Harvesting Humans Happens

[Photo source: HubPages at http://hubpages.com/education/Harvesting-The-Human-Race-Are-We-Just-Cattle-To-Alien-Farmers#]
The unnamed author of the HubPages piece, “Harvesting The Human Race, Are We Just Cattle To Alien Farmers[?],”[1] referenced in the caption to this picture fails to properly consider the idea that intelligent aliens from either outer space or another dimension might have intentions that are detrimental to the survival of the human specie and that they might even have the ability to make themselves appear to be human, at first sight.  If an individual identified himself as the author, I would have some mercy and contend the lady or gentleman is simply a poor writer who has not thoroughly thought through a very important topic.  But then I saw there is no author, which immediately alerted me to the possibility this is a piece published to sway public opinion from considering the possibility that humans are food for an alleged higher member of the food chain to dismissing any fears because humans love to kill first and ask questions later, which in fact is not at all true about real humans vis a vis those who pretend to be human but have no ability to feel empathy, a sure sign of an alleged intelligent being passing itself off as human.

The author starts with the proposition that we might be living on some sort of agricultural reserve for research maintained by aliens that are not human. Then he does an off-the-wall jump to the idea that humans kill, and fails to explore it properly, most particularly leaving out the difference between attacking and self defense, as if there is no difference; violence is violence.

Suddenly, we find ourselves frowning at how humans love to kill and how horrible that is because instead of talking to the presumed peaceful alien from outer space, we’re just gonna blow it’s brains out.  Sounds like a CIA propaganda press release for the feeble minded to me.

That’s the CIA thought for today to answer their own question, “Can the human race be harvested?”  What a happy ending to this story with man being a raving violent lunatic, which may provide an assumptions of no, they can’t eat us, we’re safe.  Wow, now I can breathe easy.  I have nothing to worry about.  The government has everything under control.

But, are humans really being harvested?

  • Abortion
  • Chemically induced sexual confusion.[2]
  • AI interface and enforced chip connection to the Matrix, forfeiting self determination.
  • Incorporating the flesh of dead babies in FDA approved processed food and beverage.
  • Intentionally designed wars for genocide and profit.
  • Outlawing everything natural and healthy for mankind.
  • Use of television technology to literally hypnotize[3] viewers, making billions of humans entranced slaves of subliminal commands.
  • Wholesale license to multinational pharmaceutical companies to poison with impunity.
  • Worldwide government ignorance of the innate rights of humans.

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out, Jose.  Time to stop scratching your ass and get on the stick because none of this is changing until you, Joe or Jane Spud, get off your ass and make your best damned effort to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Anything, except violence (which does not include self defense), is acceptable to try, that which you believe in good faith will put an end to the list of atrocities we just reviewed that are clearly not the plot of humans against humans.

Humans are being harvested.
We’ve just considered nine ways that harvesting is done,
robbing you of what was once your body, mind, and soul.

The continuation of the specie homo sapiens depends upon your decision about what you will do in your life to reverse what is otherwise the inevitable extinction of human beings.

None of us can control what anyone else does.
We can only take control of our own destiny and guide it.
Or someone else will.


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