The Kingdom of Hawaii and the USA have no Treaty


The history of this revelation is well detailed by Michael Rivero in his undated online article, Hawaii is not legally a state,and is well worth reading in its entirety.  Mr. Rivero’s article reveals that the invaded and occupied Kingdom of Hawaii is actually receiving the same notorious, treasonous, terroristic treatment from the foreign nationalist usurpers residing in the District of Criminals that are in control of the Union that the legitimate States of the Union are receiving.  That’s what happens when you deal with terrorists.  They do whatever in hell they want, which is why I am so strongly urging that the Governors of the States of the Union immediately convene a Continental Congress so that ho’oponopono may occur.

For you mainlanders, ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness that is a method of spiritual justice gifted to the Kingdom of Hawaii by its national treasure, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona.

The valid 118-year grievance of the Kingdom of Hawaii can be resolved without violence, just as the people of Hawaii have always desired.  That resolution can be found through the sovereign people of Hawaii, haole and kanaka alike, supporting the commencement of the obviously absolutely necessary Continental Congress that must occur for restoration of both the Confederation of American States and the Kingdom of Hawaii; that is, unless the sovereign citizens born in Hawaii vote to become a State of the Union that offers dual citizenship to both Americans and subjects of the Kingdom.  There is no reason that, as a sovereign State-Kingdom, once that fact actually becomes a reality through a Treaty between the Kingdom of Hawaii and the Confederation of American States, the State-Kingdom of Hawaii cannot choose to live in cohabitation on the islands as a constitutional monarchy, with a joint government, possibly wholly different from all the other sovereign States in the Confederacy.  The Kingdom may even wish to reserve Molokai and/ or Anahola on Kauai as sovereign Kingdom soil, or whatever other arrangements spin your props.  There are many sacred sites in Hawaii to consider.

The restoration of kingdom sovereignty in Hawaii can become a model of reconciliation in every one of the sovereign nation-states in which each Native American kingdom lives.  All things are possible with God!  Matthew 19:26.

The State of Hawaii can choose to become the Kingdom-State of Hawaii, just like Texas is and always has been the Republic of Texas which, as a sovereign member of the Confederacy, is still a nation-state.

So I say, aloha, to the Sovereign People of Hawaii and I quote Michael Rivero:

“. . . the true test of moral citizenship is when you uphold justice even when it is a personal inconvenience.
 “If one holds that the government of the United States is obliged to obey the laws and the UN charter it freely signed, then the status of the Hawaiian people as a distinct and sovereign nation is beyond debate. This makes the United States in Hawaii, as Gandhi described the British in India, acting as the masters in someone else’s home.”[1]

First, familiarize yourself with the recently exposed fact that the USA is not a nation but rather is still and always was a Confederacy of sovereign states.  This changes the picture greatly inasmuch as Hawaii’s original sovereignty suddenly surfaces.

Click here to find out more:  The USA is not a nation.


With that realization in mind, Hawaiians must organize to petition Governor Davie Ige of Hawaii to join Governor Greg Abbott of Texas in a Continental Congress along with the remaining sovereign nation-states.  Then, the people of the Kingdom of Hawaii will finally resolve 118 years of angst and will be able to do so with the desired aloha.

It’s time for a revolution, Hawaii.
There is no need for any violence.





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