The mass delusion called “Daylight Saving Time”


 On October 24, 2007, German scientists published data that concludes Daylight Saving Time (DST) serves to disrupt seasonal biology in humans:

A quarter of the world’s population is subjected to a 1 hr time change twice a year (daylight saving time, DST). This reflects a change in social clocks, not environmental ones (e.g., dawn). The impact of DST is poorly understood. Circadian clocks use daylight to synchronize (entrain) to the organism’s environment. Entrainment is so exact that humans adjust to the east-west progression of dawn within a given time zone [1] . In a large survey (n = 55,000), we show that the timing of sleep on free days follows the seasonal progression of dawn under standard time, but not under DST. In a second study, we analyzed the timing of sleep and activity for 8 weeks around each DST transition in 50 subjects who were chronotyped (analyzed for their individual phase of entrainment [2] ). Both parameters readily adjust to the release from DST in autumn but the timing of activity does not adjust to the DST imposition in spring, especially in late chronotypes. Our data indicate that the human circadian system does not adjust to DST and that its seasonal adaptation to the changing photoperiods is disrupted by the introduction of summer time. This disruption may extend to other aspects of seasonal biology in humans.[1]

I think those of you who suffer this insanity called “Daylight Saving Time” need to spend some time thinking about WHY are you being exposed to something that has been scientifically proven to be annually disruptive to your natural circadian rhythm?

Could it be . . . God forbid,
mind control?

It’s mind control all right, and a hormone disrupter that certainly affects the specie’s ability to reproduce, most particularly that 25% of the population that has been singled out for this biological abuse of humans by mad men such as Bill Gates who lust to depopulate and control the world and now brazenly publicly admit it.  If that isn’t Luciferian, then I don’t know what is.

The history of Daylight Saving Time reveals it is an unnatural Cloward-Piven strategy that probably has more to do with our apathetic acceptance of lead, arsenic and sodium fluoride into our diets than it does with allegedly saving on energy, something Ben Franklin only referred to facetiously, but which was scooped up as the gospel truth by the purveyors of mass manipulation.[2]  In reality it serves no good purpose.

I had only become aware of just how disruptive this crazy practice of jacking with the clocks really had been in my life since I had moved to Kauai.  We don’t do that crazy stuff in Hawaii and I believe Arizona doesn’t either.  I’m also retired and have better control of how I spend my time than the average slave tied to the system’s gerbil wheel of debt and slavery.

So, once I realized that the more you make the more you spend, I retired to my tiny lifestyle in Daylight Saving Time free Hawaii.  Before I moved here, I couldn’t understand the confusion about time zones that island people seemed to have.  Now that I’ve been here three years, I understand it because I often have to deal with people on the mainland.  I can never tell what time it is over there!  Total zaniness.

And it is most interesting how I am now naturally falling into a rhythm in my life that is more in tune with the nature, now that I’ve absconded from the city dweller’s life.  Lihue is the closest thing we have to a city.  We call it “the city.”  I’m surrounded by nature all day long.  Sleeping Giant is my neighborhood mountain that serves as my view from the lanai and I live right by the Kuamo’o Trail as well as the eastern lookout.  Everyday is spectacular.  That’s why I’m so keenly aware of the question:

Why in hell do we keep changing the clocks?
Isn’t that like some crazy aunt everybody has but on a national scale?

I think the most important observation here is that it appears to me Daylight Savings Time does not serve any good purpose for humanity.

  • It does absolutely nothing to save energy.
  • It has been proven to annually disrupt the human circadian rhythm.
  • Biologically it can certainly support endocrine systems fundamental to the pandemic infertility in America and Europe today, how interesting.
  • It is a mind-control technique designed to keep you out of control of your own life.

It’s just plain nuts.  Therefore, I propose that when Donald J. Trump becomes President of the united States of America, he abolish this crazy mind-control game by Executive Order throughout the states so that America can be great again.  That requires putting an end to what is now something scientifically proven to be a mind-control technique that actually messes with human biology.  That’s how we make America great again.  We take control of the reigns of our own lives.

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