Exposing the shadow government of America and how it works (Part 3 of 3:  Restoring the Confederacy)

The Confederation of American States.  Those who rule are at the top.

In order to correct an upside-down world, we must put everything back into it’s natural order.  At the top of this union are 50 nations, more or less, who govern a minimal federal government through the Constitution at the bottom of the pyramid, which is wholly apart from the final document of the union, the Bill of Rights.  The Bill of Rights enumerates the rights of the citizens of the various states, the rights of their states, and concerns a subject wholly apart from the Constitution, which is nothing more than the job description for the limited federal government.

The federal government’s only remaining right beyond the Constitution, which is illegally held not in accordance with the intent of the framers, is to own raw land past the expiration of the original purpose of the Northwest Ordinance that was created to provide for the governance and disposition of the unknown vast territory of land westward.  That right to dispose of raw land should have been sunset when all the states were finally formed but it wasn’t.  Leaving Puerto Rico as a territory keeps the Northwest Ordinance alive.  That’s why Puerto Rico is not a State.

So what do we have here?  It appears to be 49 legitimate states, an occupied kingdom, and at least Puerto Rico should be a state as well as a handful of other offshore territories.  I believe the following map best demonstrates the invasion of a foreign entity that is not part of the Confederation of American States.  The land that belongs to each state and the people of that state is in blue.  The land that is owned by a foreign entity that is not part of the Confederation of American States is in red and is therefore not State land.


America is not one nation, under God, indivisible
with liberty and justice for all.

America is a Confederation of States, divisible upon demand,
with liberty and justice for all.

To re-establish the Confederation of States we must put all of our organic founding documents into play.

  • We must declare our independence as States once again from a tyrannical form of government that does not reflect the intent of the founding fathers of this union, not nation.
  • The States must independently examine their own constitutions and decide individually whether they want to remain in the union. Clearly citizens of the Kingdom of Hawaii must first vote as to whether or not they wish to become a member of the Confederacy of States since no treaty exists between the Kingdom of Hawaii and the united States.
  • The Continental Congress must commence immediately to take charge of the union again, relieving the insubordinate federal government, including its Congress, of its duties until a special election is held re-establishing the federal government.
  • The Continental Congress must establish the Bill of Rights is an organic law separate from amending the Constitution. They cover two different topics.
  • The Continental Congress must formally convey to the public that the Articles of Confederation are still law and how those articles affect the union of individual state-nations today.
  • The Continental Congress must verify which amendments really were ratified and which were not, such as the 16th and 17th Amendments were not. The current list of constitutional amendments must be restructured to omit the Bill of Rights, the 16th and 17th Amendments, the moot 18th and 21st Amendments concerning alcohol, and any other constitutional amendments found to be invalid by virtue of failure to ratify.
  • After re-examining the remaining constitutional amendments, new amendments must be made to protect us from further corruption, such as term limits, outlawing lobbying, outlawing party politics, dissolving the Federal Reserve Corporation and arresting it’s board of directors, and dissolving the Internal Revenue Service, which has no basis in law.
  • The States must reclaim all their raw land from the federal government through repeal of the Northwest Ordinance.

The united States is a union of Confederate States more like the European Union.

The united States is not a single nation.

The united States remain individual nations except for those matters of interstate and foreign commerce and politics expressly assigned to the federal government.

The united States government has no power over the States.

The Articles of Confederation and the Northwest Ordinance are organic documents that precede the Constitution.  Therefore only a Continental Congress of delegates sent by state legislatures/governors can repeal the Northwest Ordinance as they are the stakeholders in this claim, not D.C.

The District of Columbia must be made a State.  For the federal government to be seated in a location apart from the states, no citizens can reside in that district or that district must become a state.  Anything less will perpetuate the fraud of a single nation.  We are strictly a union of States.

The legitimate Confederation of American States is doomed until we convene the Continental Congress so that the states can wrest control from the foreign invaders in D.C.  Washington D.C. is not a member of the Confederacy. The District of Columbia is a territory of foreigners with no allegiance to the Articles of Confederation.  The States are currently illegally controlled by the federal Congress through the Northwest Ordinance that should have been repealed once Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands became states.  Their statehood is avoided to maintain land grabbing rights by keeping the Northwest Ordinance alive.  Upon providing the option of statehood to all remaining territories, all of whom qualify population wise, no more reason will exist for the continuation of the Northwest Ordinance.

We are not living under rule of law until a Continental Congress restores the rights and privileges of the states and their citizens through continuation of the Articles of Confederation and through repeal of the Northwest Ordinance.

No foreigners should own American land!  That is piecemeal invasion.  Those foreigners are not subject to American law, which is pursuant to the Articles of Confederation and not the Constitution.  The Constitution does not affect them because it is a job description for the federal government.  They own land in violation of the Articles of Confederation because that land is sold to them illegally under the remaining live provision of the Northwest Ordinance; a provision kept alive by refusing to make States out of qualifying territories.  Foreign countries and corporations are illegally being sold American land that belongs to the States as parks and for homesteading as well as land owned by American corporations, whose boards of directors have no immunity from American laws once we pierce the corporate veil of false personhood.

Restore the Confederation of American States through
commencement of a Continental Congress, in perpetuity and
overthrow the illegal national government that is infringing upon the States.

God bless the Confederation of American States