Why are we forbidden to insult Islam while Islam insults us?

Recently elected Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan issues threat to Americans.  Welcome to the Islamic Caliphate of Great Britain.

On May 10, the new Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan had the gall to issue a public threat to the people of the United States of America.  The UK’s Telegraph reported his reply to Trump’s statement about allowing him to visit the USA, what for I don’t know, or why he should be excepted, I don’t know, but that’s Trump for you.  Read this quote containing Khan’s threat very carefully several times.  This is what is called a “veiled threat”:

 “This isn’t just about me – it’s about my friends, my family and everyone who comes from a background similar to mine, anywhere in the world,” he said.
Mr Khan added: “Donald Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both of our countries less safe – it risks alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of extremists.”[1]

Oriental beauty hides her face We must really think about where this edict[2] has arisen from.  Could it have arisen from the Ministry of Human Rights or whatever the UN calls it?  Worldwide human rights are now under the auspices of Saudi Arabia, where beheadings are weekly and women are all slaves, bar none.

Western civilization is suddenly faced with having to cow tow to millions of invading Muslims, quite a few of whom have proven themselves to be literal barbarians throughout Europe over the last few years, since the globalists have decided to let the floodgates of hell open, pouring fourth people from a culture that is literally opposite the culture of western civilization.  It is called, for now, “radical Islam,” however, once you get the big picture of what is going on and what the vast majority of your “moderate Imams” are saying, couple that with actually taking out time to read the Qu’ran and the Holy Bible, and you will know that the differentiation between “radical” and “moderate” Islam is a fiction that is part of the deception taught by the Qu’ran referred to as Taqiya[3], a fancy Arabic word for lying.  The lengthy rationale given does not change the fact that a third of the scriptures in the Qu’ran teach the art of deception, including how to deceptively rationalize whatever barbaric act they wish to commit.

I see widespread like a disease across the globe some unnamed allegedly liberal edict that all in the world must venerate Islam, while at the same time Christian churches in Asia and now Europe are being forced by their national governments to take down their crosses.

A concerted worldwide effort is taking place to displace western civilization with Islam.  The politically far left ideology to institute a one-world government without the consent of the governed is shared 100% by the alleged religion of Islam, which is in fact a theocracy.[4]  It is not simply a religion.  It is not simply a political ideology.  It is both. Read the Qu’ran, which is the foundation of the entire Muslim ideology, and it will show you that it is the Muslim mission and vision to force every human being on the planet to convert to Islam or die.  This ideology is shared by the political far left that is currently in control of all national governments on this planet.

This means the individual human beings in western civilization must come to a decision fast:

Am I going to submit to the literal slavery of Islam or
am I going to keep my culture, my beliefs, and my way of life,
whether or not that includes Christianity?

While the now blatant propaganda machines across the planet are screaming, you must not insult Islam, Islam is insulting, raping, and murdering its way across the planet.  Think what you want, but I’m not about to acquiesce to that.

I have NO respect for Islam and I will not bow down to it and its god, Satan, whom they call Allah.  I am a daughter of God, I have received the gift of salvation through the teachings and love of Jesus Christ, a son of God who showed us what Christ consciousness is like.

I will not bow down to Satan.

We must begin to recognize that it is not western civilization that is insulting Islam, but rather quite the contrary.  Islam is an insult to every free human being on this planet who wishes to maintain his or her freedom.  Islam is a theocracy that rules through tyranny and slavery.  It is a religion that truly worships Satan, documented in its scriptures, and Islam does not teach the ways of the God of Love, the eternal Creator of heaven and Earth, from whom all that lives in love comes from.  Islam deceptively calls itself the religion of peace in one breath and then threatens to kill you if you insult Islam in the next breath.  Of course, anything not approved by Islam is an insult.

Is there a reconciliation between the Abrahamic religions?

There most certainly is, as both the Old Testament of the Holy Bible and the Qu’ran teach barbaric practices of conquering through violence.  The Jews are still just as violent as the Muslims.  Look at Israel, in collusion with Saudi Arabia, ready to nuke Iran and vice versa, thanks to Barak Hussein Obama finally arming Iran with a nuke.  Now that’s what I call humanitarian aid.  Let’s wipe out Syria, which hasn’t done anything to anyone because it’s chock full of Christians or was, before the barbaric Islam hoardes slaughtered some 200,000 Christians and then proceeded to become the refugees that moved into the new Islamic Caliphate of Europe.

The reconciliation between the Abrahamic religions is found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  It is found in the teachings of Jesus Christ that we must respect one another with love and not through force and threat of violence.

Islam has no respect for the teachings of Jesus Christ
because Christian teachings are contrary to the teachings of Islam.

It is Islam that must bow down to the true God through accepting
the gift of Salvation through Christ.

There is no other way.

Also, increasingly revealed are the Satanic blood sacrifice practices being spread around the world, which involves the drinking of human blood that is widely propagated through the insertion of aborted baby flesh into Pepsi and Coca Cola as a “flavoring” as well into a host of other major food brands that sport “natural flavors” in their list of ingredients.

That’s why crosses are being taken down everywhere.
It’s all the sacrifice of human children that is going on.

Do you recall that a cross can be used to ward off a vampire?
That’s what we’re dealing with when we deal with Satanists.

If you don’t believe me, then ask the guys who got their hearts literally cut out and eaten by jihadists in Syria.

Click here to see Islamic jihadist eating a Christian’s heart.

So, for Christ’s sake, start wearing a cross!
I’m looking for a pair of earrings.

Satan’s minions now have complete control of mainstream media, so the poor souls who are addicted to being told what to do by the TV are convinced they must love this thing called Islam, about which they actually know absolutely nothing.  Most think it’s like being a Jew rather than a Southern Baptist, when in fact, Islam is nothing at all like any other benign belief system referred to as a “religion.”[5]

There is no such thing as a difference between extremists and moderate Muslims.  At least 80% openly admit to espousing jihad and world domination, while the rest practice the art of deception.

How dare Islam blatantly threaten Americans?
You forget we were not stupid enough to give up our guns.
We’ve got a hundred million of them to protect ourselves with
from an Islamic invasion.

We know freedom and we’re not giving it up, Khan.


Go to infowars for a full picture of the Islamic invasion in progress.

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