Exposing the shadow government of America and how it works (Part 1 of 3:  The real American genesis)



“The Continental Congress became the government of the United States out of necessity, not design.”[1]

 The Continental Congress is still the government of the united States!  What is taught today as “history” fails to note that the States never handed over their powers to the limited federal government created for very, very limited reasons, which do not include governing the states.

“One nation” is the lie we were sold after the Confederacy was overthrown in the first Civil War, by a federal government determined to eliminate the Articles of Confederation.  The victor-subversives hid the real law and re-wrote history, but apparently they could not just repeal the Articles of Confederation.  Instead, through subversive indoctrination in public education they hid the fact that America is still a Confederacy.

The Confederacy was and still is the real united States government while the United States Corporation,[2] formed shortly after the Civil War, created the illusion of one national government superior to the state governments in order to overthrow the Articles of Confederation by claiming the Constitution that formed the very limited federal government replaced the Articles of Confederation, when in fact it never did because those two documents serve two very different purposes.

The Real American Genesis

IN THE BEGINNING, there were British colonies ready to revolt against a tyrannical government.

WHEREAS, the Declaration of Independence organically established the revolt against Britain.

WHEREAS, the Georgia Constitution, formed the 13 state-nations.  It is sometimes referred to as the “first constitution,” but it is not a constitution that forms a federal government.  Before the colonies could form a confederacy of nations, they first had to become organic independent nation-states that were no longer British colonies.  Therefore, the “Georgia Constitution” is the model state constitution used by the various colonies that wished to become organic independent states.

WHEREAS, the Articles of Confederation formed a treaty alliance among the original 13 independent nation-states, and all subsequent nation-states formed out of the Northwest Territory (also known as “over thar” since it really covered all land subsequently acquired).

WHEREAS, the Northwest Ordinance, governed all other lands beyond the 13 newly formed independent state-nations until such territories became state-nations themselves.  Most importantly, it continues to provide the federal government with sole authority over the disposition of all of that land that is outside the control of the 13 newly formed nations in existence at that time the ordinance was ratified and which subsequently became newly formed state-nations within those lands, which includes the Republic of Texas and the Kingdom of Hawaii.

WHEREAS, the Northwest Ordinance repealed the Involuntary Servitude Resolution, which was set to outlaw slavery after 1800.  Overthrowing Confederate powers and not slavery was the original issue of the Civil War.  The Northwest Ordinance was used to circumvent the individual rights of each member of the Confederacy through control of all land in each state-nation beyond the formation of new state-nations.

WHEREAS the united States Constitution created a very limited federal government in order to operate as a union of independent nations in commerce and politics abroad, but not within each separate state-nation, which remain autonomous, except for the land continued to be disposed of under the Northwest Ordinance.

WHEREAS, the Bill of Rights is actually a separate document from the Constitution and not amendments to the Constitution.  The Constitution is strictly about forming the limited federal government.  The Bill of Rights is a separate topic concerning the superiority of individual and state rights to any privileges granted by them to the limited federal government, which implicitly outlaws the continued use of the Northwest Ordinance by the federal government to own raw land in violation of the restriction by its Constitution to owning only land occupied for its own business purposes.  Therefore, the Northwest Ordinance must be repealed to restore the Confederacy.

There is no United States.
There are only united States;
united through the Articles of Confederation.
The United States Corporation is a post Civil War fraud
perpetrated through continued use of the Northwest Ordinance.


The failure to sunset the Northwest Ordinance after all the states were formed or should have been formed (such as Puerto Rico) wrests control of the land of the states from each state by giving it’s control to the federal government through out-of-contextual authority that should have been retired with the rest of the Northwest Ordinance.  With the unconstitutional adoption of the TPP, et al., both the physical and constitutional/charter of the united States will be dissolved, and the united States will become disenfranchised state-nations under tyrannical rule through the United Nations, a fraudulent body created by fraudulent entities called corporations.[3]

The supremacy clause of the Constitution simply means that the federal government can’t make laws that violate the Constitution given to it by the States.  The Constitution is the supreme law that governs the federal government.  The Constitution does not govern the states.  This is the federal government’s entire charter of governance.  The supremacy clause cannot possibly mean the federal government is superior to and therefore rules the state governments because the states are independent nations that have entered into a Confederation; a confederacy that can be added to and deleted from.  It’s a free union, not a mandatory one.

We do not live under just the Constitution of the united States.  We are still living under the Articles of Confederation and the Northwest Ordinance!  The Constitution merely forms the federal government that has extremely limited purposes.

This is why courts “frown” upon citing pre-Civil War case law.  This is the true history of the united States of America.  Next, we will look at the seditious conspiracy that perpetuates the overthrow of the Confederation of American States that occurred during the first Civil War, which commenced the fraudulent United States of America.


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