The premeditated murder of Lavoy Finnicum


The spot where they gunned him down was not where his family was first attacked without any provocation whatsoever.  There was a prior roadblock at which they were shot at and the driver exited the car with his hands up after a bullet hit the rearview mirror.  Finnicum took over driving and justifiably fled upon being attacked until he was forced off the road at the second road block.

I wrote the FBI and told them if they didn’t investigate this murder that their name would forever be mud.  Their name is mud as far as I’m concerned because I have very little reason to believe that pack of paycheck whores will give it a second thought.

I saw the drone footage and it sure appears to me Finnicum was shot in the back first, causing him to spin around, at which time they shot him in the face and the rest of his body eight more times to hide the fact that the first bullet was in his back.  This was first-degree murder.

They planted a stolen gun on him.  Finnicum owned lots of legal firearms.  Why would he be carrying a stolen gun on the way to a meeting where they were going to discuss with locals the criminal activities of the Bureau of Land Management?

It’s those criminal activities that Loretta Lynch is committing murder to hide.  That treasonous paycheck whore planned Finnicum’s murder when she publicly announced she will attack every militia that is specifically, explicitly protected by the 2nd Amendment.  Take a good look at the shadow government of the united States that has the apparent goal of turning this nation into a Muslim caliphate.  I spit on Islam.

Did you know the bill currently before the House of Representatives
outlawing hate speech against Islam is in fact Sharia Law?
That’s treason!

The documentation proving the crimes of the Bureau of Land Management is still in the besieged cabin.  That’s why the siege is continuing and that’s why I have good reason to believe the criminals at the FBI will burn those people to death just like they did in Waco, Texas, if they don’t just open fire on the entire area with the military Apache helicopters illegally deployed in Burns, Oregon.  The evidence of the crimes of the Bureau of Land Management is too damning for that gang of criminals to do otherwise.

The united States military is currently deployed in Burns, Oregon.
Apache helicopters are in the air, prepared to fire on American civilians.

Now the federal criminals literally waging war on American citizens are labeling the people traveling to Finnicum’s funeral as dangerous terrorists, warning sheriffs to be on the lookout for Gadsden flags.

The Department of Justice [sic] fired the first shot,
killing a citizen in cold blood,
and they call us the terrorists.

We have a foreign spy in the White House openly bringing Jihadist troops into this country, but innocent people going to the funeral of a murdered patriot are being defamed as terrorists.

It’s a sick world we live in that is run by very sick criminals.  Thank you, Federal Bureau of Investigation, for nothing you pack of paycheck whores.