A political proverb from the Coconut Coast

Saviors of the Fourth Estate
Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, Saviors of the Fourth Estate
Trust in Matt Drudge with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways learn from him, and he will make your Infowars the new Fourth Estate.  –Proverbs 3:5-6

Yes, I have made a full political conversion to the new Fourth Estate.  The old watchdog was fed poisoned meat, but that just leads to new blood stepping forward.  No matter how old or young, we can all change the landscape of communication just by being willing to freely express our own truth, as it stands at the moment.

Political correctness is a mind-control disease,
A psychological form of eugenics
Spread by the likes of Melissa Harris-Perry,
Founder of the “blacks can’t be racist cult.”

I can’t be controlled either, Matt.  That’s why I have to leave the mind-control machine called “social media.”  They have become Hillary’s “fun camps.”  I’ve been in and out of social-site prison so many times now, it makes my head spin.  I’m now up to 30 days in the box on Facebook and I’m on my third Twitter account, which is now strictly dedicated to dropping a link to an article on my web site with a catchy headline to tempt people to click on it.  That’s it.

They are not going to allow me to exercise my right to free speech.

And that’s exactly what Matt was telling me in particular in this interview.  He gave me the courage to set up Dear Jane, Advice Opinions More on Word Press,[1] where people can sign up to receive my blog in their email box.  I really don’t need to rely on the established Nazi mind-control sites to drive traffic to my blog.  The awakened shall find their way here somehow, just like the 30 million viewers a day who visit The Drudge Report.  He started with one viewer.  So did I.

Okay, so let’s work on getting this refined to exactly the message we want to send out.

Integrity is priceless.
For everything else, there is MasterCard.


That leaves out the American Bar Association.

The criminally controlled American Bar Association

But there are rare golden needles in that haystack of vultures:

Judge blows cover of the United States Corporation



[1] https://dearjaneadviceopinionsmore.wordpress.com/