“Did a Delay in Police Response Give Shooter More Time?”

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That’s the headline used by ABC News[1] when it published AP’s story by Lisa Marie Pane, which was a fictitious work of art indeed.  Ms. Pane skillfully deceives the reader into believing that the reason SWAT stood down was because this suddenly became a hostage situation.  Or did the editors just rearrange what she wrote disassociating all the historical info about response time at the bottom of the article while pushing the idea that an inverse situation had occurred and the guy who came in blazing away immediately eliminating his negotiation card suddenly changed his mind and decided to take hostages instead and somehow contacted the police to start negotiations regarding whoever was still alive?  Come on!  That is a completely irrational possibility.  Or is it even possible?

If the dude is already killing people,
then there is nothing to negotiate.
A sudden switch to a “hostage taking” is a bona fide lie
designed to invert reality, covering up a law enforcement stand down.


“The situation changed from an active-shooter scenario to a hostage situation once Mateen made it into one of the bathrooms where club-goers were hiding, authorities said.”[2]

Notice that Associated Press does not reveal what “authorities” provided them with this information.

How did they know this?
Who told the “authorities” this?
Were the “authorities” there?


Did you notice the reverse order of events?  In unperverted reality, hostages are taken and then the captors threaten to shoot the hostages if demands are not met.  In Orlando, a guy comes in shooting and thereby eliminates his negotiation chip, and then he suddenly changes his mind, stops shooting to negotiate, makes contact with the police and commences negotiations.  Does any of that make sense?  It was not designed to make sense.  It’s a fairytale.[3]

The concept that at X time this situation stopped being an active-shooter event and suddenly became a hostage-negotiation event is a preplanned one designed to deceive.  This inversion of facts is not a spontaneous occurrence.  It’s a deception made by alleged “law enforcement authorities,” paycheck whores who do anything for a buck.  Phuck their oaths of office to support and defend the United States Constitution.  They gotta follow orders.  Do they, really?

Orlando SWAT stood down in treason.
Orlando SWAT violated their oaths to protect and defend.
These paycheck whores followed illegal orders in exchange for money.
Patriots would not have stood down.

Has the Orlando Police Department released any information concerning this stand down, such as hostage negotiation audios?  That’s one way to sift through the bullshyt.  If this suddenly became a hostage taking, then there must have been negotiations, right?  What evidence do you have, alleged “law enforcement authorities”?

And “authorities” are not protected sources.  It appears that when our “authorities” are not hiding behind “national security,” then they are pretending to be reliable sources of information when they are in fact spreading disinformation to cover up their own crimes all, I’m sure, in compliance with Taqiyya; deception under Sharia Law.

The real “authority” behind the Orlando massacre, the CIA collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood, has turned an alleged “lone wolf shooter” into a “hostage taker,” totally bass ackwards, and this inversion of reality was accomplished by treasonous mainstream media simply rewriting the narrative to invert reality.  No viewer questions it because the TV controls viewer minds.  This is information released by the “authorities.”  That’s all you need to know, so it must be the truth.

If this had suddenly become a hostage taking as the Orlando Police Department now claims as their excuse for a three-hour SWAT stand down, then the OPD needs to prove its innocence by releasing audios of negotiations.

If this really turned into hostage negotiation as OPD claims,
then they must have audios of the negotiations.

Otherwise, they offer a lame excuse for SWAT refusing to rescue victims, just like NATO troops do whenever they act as “peace keepers” inside some country undergoing violence promoted by the “United Nations.” This is what the U.N. is re-training all police departments to do.  The U.N. is a criminal cartel posing as “nations” retraining local law enforcement to conduct an armed military takeover of all civilian life by using stooges such as the Orlando Police Department to follow illegal orders for a paycheck.

This is why the U.N. wants to take your guns.
Only they, as the “peace keepers,” will have guns
to kill you if you should try to escape their perimeter
created to protect the attackers until they are finished with you.

There is only one reality that involves your survival accompanied by your freedom:


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