How to remove “White Privilege” from our universities


“Privileged whites” need to take their “privileged money” out of American universities.  That should curtail the outrageous, hateful racism towards whites being promoted by Communist faculty paid to do so by the various globalist foundations hell bent on creating a race war.

2014 Total Fall Enrollment in Degree Granting Universities

Over the decades, Department of Education statistics show a 15% drop in white enrollment with a matching 15% increase in enrollment by non-whites.


So commie students and professors say they don’t like our “white privilege”?  Fine.  Then let’s withdraw our “white privilege” along with our privileged white money.  Self respecting white university students need to refuse to re-enroll or enroll for the first time in September 2016.  If the Commies persist, then take it through the entire school year, which will destroy many of these institutions.

Yes, let’s show them our white power.
They’ve been asking for it.
These ungrateful people who don’t respect that
white men ended slavery first,
while Muslim and African nations continue slavery.

If other races feel so hateful about the presence of white people in our universities, then let’s not go to them.  Let the other races have them all!  Let them pay all the money necessary to keep those institutions of hate alive.

After all, today it’s a total fraud anyway.  The job you were promised upon graduation doesn’t even exist.  Either it’s been outsourced to cheap foreign labor or it is now work done by robots, yes, even technical jobs and mid-level management.  The reality is 90% of those jobs don’t exist.

The big push in high schools and even middle schools today to orient everyone to think about going to college is designed for one purpose only and that is to increase the profit margins at all of these institutions of higher hate.  They certainly can’t bill themselves as institutions of higher education anymore.  The hatred they are teaching instead of educating is as base as it gets.

Every self respecting college-age white person
needs to walk out of university life for at least one semester
so these institutions of higher hate can experience
the omission of your privileged white money.

During your sabbatical, many of you will come to your senses and realize you were throwing your money away there anyway and will pursue interests that don’t require college.