Why I think Donald J. Trump is a pervert and why I don’t like it


Donald Trump Says Transgender People Should Use the Bathroom They Want.  A blase attitude toward rape of heterosexual women because his women will never have to experience what he condemns the rest of us to.  His women all have armed guards.



Donald threw me a left hook out of the blue when he said he doesn’t care what bathroom anyone uses.  That’s when I decided he’s a pervert and I will show you exactly why I am even firmer in my conviction today.  Being such, he is a perfect Trojan Horse, partnering with the perverts behind the New World Order who are obviously hell bent on destroying humanity to replace us with artificial intelligence.

What concerns me most is Trump has revealed a duplicitous nature;
in the end, he really only does care about what is important to him.
And what is important to him?

Well, for one thing he has revealed an incongruous attitude toward human decency in terms of the sensitivities of heterosexual women, not even getting into safety concerns here.  He cares not that he is relegating me to new unisex bathrooms where I must squat in front of men over a urinal to pee while mens’ penises are aligned with my face.[1]  How degrading!  But Trump cares not because his wife, daughters, and grand daughters will never be subject to such degradation and filth in order to appease someone with mental issues concerning its own penis or vagina.  Why must we coddle the delusions of mentally ill people who compose less than 1% of the population?  Shouldn’t we try to bring them back in touch with reality instead?  The reality is, a penis belongs to a male and a vagina belongs to a female.  The reality is a male can get his penis surgically inverted but he his not a real woman because he does not have ovaries.


That’s when I, a person sold hook, line and sinker on Donald J. Trump, saw through his façade for the first time, realizing that he is a treasonous piece of shyt just like all the rest of these politicians whoring away our freedom to satisfy their lust for money, power, and control,  And so they align themselves with the Muslim Brotherhood because those barbarians have the rule book for absolute tyranny called the Qu’ran, a piece of filth designed to destroy humanity through promoting Neanderthal barbarianism, all in the name of replacing all other laws with Sharia Law.

So Trump says let’s stop the now obvious in-our-face jihadist invasion-in-progress by putting up a wall and temporarily halting all Muslim immigration.  Sounds good, huh?  What’s in it for him?  He gets to reverse the trade deficit.  That’s economic relief, but will we ever see it?  I doubt it.  That’s not the plan.

In the meantime, America is allowing itself to be walled into a prison.  In the meantime he knows the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Supreme Court will rule against halting the Islamic invasion, using the Constitution on behalf of invaders in order to let them destroy the Constitution when the invaders replace it with Sharia Law.  But that does not affect Trump in his ivory tower in NYC.  He doesn’t have to worry about being thrown off that building by the Islamicists because he may be bisexual.  And it’s not even so much bisexuality I abhor, as I respect Bernie Sanders for always being forthright about his homosexuality.  It’s the duplicity that I find disgusting, just like Imam Obama being a closet homo in the White House with a tranny wife.  Perverts are in the White House because of deception and it looks like perverts will remain in the White House through continued deception, no matter who wins the election, until we reject them all.


In fact, Trump and his lifetime buddy/partner, Roger Stone have convinced me that they are closet bisexuals.  Conjecture of course, but based on their speech, alleged convictions and documented actions.  I say alleged convictions because Trump’s position on public indecency is 180 degrees from anything that could be called conservatism.  Trump is demonstrating the values of a piss ant, which makes him Hillary’s peer rather than nemesis.

And I recently recall hearing Stone say on The Alex Jones Show that he has many homosexual friends.  I honestly don’t know a single man who has a full tank of testosterone and nominal estrogen that has lots of homosexual friends.  Having personally suffered a lifetime of avoiding stalking lesbians myself, I can understand why.  A bit too much testosterone, but nevertheless, it’s bullshyt that they don’t go after straights.  It’s called bisexuality by some and as far as I’m concerned, it’s bisexuals who hang out with homos and not real men.

Well, maybe I’m wrong about Trump and Stone being life long phuck buddies.  Even though they both seem to be old enough to have avoided the biochemical warfare being waged by the now Muslim Brotherhood controlled fascist pigs in control of the United States government who seek to impose communist slavery on all of humanity.  Maybe that biochemical warfare goes back even farther than I thought, like back to WWII or even further and that’s why Trump and Stone may no longer be real men either, or never were.

Try Super Male Vitality, guys.
That is, if you even desire to be a real man.

The reason we have so many homosexuals today is primarily due to biochemical warfare being waged on humanity.  This fact is well documented now in government documents finally released under the FOIA, released decades later because they assume doing so this late cannot counter their plans, especially in a dumbed-down, intentionally drugged population enslaved by the TV into absolute mind control; zombies for all practical purposes.  Well, they are wrong.

It only takes 5% of us to get it and we have.
Awareness is now spreading like a wildfire.
The revolution has begun.

So I guess that means, yes, in my opinion Donald J. Trump has proven himself to be a pervert.  I used to respect certain homosexual couples but I can’t do that anymore because propaganda machines like Salon magazine are forcing the acceptance of all perversion on humanity.  They flipped my switch on the topic when they began promoting pedophile rights. I was raped as a child.  I say unequivocally that the only good pedophile is a dead one.

So that’s why I can no longer show respect to homosexuals.
They demand I accept their perversion as normal.
If they could respect me by admitting they engage in a
perversion of nature, then we would still be friends.

But, you see, they won’t.  What the insane criminal CIA/Muslim Brotherhood leftists are doing to this world is choosing to pervert everything.  They are even perverting the news by claiming an active shooter took hostages after he killed (negotiation card?) which was the reason they let him continue killing for three hours.  In fact all that information is an inversion of reality as it is obviously irrational.

And that’s why I think Donald J. Trump is a Trojan Horse.  His entire platform is already perverted.  He has started contradicting himself and will continue to do so until people will wonder exactly what he said as his opening line in this election:


Most of the politicians in this 2015 video continue to speak out of both sides of their faces, actually all except for Rand Paul.  They condemn the Paris shootings while at the same time they say it is un-American to not accept all undocumented invaders who we cannot determine if they are terrorists or not.  In the meantime, the FBI and ATF literally protect 21 known jihadist training camps inside the USA!  And then they think we’re stupid enough to give up guns with which to defend ourselves?

Now that Trump is also speaking out of both sides of his face,
obviously lying just like the rest of the traitors in control of Washington, D.C.,
how can I tell him apart from the rest of the whores?
I can’t!

“When I said that if, within the Orlando club, you had some people with guns, I was obviously talking about additional guards or employees,” Trump tweeted.[2]

Take a good look at what Trump is saying in this quote dated June 20, 2016.  Suddenly, he is back pedaling on the Second Amendment.  His original platform was no restrictions on the Second Amendment, period.  Now he’s changed his position to no longer supporting that anyone and everyone should be free to carry a gun to defend themselves.

Trump is building a wall to wall you into prison.
Trump is Hillary’s whore.
Either one wins, the NWO wins.
He will back pedal on everything because he’s already on their team.

America is being screwed by a 70-year-old pervert who gives not a shyt about America.  He doesn’t want to make America great again.  He wants to keep doing what he’s always been doing:


That’s all he really cares about.  We’re being suckered one more time, until the states secede from what is not a union at all but rather a totalitarian takeover by foreigners for whom traitors are opening the doors.  Those who are not traitors have been blocked from running, like Rand Paul.

When people are not arrested for openly espousing overthrow of the USA to make it Mexico again, then we are at war.  Their soldiers are inside our country.  They are spies because they don’t wear uniforms.  We can recognize them because they are not citizens who are being aided by treasonous citizens.  The ATF arms them, the FBI protects them as acts of espionage and treason.  They all have the blessings of the Muslim Brotherhood, who will dispose of even them if they do not convert.  Every Muslim in America must be a traitor by virtue of Sharia Law.

Time to hoist the Texas flag above the American flag, Governor Greg Abbott.  The Articles of Confederation are organic and alive as the second law in the first volume of the United States Code, right after the Declaration of Independence.  The Articles of Confederation are superior to a bastardized United States Constitution, which is a job description for a servant of the union that has no sovereignty of its own.  All sovereignty belongs to the states and the people.


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Go to Infowars for free speech you need to hear:


[1] I can assure you this will never happen with me.  Before I use such a filth hole, I will piss behind the building or my car.  Jury nullification should take care of existing local public decency ordinances being enforced rather than this rule that has no authority as it is not law.  There is and can be no statute enforcing public indecency because they all violate the 9th Amendment.

[2] http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/19/politics/donald-trump-chris-cox-nra-orlando-shooting/