wall is by globalist permission.  That’s right folks, Donald may very well be executing globalist plans to turn the USA into a penal colony with walls on the southern and northern borders to keep us trapped as prisoners who cannot flee the massacre they plan for us while the barbarians continue to pour in on transportation provided by taxpayer money.  They remain totally unscreened because their countries have no documentation for them.  You cannot vet people for whom no documentation exists, not even a birth certificate.  That’s why Louis Farrakhan had to suppress a smile during his interview with Alex Jones, because he knows you cannot vet these barbarians.  No documentation exists!
  • Even though I educated Donald on the fact that Cruz, Rubio, and now I hear Jindal do not qualify to run for President, and even though he has used this information as ammunition against Cruz, Donald then continues to vomit more trash out of his mouth by saying, I might make him my VP anyway. By laughing at you with that kind of trash talk, Donald is telling you that he has no respect for the U.S. Constitution or you.  He’s openly telling you, the American people, that he has no problem with violating the law.  And the less discerning shake their heads in eager agreement.
  • Most recently, it’s reported on Twitter that Donald plans to reauthorize the Patriot Act [sic], which was already replaced with the alleged Freedom Act [sic], that continues to violate the Constitution in the same way. What Donald is saying here is that he has no respect whatsoever for the rights of American citizens and he is smearing that piece of shit on your face while you clap with glee in absolute ignorance as you continue to swoon from his charisma.

Through double-speak, Donald has convinced tens of millions of Americans that he is going to rescue the Republic of the United States.  But his forked tongue tells you that he has no respect for the U.S. Constitution or you because he sees you as a stupid fool who doesn’t know the difference between rule of law and treason.  He is laughing in your face every time that he announces that he plans to engage in whatever criminal activities he chooses, just like his predecessors did for the last 30 years.

Donald J. Trump is clearly sending a mixed message.
A mixed message is a tool of traitors.

So, Diamond ‘n Silk, you two ladies need to rethink your support of Donald in the African-American community.  Do you realize what fools he will make you look like when he dupes you into helping him overthrow the United States Constitution that the skank, Loretta Lynch, proudly announced she is taking from you?  I’m not ready to totally shit-can his ass yet either, but I think we all need to start questioning his trash talk.  Don’t you?

I’ve even lost confidence in Rand Paul who has had the audacity to express support of Cruz after Cruz’ lack of qualification was exposed.  That shows the same utter disregard that all the candidates have for rule of law.

The only act of Congress that is rule of law is
an act of Congress that supports the Constitution.
Everything else is treason.
The Patriot Act is treason.

Therefore, I strongly urge America to join me in a total boycott of the presidential election by not voting for anyone for President.  This has been done in other countries as what is called a “show of no confidence” in the system by the public.  If the system is rigged, if the ballots are tampered with, if non-citizens are allowed to vote, and if all the candidates are either whores owned and operated by the globalists or just plain stupid fools, which seems to be the case with Rand, who I believe has the integrity but increasingly appears to lack the brains, then we have no viable candidates.

Vote for the lesser of two evils and vote for your own destruction.
A vote of no confidence means refusing to vote for a traitor.
I have refused since 2004, the last time I stupidly voted for
the lesser of two evils.

We don’t have to support any candidate, people.  It’s apparent that the current selection is primarily composed of traitors; whores looking to gain something personally by throwing trash talk at you to dupe you, and very stupid people who lack the courage to act boldly to save this country.

When you have a skank like Loretta Lynch telling the American public that she has decided to outlaw the very militias that are specifically named in the 2nd Amendment as those who have the right to bear arms, you know that this year the United States government will wage military war against the American people.  I am talking about white and black Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and citizens of other religions, but not the Muslim Jihadist scum that are invading as well as their citizen counterparts that manage the armories called mosques.  Muslims will all openly tell you that their loyalty is to Sharia Law; a barbaric code that is opposite the U.S. Constitution.

It’s time to call Donald on his trash talk, folks.  Let’s start by asking him why he has no problem with flushing the U.S. Constitution down the toilet.  As long as he chooses to do that, he is the enemy of the people.  Never trust a person who speaks with a forked tongue.