My lifelong love affair with Mary Jane

Mary Jane

What I never would have thought of in my early years was that this really, really, really fun plant that has killed zero people in all of history also happens to be a medication that’s the best thing that’s happened to humanity since the introduction of peanut butter and jelly as a staple in a child’s diet, along with fish sticks, hamburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, and pizza.  They eventually get over it.

What I can’t understand is why there are so many people completely out of their minds with the implanted belief that has no basis in fact that this plant, for which we happen to have specific receptors in our bodies, is outlawed as if it were dangerous.  Well, I can understand now with eyes wide open, but that’s not what I want to get into at the moment.

The globalist psychopaths also need to keep secret Mary Jane’s beautiful quality of expanding the mind as she interacts directly with the pineal gland.

Bill Gates

That’s the gland the psychopaths do their best to destroy through calcification with an unnatural form of fluoride made in laboratories that is also sold as rat poison, as well as a host of other chemical warfare attacks.  Hey, I heard 90% of pregnant women are finally refusing flu shots.  That should put a dent into the 700% increase in miscarriages since they started forcing drugs on pregnant women with the benign words, it’s safe.

So, as you can see, they seek to prevent our physical and mental health in everyway possible, these humanitarians who run the United Nations.  And since Mary Jane is truly Florence Nightingale here, her reputation must be destroyed forever as had been done to Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus.  She must be forever portrayed as a whore.

Mary Jane can reverse or prevent every illness created by Big Pharma.  That’s why she’s an outlaw.

So that’s it in a nutshell version of my lifelong love affair with Mary Jane.  She does expand my mind, she keeps me out of pain, steadies my moods and I don’t have to get poisoned in the process, like I would if I used the bona fide undeniable poisons Big Pharma would have foisted on me, all heavily laden with “side effects” that are a long list of deadly diseases. Gave that up in 2005.  I was on a half dozen drugs I was supposed to take for the rest of my life and I was sick as a dog.  Couldn’t climb stairs, used a wheelchair at Walmart.  Today, I am a new woman.

Without getting into all the good times and how wonderful the healing feels, I am so happy God created the cannabis plant for me to smoke and eat and I’m so happy he created cannabinoid receptors inside my body to receive the benefits of this plant.

You tend to start taking the incredible benefits for granted until those times when you run out of medicine and have to rough it.  That’s when the arthritis pain comes back, the mood swings like a pendulum, and I have to start taking melatonin to sleep.  It’s a nice all-in-one medicine that’s free if you can get to grow it, it has zero negative side effects, quite a few positive side effects, and it’s never killed a single human being in history.  Irresponsible behavior is not caused by this plant.  Mary Jane is innocent.

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