There’s a junta-in-progress in the USA

command and conquer
This game depicts what is coming down right now in reality in the USA
Junta: a council or committee for political or governmental purposes; especially :  a group of persons controlling a government especially after a revolutionary seizure of power.[1]

The federal government pulled out Apache helicopters and other military equipment on U.S. soil to gun down a man with hands in the air on video and then planted an illegal gun on him so they can claim their twisted definition that militias and sovereign citizens are dangerous is valid.  They then openly murder the one Supreme Court Justice who would have swung the vote on decisions important to the overthrow of the united States of America.  It is perfectly clear that they want us to know he was murdered.  It is perfectly clear that they want us to know they are taking over; not subverting anymore, but outright taking over.

They are bragging about replacing the homicide victim with a woman who has already threatened to incarcerate anyone who speaks freely and makes no bones about phuc the Constitution, I’m taking your guns.

This is “a revolutionary seizure of power.”
This is a red alert.  I repeat:  This is a red alert.

Once they put that skank on the Supreme Court bench, it’s all over for this country.  If you watch her closely, you will see she is as rabid as Hillary Clinton.  They are both foaming at the mouth, chomping the bit, eager to shove Sharia Law down our throats.  They want to be like Wahabist Merkel in Germany, telling raped women they asked for it and arresting women who defend themselves or complain.  In my opinion, all three of them are sluts of the worst kind:  they copulate with Satan in their every thought, word, and deed.

All three of those feminists love facilitating rapists.
They enjoy destroying other women and men.

We are in the hands of evil, America.  That doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.  We most certainly have the power to put a stop to this overthrow of the united States of America.  This is not just moving the Overton Window of politics[2].  This is the complete dissolution of the constitutional country we have known and it is obviously planned to occur before 2017.

If we let them do this we shall suddenly have NO rights at all.
So we cannot allow them to succeed.
That is not an option.

It is time to resurrect the Continental Congress of State Governors to take over upon dismissing the federal Congress that is in clear rebellion.[3]  It is time for the sovereign states to put down the blatant rebellion by the Executive branch of the federal government.

The federal government has no sovereignty.
Only the States and the People have sovereignty.
That’s why they are so afraid of us.


This game depicts exactly what is happening now.




[3] See

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