Voter Discrimination is Essential to Preserving the Union


This is total insanity.  We are captives of a group of schizophrenics located in that small area of land adjacent to the Confederation of American States which is sometimes referred to as the District of Criminals.  Carefully read this definitive article on what is specifically required to be eligible to vote in American elections.

Requirements to vote in the Confederation of American States

Are you kidding me?
I have to be a citizen to vote but
I do not have to PROVE I’m a citizen to vote???

It just doesn’t get stupider than that.  Do you know what those shysters did here?  They are perpetrating the same fraud on you that they did when they outlawed selling embryos, but selling a fetus, the valuable hunk of meat, is cool.

So my first thought is, who is responsible for this crap?  The Wiki link I found to answer that question quickly revealed the method of “mind-phuc”[1] used to create the magician’s illusion:

Wikipedia on National Voter Registration Act of 1993

According to this Orwellian double-speak:

Barriers to voter registration
Voter discrimination.


Baseless discrimination against minorities who are citizens
Discriminating between birth-certificate/naturalization-papers bearing citizens and foreigners.

No matter how you look at it, this kind of double-speak political correctness now has our minds so addled that we see absolutely nothing wrong with issuing a driver’s license to anyone in the world who comes here and then let them use that drivers license as the identification necessary to vote that in no way proves you are a citizen.

  • I had to provide a birth certificate to get a drivers license because I was born here.
  • Naturalized citizens have to provide naturalization papers to get a drivers license because they are citizens.
  • Illegal aliens are NOT REQUIRED to produce any documents to get a drivers license.
  • Voters only have to show a driver’s license at the polls.


What we have here is outlawing harvesting embryos so that the juicy, meaty fetuses can be harvested, sometimes even kept alive as long as possible because we only sell the freshest meat.

Yes, we are making sure everyone hates DISCRIMINATION.  We must never discriminate in anyway, you lame brain.  Discriminating about anything is evil and requires incarceration in a fun camp for re-education.

The word discrimination has more than one meaning, in case you didn’t know it.  Unfortunately, most people today don’t know subtleties like that because what is passed off as public “education” for them has nothing to do with learning how to think critically.  So in the end result I’ve gotta say, you poor souls.

To discriminate against a person who has met the legal qualifications to vote, which must include either a birth certificate or naturalization papers, for any other reason, is the kind of discrimination that is fundamentally bigotry.  We’ve all had those moments when we’d like to think, ooh, if . . .  But civilized human beings eventually get a grip on it and move beyond that.

To discriminate on behalf of people who meet the legal requirements to vote versus people who do not meet those requirements is not bigotry.  It is in fact a duty that must be performed to keep the voting pool pure.  That’s right.  Americans, red blooded, patriotic Americans, whether born or naturalized, have a right to keep our voting pool pure.

Only American citizens have a right to vote in American elections.
All other voters are criminals.

Click here to read Politico’s take on Justice Roberts and the Voting Rights Act.

This most interesting article by Politico Magazine on Justice Roberts’ war against the Voting Rights Act provided two interesting revelations to me:

  • A desire for political racial discrimination continues to exist today, but there is something Politico does not reveal that I happen to be personally aware of from first-hand experience. That desire for political racial discrimination is a two-way street.  Those who have worked in the legal industry in Texas, way back when, know that there is a white bar and a black bar in Texas, and they both like it that way.  I just thought I’d lay it out plainly without beating around the bush.
  • Voting rights and discrimination against voters have nothing to do with any perceived rights of people who are not citizens. People who are not American citizens do not have all the same rights and privileges that American citizens have.  In fact, foreigners have no right whatsoever to interfere in the American political process.  It is simply none of your damned business.

So there, I got that off my chest.  I am so sick and tired of every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world claiming what is mine is there’s.  Bull shit.  And that’s double bull shit when it comes to my rights as a sovereign citizen of the Confederation of American States.

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[1] A method of unconventional asymmetrical warfare carried over from the Vietnam War.