Proof Donald J. Trump is a Trojan Horse

The Joker is Donald
Ace of Spades turned out to be the Joker after all.

I no longer pick the “lesser of two evils.”  That’s being the devil’s fool.  My mission and vision in life are to know the truth because only the truth can set me free.  Freedom is not something that is bestowed by someone else upon me.  Freedom is something I must defend for myself.

I believed in him.  He had me 100% sold just like millions of other American citizens[1], or so it seems.  I wrote to Trump and told him, “Where have you been?  We’ve waited so long for you to show up.”  And I’m sure those words reflect a similar sympathy felt by the vast majority of American citizens who recognize our country is in peril.

In order to know the truth we must look at the facts.

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What Donald claims to stand for is summarized in Crippled America is a con line that we’re all swallowing like a cold pint of beer after coming out of the desert.

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I very much wanted Donald Trump to be that knight in shining armor who rescues brain damaged, hypnotized America from the clutches of the evil New World Order that brags about the imminent dissolution of America through treaties posing as business contracts to which no citizen of this country is a party; contracts that dissolve our nation; treaties which have now wholly bypassed Congress without a vote.

 While Donald J. Trump lies to us.

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  • Trump sponsored the McCain–Feingold Act in 2002, which lifts the ban on foreign corporations or foreign nationals in decisions regarding political spending.[2]


That means Trump actively sought to open the door for the likes of Hillary Clinton to receive at least millions in non-taxable dollars from the kings of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Oman, and Yemen to fund her presidential campaign, obviously in exchange for promising the subjugation of America into an Islamic Caliphate.[3]


  • Trump personally attempts to violate the United States Constitution every time he can by misusing eminent domain for his private interests, but a tough widow wasn’t afraid to assert her constitutional rights and he lost. As a presidential candidate he continues to advocate stealing private property through unconstitutional means.[4]
Vera Koking
Credit:  Associated Press

Vera Coking, who refused to sell her boardinghouse to casino developers, gives the victory sign in this 1998 file photo after a judge threw out the eminent domain cases against her and two other property owners whose parcels were sought by Donald Trump for an expansion of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.[5]

Trumps use of eminent domain is a problem of character, not politics:
Donald Trump continues to spin eminent domain as a necessary tool for infrastructure and he’s absolutely correct. However, his use of eminent domain points to the real problem. He has character issues that will only be addressed by voting against him.[6]


  • Trump flip-flopped on torture twice, which brings him back to violating the 8th Amendment that forbids using any torture whatsoever and which cannot be changed by statutory law. It can only be changed by constitutional amendment, but Trump brags he will get his way in the same manner his predecessors have done:
(CNN)Donald Trump is casting aside any doubt about his position on torture: He’s in favor of it because “we have to beat the savages.”
Trump vowed on Friday that he would never instruct the military to break the law — appearing to flip on his previous promise to bring back water boarding and more severe forms of torture. But on Saturday he said repeatedly, during a rally and a late-night news conference, that he would seek to “broaden” the laws to allow torture, including but not limited to water boarding.[7]


I wrote Trump and directly asked him if he really wants to repeal the 8th Amendment.  He never replied.  What he fails to mention to you in his push to use torture is it applies to American citizens to, under the Freedom Act (aka Patriot Act), without charge, and without due process.


  • Trump plans to step up surveillance inside America in violation of the 4th Amendment. He announced he supports reauthorizing the Patriot Act, which is an illegal document that wholly overthrows the Constitution of the United States.[8]



  • Trump became politically correct in favor of the alleged LGBT right to humiliate and violate the decency of heterosexual women while facilitating rapists in his hotel public restrooms in violation of public decency laws. Article 245, NY Penal Code, public indecency.

Each year in the USA alone there are about 293,000 sexual assaults reported.  68% are never reported.  98% of rapists never spend a day in jail.[9]

I had provided Trump with a win-win solution that would provide respect for the sensitivities of the LGBT community while ensuring the safety of heterosexual women and children.  To remove any offense by assuming an aspersion cast particularly at the LGBT community, these alleged laws permitting men in women’s bathrooms violate all local public decency laws because they permit any man to enter any restroom facility.

I had suggested Trump build special Y-shaped LGBT facilities with paisley washrooms featuring a picture of Prince at the wall between pink stalls with bidets and blue stalls with urinals.  I even suggested using advertising/public relations personnel so Trump hotels could corner the LGBT honeymoon market through learning what’s important to them using surveys so he could advertise accommodations a hetero would never think of.  He never responded.  Trump continues to maintain a perverted attitude of utter disregard for the safety of his female employees, guests, and children.



 Trump did a complete 180 degrees on accepting money from wealthy contributors and corporations. First he said he is funding himself.  Trump lied.

“Nearly all of that ($17.5 million) came in the form of loans”[10]

Please let that sink in.  Trump took out bank loans just like Cruz!  He did not spend his own money.

The banksters are
fronting Trump’s money!


How is he going to pay off those loans?

“He’s spent no money on his campaign so far,” a source told CNN on Thursday. “That won’t happen in a general election.”
Trump and campaign staffers have told potential donors and others that he would begin raising money for the general election as soon as he secures the nomination, the source said.[11]

Donald J. Trump lied to all of us.  He kept saying he is funding his own campaign.  He is doing nothing of the sort.  This cheesy penny-pinching Scot took out $17.5million in loans from banks to cover the primary and after he wins the primary (or a state of emergency is declared based on riots in Cleveland resulting in National Guard shootings), then he’s going to accept all the big money from multinational corporations, kings, and other foreign potentates and basically is thumbing his nose at you, the fool stupid enough to believe him in the first place.  Yeah, I was that fool too.  Trump is taking big money after the primary to pay off his primary loans.  If he doesn’t win the primary, then the banksters financed his primary campaign.


  • Trump announced on March 29, 2016 he was going to file a lawsuit.

Watch Trump’s mouthpiece, Roger Stone, lie to Alex Jones.  He claims Donald owes no one, but I revealed Trump owes $17.5 million in loans from the banksters, which he intends to pay off with multinational corporation and foreign power donations to be obtained after he wins the primary, if that even happens.

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It is important to note that Infowars is focused totally on counting delegates while Trump is uncloaking what he really stands for so he can enjoy the Luciferian thrill of lying to your face, just like the rest of the establishment.  What especially concerns me is that Infowars is not verifying anything Stone or Trump have to say.  Instead, it appears they are spinning information to put Trump in a favorable light, an act I had thought is beneath Alex Jones.  Maybe he’s just been working too hard and he developed tunnel vision.  Yeah, maybe that’s it.

Trump lied to us when he said he is suing the RNC.  Time, Inc. reported his lie and then explained he is really only filing a complaint with the elections committee and he is not filing a lawsuit against the RNC.

Lawsuit coming,”
Trump tweeted on Sunday.

Time, Inc. also lied in that article by claiming Trump couldn’t win because somehow corporations have superior rights to individual citizens.  Time, Inc. counts on very stupid readers.

What is most disturbing to me is that Infowars continues to perpetuate the myth that Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against the RNC when nothing of the sort had occurred.  I checked the federal court PACER system and no lawsuit has been filed as of this date.

Click Here to read what David Knight keeps emphasizing as RNC RICO violations.

This report and numerous others published and broadcast by Infowars continue to create the illusion that Donald Trump filed a RICO lawsuit against the RNC, which would certainly be appropriate.  But he didn’t.  I’m afraid they know that too.


Yet Infowars continues to talk about how the RNC and the DNC are violating RICO, the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, as if Trump filed a lawsuit in federal court which he did not.


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Donald and Hillary are most definitely in bed together, along with the entire establishment.

I’m no longer surprised at Trump’s lies.  He’s convinced me he is part of the establishment, that he was the secret guest at the last Bilderberg meeting, and that Donald J. Trump and the entire GOP are in bed with Hillary Clinton, who they all apparently plan to put in the White House despite her criminal record.  If Trump ends up in the White House it’s only because she was miraculously arrested.  If Trump doesn’t win the nomination, I do not expect the liar to sue the RNC for racketeering because he is part of their racket.  He’s just going back to what he likes doing best; making shady deals, evidenced by hundreds of criminal cases filed against him by the federal government, most likely involving RICO charges.  So you see, the kettle does not wish to call the pot black.  The Ace of Spades turned out to be the Joker after all.

What I am surprised about is that Alex Jones and Infowars continue to weave the illusion that Donald Trump is suing the Republican National Convention under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, when he is not.


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[1] Carefully note anti-Trump protesters are composed of illegal aliens and high-school/university students who are being mind controlled by subversive faculty into spouting hatred and slogans in the name of love; clearly delusional youth who have no idea what they are saying.