Citizenship of anchor babies is determined by parents’ citizenship.


Marco Rubio was born to his parents BEFORE they became American citizens:

“ . . . a person who is born on the ocean is a subject of the prince to whom his parents then owe allegiance; for he is still deemed under the protection of his sovereign, and born in a place where he has dominion in common with all other sovereigns. So the children of an ambassador are held to be subjects of the prince whom he represents, although born under the actual protection and in the dominions of a foreign prince.” Lam Mow v. Nagle, 24 F.2d 316 (9th Cir. 1928)

Illegals are a sort of ambassador, although a highly undesirable one.  Marco Rubio is pure 100% dyed-in-wool unadulterated illegal immigrant who was “naturalized” when his parents were.  At best he is a “naturalized citizen,” once his parents decided to become legal.  He in no way qualifies for President of the United States under Article II of the Constitution.

This Court of Appeals case makes it perfectly clear that the child’s allegiance follows that of the parents; both parents.  This is supported by the U.S. Supreme Court precedent, The Venus.  If there are not two parents, then the person is not a natural born citizen and cannot be President.  Today, being a bastard is cool.  You don’t have to have a daddy.  But that also means you cannot be President of the united States.

The bottom line is all children of illegal aliens become “naturalized” citizens when their parents do.  In the meantime, they are illegal too.  Marco Rubio was born an illegal alien.  When his parents became citizens, Marco became a “naturalized” citizen.

All American birth certificates issued to illegal alien children
must be rescinded unless the parents become naturalized citizens,
at which time the child is naturalized.

“Naturalized” citizens do not qualify for President of the united States.  Also, Article II of the Constitution requires they live in the USA 14 years.  I do not have access to a real law library living on the Island of Kauai, so I cannot access the papers of the Continental Congress.  I have no doubt doing so would reveal that they are referencing the first 14 years of the child’s life.  Otherwise, this sentence makes no sense.  Why 14 years?

Had Barak Hussein Obama spent the first 14 years of his life in the American culture rather than in the Islamic Indonesian culture, his allegiance would belong to America.   Unfortunately, he has made no bones about the fact that his allegiance belongs to Islam, which is treason.[1]

To be the President of the United States, you must be born to two parents who are already citizens.  If your parents are not already citizens when you are born, then you are a “naturalized citizen,” but only after your parents become citizens first.  Marco Rubio was born an alien from Cuba.  He was naturalized when his parents were.  Until his parents were naturalized, Marco Rubio was an illegal alien.  He does not qualify for President of the United States, period.

Why in hell is he even on the ballot?  Why are the qualifications not vetted before an application for candidacy is accepted?  This is total bull shyt based on the tons of bastard laws on the books that must be removed.  They are all unconstitutional decisions that have been allowed to stand for the sole purpose of lying to you.

It’s time to make America great again.  We can only do that by electing someone who is a natural-born American citizen, who is not owned by anyone, who is a patriot to the united States Constitution, and who is committed to preserving the sovereignty of this Union.  I know of only one candidate with those qualifications:  Donald J. Trump.


[1] Dreams of my Father by Barak Obama, p. 261.

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