States ban foreign laws while treasonous Congress proposes foreign laws

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Photo from “ISIS TERROR WARNING:  Jihadists threaten to attack SPAIN in chilling new propaganda clip,” by Tom Parfitt, Express, January 22, 2016[1]
“Exposing the shadow government of America and how it works,”[2] showed that the Articles of Confederation were never retired.  They are still part of the United States Code, along with the Declaration of Independence, the Northwest Ordinance, the Constitution, and what is really a separate Bill of Rights.  All five documents govern America, not just the Constitution.  The Articles of Confederation is the organic document that preceded the Constitution and in fact is the creator of the Constitution, which is merely the job description of the federal government.  That is why they cannot repeal the Articles of Confederation.  The usurpers could only overthrow it.

The united States Constitution did not supersede the Articles of Confederation.
We still operate under both.
The Articles of Confederation have power superior to the Constitution.
The federal government WORKS for the states and does not rule them.

USA Today reported, “More states move to ban foreign law in courts.”[3]  Most recently, Alabama joins the wave of states banning foreign laws.[4]  In the meantime, the ACLU engages in outright treason as it labels the banning of foreign laws as bigotry?[5]  Excuse me?

Who in hell does the American Civil Liberties Union work for?

I believe the real bigotry is being perpetrated by traitors, not patriots.  Do we pass laws to forbid French, German, or Chinese laws?  No!  Of course we don’t.  We don’t have to because it is irrational to introduce foreign laws into our system of law.

Then why is banning Sharia Law considered bigotry?

The public is being kept ignorant of the fact that Islam is a world government that includes the worship of Satan as its requirement for you to stay alive.  Supporters of this literal demonic possession of the planet are duping the public into believing that this barbaric world government is simply a benign religion that we must accept like any other religion.

Only Muslims kill you if you do not convert.
That’s not just any religion.
That is Satanism.

In the meantime, we have a treasonous Congress attempting to pass Sharia Law!  House Bill 569 has been introduced “Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States.”  House Bill 569 is Sharia Law!  As noted in my previous article on the shadow government, it follows scriptures in the Qur’an that are in direct opposition to our Bill of Rights.  Our Bill of Rights are superior to all Sharia Law and to oppose that fact is treason.


Already, incredibly, we have JUDGES who are Muslims who are enforcing Sharia Law in our courts!  Defendants should be informing the jury that they must nullify any judgment based on Sharia Law that is easily recognizable because it violates the Bill of Rights!

But we have an ignorant public that does not even know
we still live under the Articles of Confederation.

What we need is a Continental Congress of States held pursuant to the Articles of Confederation that are still law.  I petition Texas Governor Greg Abbott to immediately reconvene the Continental Congress, so we can fire the traitors in Washington, D.C.  I’m sure governors of the original States will support you in re-establishing the Confederation of American States through this legal procedure instead of just waiting until we are forced into violence by the traitors in the District of Criminals.

The Civil War was not about treason by the southern States.  It was about treason by the northern States that won the war.  They defeated the Confederation of American States that was the original government established by our founding fathers and it was never legally repealed.  That’s because a creation cannot dissolve its Creator.  The Constitution cannot dissolve the Articles of Confederation.  It’s the same for a corporation:  A corporation cannot be greater than its human Creators.  But under our current bastard system enforced since the Civil War that was lost by the Confederation of American States, corporations have rights superior to humans!  It’s all a fraud and it must stop.

Until a Continental Congress is convened, Governor Abbott, the American States will be completely overthrown by a barbaric foreign legal system.  America is being turned into an Islamic caliphate.  If you do not immediately commence the process necessary to stop this treason, then bloodshed is inevitable.

I would rather die than worship Satan.
I will not become an Islamic slave.

And if any Muslim tries to tell you otherwise, you must know that they are all chronic liars, trained from birth by the Qur’an to lie to every infidel and even to lie among themselves.  Satan worshipers have no respect for truth, justice, and the American Way, so we must teach them.

Do you want honor killings?
Do you want the legalization of rape?
Do you want to be forced to worship Satan or die?
Then fight the overthrow of America in favor of Islam.

We must fast recognize that we are being invaded.  This is a literal invasion, not figurative.  Obama, the foreign spy, is openly bringing ISIS, his troops, into the USA, under the guise of “migrants.”  He does this while he plans to resettle in Bahrain after leaving the White House, an appropriate location for a traitor.  In the meantime, he rapes America because, as he publicly announced, his allegiance belongs to Islam, a world government that worships Satan.

The Qur’an tells Muslims: “Drive them out from where they drove you out.” (2:191) This is the basis for the idea that any land that belonged to the Muslims at any time belongs by right to the Muslims forever. That includes Spain.[6]

And that also includes the United Kingdom, the united States of America, China, Japan, Russia, and every other nation on this planet.  Acquiesce to Islam and you are guaranteed a first-class, one-way ticket to Hell.




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