Why is the U.S. House of Representatives enforcing the Qu’ran?

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Official link to H.Res. 569, united States Congress

Carefully read the hate speech resolution proposed by Congress.  Why is it concerned with hate speech toward Muslims ONLY and not toward anyone else? Doesn’t that seem just a bit un-American to you?  Isn’t that prejudice toward anyone who does not embrace Islam? Why is the united States Congress enforcing foreign laws?

Read the unholy[1] Qu’ran on killing those who insult Islam

Just Google “Qu’ran verses on non-assimilation” and you will find categories of Qu’ran verses on violence, deception and lying, and killing anyone who will not assimilate into Islam.

Did you catch that?
Did you notice H.Res. 569 demands we assimilate into Islam?
H.Res. 569 is a foreign law!
That’s treason!!!!

Okay, so you say, what are we going to do about it?  Well there is plenty we can do about it that is non-violent, but we must act quickly because it has become clear that the majority of Congress, the Executive branch (White House and 2.75 million bureaucrats), and those in SCOTUS who survive the slaughter of patriots, are all traitors.  That means we either take matters into our own hands or we perish.

What we are witnessing is the final overthrow of liberty.
Either we act or we perish.

If you have not been following my blogs on the real history of the united States, a union of sovereign nations that had never seceded their sovereignty, that union still being organically formed by the Articles of Confederation that, therefor, must be incorporated into Volume 1 of the United States Code, the official statutory law of the united States of America, right after the Declaration of Independence and right before the Northwest Ordinance, which is still in effect but must be sunset, followed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  All five documents are the literal organs that form this Union.  There never was a single nation.  That’s the big fraud that has been re-written into history since the Civil War.  They counted on the passing of generations for memories to fade.

If you wish to take out the time to understand how I’ve come to this conclusion, then please follow the path of least resistance when you get to the fork in the road:

Hate speech laws are hate speech

States ban foreign laws while treasonous Congress proposes foreign laws

Exposing the shadow government of America – Part 1

Exposing the shadow government of America – Part 2

Exposing the shadow government of America – Part 3

The USA is not a sovereign nation

The Kingdom of Hawaii and the USA have no treaty

“Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.  -Matthew 7:13, 14.

I’m taking the narrow gate, which is preserving the union that was established in the first place.  How about you?  Are you ready to turn to the still living, organic Confederacy of American States created by the Articles of Confederation that are still part of the United States Code to restore rule of law?

If you are, then do what I did.  Contact every governor on this list and petition that a Continental Congress be convened immediately as it is apparent that the dissolution of the union is imminent in the hands of the foreign usurpers in that piece of land adjacent to the sovereign states that has become commonly known as the District of Criminals.

Governors’ Office Addresses and Web Sites

This is the letter I sent:

Dear Governor:
I petition you to join Texas Governor Greg Abbott in an online Continental Congress of governors taking over the reigns of our out-of-control government.  I have sent Governor Abbott these links.  Please call him up and discuss it.
(3-part series)
This is a call to a non-violent revolution.  We must act now.  There is literally a junta-in-progress.  I think the obvious murder of Justice Scalia should be your wakeup call.  Standard operating procedure was intentionally omitted. Federal marshals intentionally stood down.
This is the 11th hour.  Please take appropriate action now.
Dorothy Kulik
Texan retired in Hawaii but probably goin’ home since we’re at war with our own federal government

I then contacted Texas Governor Abbott and suggested he send out a flier to all governors to join a Skype conference call in two weeks.  Those should eventually become the Continental Congress.  All things are possible with God.  Matthew 19:26.

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It’s time to kick ass and take names.



[1] By reading the Qu’ran, you will discover that Allah is Satan and makes no bones about it.  I worship the Creator of heaven and Earth and not that demon.  Therefore, it is the unholy Qu’ran in my view.