Open letter to Donald Trump on perverts


Dear Donald:

Please read my response on Twitter to your incredible gaff, a politically correct move.

Any pervert that enters my bathroom anywhere is beat to a bloody pulp. Men in the women’s bathroom is sexual assault. Touch my child and they die. That’s how decent people feel.

Protect perverts and what you do is get them beat to death, literally. They are less than 1% of the population and obviously mentally ill. Don’t ever shove them down my throat again.

I liked Melania letting us know you do all your own Tweets. It made me realize you really do read all your emails. I’m glad. You are for real, even if you did piss me off about pervs.

Don’t do anything politically correct, Donald. People have been frightened into not calling them what they are: PERVERTS! Look up the word. Use an old dictionary that hasn’t been altered.

Invite perversion and guarantee the continued rise of Satanism/Islam. As a godly man, you have a right to protest perversion. The vast majority of America is behind you on that. We must stand our ground to put an end to their Satanic filth.

Also keep in mind that people realize you and yours never use public bathrooms. Would you really want a pervert walking in on Melania, your daughters, your baby grandchildren? You know damned well those animals would assault them.

Do not foist upon me what you would not do to your own family. I need to publish this email to you. That’s how strongly I feel about perverts.