The Xenophobia of Islam

This is precisely why no Muslim is a legitimate citizen of the USA.  Their allegiance is to Sharia Law only and they lie during their oath of citizenship with the blessing of Sharia Law.  They must all be evicted, imprisoned or executed.  Their savagery is a danger to humanity.


Xenophobia is the alleged fear or hatred of strangers, which is a ludicrous concept since it is a natural proclivity of all humans to prefer to associate with those similar to themselves.  Xenophobia is what insane people are being taught by mind controllers to shout at anyone who does not embrace Islam or who does not embrace criminals that are specifically illegal immigrants.


Let’s take a look at how the barbarism of Islam is a threat to civilized human beings and we will see the hatred by Islam of anyone who is a stranger to Sharia Law.  An “infidel” is someone who does not embrace Islam.  Therefore an infidel is a stranger to Islam.  Do Muslims embrace infidels?  No.  They make no bones about the fact that anyone who does not embrace Islam must die and most likely only after heinous torture of defenseless victims.  Cowardice is a trait of Islam that is consistently exhibited in their fear of combat with armed defenders.  They only attack the defenseless and particularly relish raping and killing small children.  My statements are based on abundant documented facts all over the Internet.  Just in case you’ve missed it or you simply put your faith in the lies being spread by the mainstream media propaganda machine to assuage your cognitive dissonance, here’s a fine example of what savages moderate Muslims are, including the ones who have falsely taken an oath of citizenship since they are faithful only to Sharia Law:

Muslims rape 5-year old in Idaho

These Islamicists, who rape in the name of Allah, need to be introduced to Frontier Justice, particularly since the paycheck whores called the FBI obey orders to not insult Islam, which means never even suspect them of crime.  When there is no law enforcement, then honest decent civilized human beings need to dispense justice.  It’s called vigilante law.

I am not insulting Islam here.  Moderate Imams are now widely announcing to the non-Islamic world that “radical Islam” is nothing more than a lie they created to hide behind.  Now that they feel safe in their conquest of the west, where civilized human beings live, they are openly laughing in our faces about the fact that there is no such thing as “radical Muslims.”  ISIS is in fact composed of moderate Muslims and Muslims worldwide are now admitting that ISIS is following the letter of the Qu’ran.  I spit on the Qu’ran.

How do Muslims express their xenophobia; their fear or hatred of strangers?  They do it through methods of cowardice taught by that demonic rule book.  Please do not engage in virtue signaling by condemning my words until you familiarize yourself with Islam by reading the Qu’ran first.  That is the only way you will know that I speak the plain truth.  Here are just some of the ways Muslims express their xenophobia, as a religious sacrament:

  • The Qu’ran teaches these xenophobes that they must never assimilate with strangers. They must always force strangers to assimilate into their demonic behavior.
  • Muslim hatred of strangers, those who are not Muslims, is so vile that you cannot trust a single word that comes out of their mouths because the feces laced toilet paper they call their holy book, the Qu’ran, requires them to feed their own hatred of anyone who is not a Muslim by lying to all strangers.
  • The religious leaders of this Satanic cult called Imams preach openly that all strangers must be wiped out by breeding with their females to impregnate them with filthy bastards of Islam. If that isn’t xenophobia, then I don’t know what is.
  • The ultimate xenophobic act is to gang rape children. It is a depraved act of perversion by animals who don’t have the courage to fight an armed man or woman.  They’d rather destroy children through rape and they brag about it because it is a sacrament of their religion; the worship of Satan.

The evidence is in.  Islam is a cult of xenophobes who must be eradicated because they are demons who endanger humanity.  Their fear and hatred of real humans consumes them to the point where they have no problem with killing themselves to satisfy their demonic urges.



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