Are Americans really renouncing citizenship because of Trump?


You would think so by Robert W. Wood’s headline in Forbes magazine:

“Many Americans Renounce Citizenship,
Even Before President Trump”

What Mr. Wood is reporting is in fact a federal income tax issue that has nothing to do with electing Trump, that is unless he has some evidence that Trump has plans to deal with this issue.  The fourth link Wood offers is a biased poll published in The Hill that implies Americans are expatriating in record numbers because of Trump.  The poll offers no factual evidence to support this contention as to why.  It simply reports unsubstantiated opinions, as if they are some sort of fact to be considered.  Yes, Forbes counts on it’s readers to be just as stupid as Time, Inc. does.

IN FACT, Trump being elected president has nothing at all to do with why record numbers of American citizens are expatriating, that is, unless Mr. Wood is withholding some evidence of Trump’s actual position on the tax issues made the basis of his article.  Does Trump support the abuses by the IRS complained of by these expatriated citizens?

What Mr. Wood did craftily manage to keep hidden from those with short attention spans is found in a link much further down in his article:

“Some renouncers write why they gave up their U.S. citizenship.”

If you learn to read carefully and dig deeply enough into offered links, you eventually find the truth, which was so beautifully explained in this expatriate’s letter to Mrs. Obama:

“Dear Mrs. Obama, Why I Gave Up My U.S. Citizenship”

For those with shorter attention spans, I quote the real reason expatriates are relinquishing their citizenship in record numbers:

“I am being treated as a slave. I live, work, and pay taxes in Canada, yet my master needs his payment. The concept is against everything I consider American.

“Consider also sovereignty of foreign nations, something I can’t claim the U.S. has ever respected. The U.S. does not allow foreign countries to step in and tax its businesses and its citizens at home, its economic contributors. America’s practice of taxing its citizens abroad is basically what Mr. Trump accuses Mexico of doing: sending its citizens to America to generate dollars to send home. It is a despicable concept which the Democratic Party has rightly laughed at. Yet this is what you do with citizenship-based taxation, FBARs, and FATCA.

“You tax monies earned abroad by your citizens. You tax capital gains on private homes in the UK. You apply Social Security and Obamacare taxes on mom & pop businesses operating overseas. You tax lottery winnings considered tax-free economy boosters in foreign lands. Your actions pirate money from foreign economies, and you pretend it is okay because we victims are American.”

So, do we really have here the Donald’s position on IRS piracy?  Is there actually some validity to Mr. Wood’s accusation that Trump is the cause of the rise in expatriation?  Do people expect Trump to maintain this policy?

This would be true if citizens consider his silence on this topic to mean he supports the status quo.  This would also be evidence of total hypocrisy that bespeaks a man who shares the moral fiber of his alleged enemies.  Is the Donald really in bed with Hillary?

I SAY WE KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS.  And Mr. Trump’s fruits are beginning to smell rotten to me.  So far he makes it clear that he has absolutely no respect for the 4th and 8th Amendments to the U.S. constitution (privacy and torture).  He has utter disregard for the property rights of the poor man, unconstitutionally advocating some superior right of corporations to simply take the property of individuals who get in their way.  He has no regard for the safety of the 99% majority and actually embraces a Communist tactic to foment civil war by exacerbating the risk of rape for heterosexual women and children in public ladies rooms.  Must we wait until the statistics prove what is inevitable under the circumstances, when any man or men may enter any public ladies room?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.  There is a reason for the local public indecency laws that the federal government seems to think it has a right to violate.

I despise Mr. Wood’s use of a garbage poll to sway the brain dead.  I do commend him for allowing those who wish to dig deeper to consider whether or not Donald Trump will save America as a nation from dissolution and globalist slavery or is he and the rest of the RNC in bed with Hillary Clinton and the rest of the DNC?


It’s hard to tell.  No one seems to want to investigate the truth anymore.  It seems they are all black kettles that don’t want to call the pot black too.  Birds of a feather flock together.  And we are being had once again.  Nothing will change.  S.O.S.  Same old shyt.

Or will it, Donald?  Do you have a position on this issue of IRS piracy?