The “USA” is not a sovereign nation; it’s a union of nations

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There is an American union.  There is no American nation.  Carefully note in Governor Brown’s speech, that includes the “Causes of the War,” that he provides a clear line of succession of sovereignty.

Sovereignty begins with the individual citizens.
We are each sovereign children of God.
That was an understood Governor Brown did not even need to mention.

 The criminal government of the united States today has twisted that fact into the delusion that “sovereign citizens” are dangerous crazies ready to set off bombs and shoot anyone in a hot second and therefore must be killed on sight as enemy combatants.  I believe this is very important for people to understand if we are going to get a clear picture of who is the real boss around here:  We, the people, are sovereign; the federal government is not.  The States are sovereign; the federal government is not.

Governor Brown established that the King of England recognized the individual states as individually sovereign:

“. . . on the 3d day of September 1783, in the treaty of peace, “His Britanic Majesty, acknowledges the said United States, to-wit: New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, to be free sovereign and independent States . . .”[1]

It just doesn’t get any plainer than that.  Each state is in fact a separate nation.  That fact has never changed.

The individually sovereign States never gave up any of their individual sovereignty,
nor was any sovereignty ever granted to the federal-government-servant,
expressly created to serve the confederation of individual sovereign States.

And therefore the limited federal government servant should never have been granted its own land but should have held all territorial land as trustee for the States as tenants-in-common.

Governor Brown explicitly made clear that the Constitution in no way changed the independent, individual sovereignty that each state already had because the Constitution is nothing more than a job description for a very limited government that had intentionally been mixed in with the separate Bill of Rights by Federalist traitors to make it look as if the Constitution is the sole document governing this union, which is not one nation!  One nation is the fraud perpetuated by the nationalist usurpers who overthrew the Confederation of American States in 1864 and who continue to dismantle the rest of the real American government.

During the Civil War, they were the Republicans and subsequently became the Democrats too.  This marriage from hell, now called our two-headed one-party political system, is the shadow government of the United States.  The two-headed one-party political system is the unconstitutional usurper that has hidden the fact since 1864 that the Articles of Confederation are still in full force and effect, along with the Declaration of Independence, the Northwest Ordinance (currently illegally used to steal land from States), and the Bill of Rights, which is a wholly separate document from all the rest and does not constitute “amendments” to the federal servant’s job description, but was incorporated into a separate document, the Constitution, by Federalist usurpers to assist plans that existed to overthrow the Confederation of States since day one.

The Constitution is nothing more than a job description for a federal government that is explicitly controlled by the sovereign States that must reconvene as a Continental Congress, either temporarily or permanently since it’s clear we can’t trust the federal government to police itself anymore than we can trust the American Bar Association to police itself.[2]

There is no sovereign United States of America
There never was one nation, under God, indivisible.
There always was only the Confederation of American States;
a group marriage voluntarily entered into which can be voluntarily dissolved or altered.

The northern states participated in a coup to create a United States, a nation that was never intended by the individual States.  It was the north that seceded from the original union; the Confederation of American States.

I believe claiming the Bill of Rights constitutes amendments to the federal government’s Constitution is part of the lie perpetrated by the Federalist usurpers.[3]  It appears they desired to confuse the public that there ever were the Articles of Confederation that still primarily govern this union.

Anti-Federalists even argued at the time that there was no need for a Bill of Rights because it is nothing more than a summation of the rights of the already sovereign States and their already sovereign people.  However, the Federalists insisted on incorporating the Bill of Rights into the Constitution in order to cloud the fact that the Constitution is only, I repeat, only the federal government’s job description and not the Constitution of the nation.  The Articles of Confederation are the constitution of the union:  There is no nation!  The Bill of Rights simply summarizes and reiterates the Articles of Confederation.  The Constitution is not a national constitution of sovereignty.

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Article XIII.
Every state shall abide by the determinations of the united states in congress assembled, on all questions which by this confederation are submitted to them. And the Articles of this confederation shall be inviolably observed by every state, and the union shall be perpetual; nor shall any alteration at any time hereafter be made in any of them; unless such alteration be agreed to in a congress of the united states, and be afterwards confirmed by the legislatures of every state.

In red, the word “a” precedes the words “congress of the united states, all intentionally in lower case.  This is not a reference to the specific Congress of the United States, formed by the united States Constitution, to handle international political and economic tasks among the States as well as with other nations.  These words specifically refer to an impromptu or permanent reconvention of the Continental Congress composed of delegates from each member State.

The Congress of the United States cannot amend the Constitution; its own job description!  Only a Continental Congress of the States can amend the Constitution that it created.  That’s why the federal government bastardized the Constitution with the amendments it did make in the first place!  The employee was left to change its own job description.  The Continental Congress is a congress independent of the federal government that is convened by the state governors and their acts are ratified by the the State Legislatures.

It is the Continental Congress that runs this country!

The Articles of Confederation constitute the constitution that describes the creation of the union of States.  The united States Constitution describes and creates the federal government servant that is not sovereign but rather subordinate to the Confederacy.  Therefore, incorporating the Bill of Rights into the federal Constitution mixed apples and oranges . . .

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. . . serving the Federalist purpose of hiding the fact that the Articles of Confederation created this union, not the united States Constitution, which is merely a job description for the federal government.  A scholarly study of the Continental Congress documents will prove me right.  Betcha a thousand bucks!

It is clear beyond a reasonable doubt in the linked text of Governor Brown’s speech that the Constitution was never meant to replace the Articles of Confederation.  The Constitution is in fact nothing more than a limited job description for a limited federal government that essentially served as a joint ambassador abroad, politically and economically, without interfering with each State’s sovereignty; internal activities and decisions, that is, until the foreigners who lived in the District of Columbia which is not now and never was a sovereign State, decided to tyrannically overthrow their Creator; the creators of the servant federal government, to none of whom the federal government owes any allegiance.

Have you ever noticed how often federal politicians have a residence in the District of Columbia?  I understand some actually sleep in their D.C. offices, however, the Constitutional requirement to remain a resident of their home state (thus a home) and the need to live in DC most of the year actually creates a conflict of interest.  Home is where you make it.  They represent some far off state, but their friends and neighbors are other expatriates in this region that is not a state and therefore they have no allegiance to the Articles of Confederation and the union that that organic document forms.  Federal politicians live in a territory apart from those sovereign States, in a territory where their allegiance is transmuted by corporate lobbyists into Luciferian pacts that have no loyalty to the sovereign states.

Article V is not just about a constitutional convention to create more amendments.  That’s just one more lie told for the last 150 years.  Article V belongs to the States.  Article V is the ripcord for the States to convene a Continental Congress of States to handle the out-of-control servant of the States, the federal government that has no sovereignty.  When you separate the Bill of Rights from the Constitution, the federal government’s job description becomes clear.  Then it becomes clear the federal government has no personal sovereignty.  The Bill of Rights is strictly an enumeration of all the sovereign rights and powers that inherently belong to the people first, and then the remainder belong to the State governments, as individual sovereign States, as already specified in the Articles of Confederation.

The federal government legally has no sovereignty.

The Supremacy Clause of the federal government’s job description, the Constitution, simply states that this job description is the sole job description of the federal government servant and only the States through a Continental Congress convened can change that.  It can’t possibly mean the federal government’s job description makes it superior to its Creator!  That’s ludicrous!!!

A Continental Congresses must be regularly convened or even maintained permanently to control the federal government or replace those components that are clearly behaving treasonously, such as Barak Hussein Obama who makes no bones about the fact that his allegiance belongs to Islam and not America, so his retirement home is in Bahrain.  Great move, bozo.  Get the hell out of America, you treasonous piece of filth.

There is no United States of America.  There is no one nation, under God.  There is a Confederation of sovereign States, individual little countries in a union much like the European Union.  So even setting up a fraudulent United States Corporation[4] cannot change that organic fact; that the Confederation of American States still exists, despite the Civil War, despite the overthrow by the northern states of the original government of the American States in favor of becoming a fraudulent single nation that claims its sovereignty by combining its job description with the Bill of Rights and then they re-wrote history to give the impression that the Articles of Confederation were thrown into the trash heap when they were not.

The creation cannot be greater than the Creator.


In the case of the bastard-child federal-government servant-with-no-sovereignty that had seized control of its parents in 1864, we have a tyrannical rebellion by foreign usurpers that live on non-state-soil erroneously set aside for the bastard-child (the District of Criminals), and which subsequently became the territory of those who have no allegiance to the Confederacy of sovereign American States.

This is why the federal government blatantly disrespects the American people.
It’s goals are independent of the will of the American people.

The Confederation had to exist first to hold the Continental Congress during which the united States Constitution was written to create a national servant for the States, not a superior government.  If the united States did not first exist to write the Constitution, then there would never have been the limited federal government specifically designed, in a black and white job description, to serve the sovereign states and not to rule them.

The Civil War put off the inevitable:
Division of the Confederation of States into two or more confederations.
It’s time for the divorce to be finalized.

In the meantime, the federal government, like a computer virus, continues to corrupt itself to now being beyond recognition as anything that even resembles the united States of America.  It is now a leftist-Islamic bastard-child of the United Nation’s new world order, which has nothing to do with the patriots of the various united States of America who shall withdraw from this treasonous muck back into their own sovereignty, either independently, which Texas can easily do, or jointly into various other unions of states.

All it takes is one great sovereign State to get this ball rolling, Texas Governor Abbott.  You still have the Articles of Confederation as your authority to convene a Continental Congress.  If some States don’t want to participate, then that’s their problem.  You exercise your authority under the Articles of Confederation in your capacity as the governor of a sovereign state that is superior to the subordinate federal government.  That’s all we need to do to put an end to this tyranny in a relationship that has undoubtedly become a case of domestic violence in which the differences are irreconcilable.  The federal government is cheating on us.  Either we reconcile or I want a divorce!

A nation called the United States was never created.
That’s why the government of the United States is the shadow government.

Hook ’em Horns, Texas!

[1], pp. 28-30.




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