How to urinate and defecate in self defense

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Stand back or I’ll piss on you!  Well that’s not exactly what I had in mind.

Perversion is apparently very trendy these days and taking it all the way involves turning all public restrooms into unisex restrooms in utter disregard of the fact that the vast majority of the population are heterosexual.  It is common knowledge women and men have always had separate facilities because men are generally bigger than women, men get an automatic hard on at the sight of female genitalia and you can bet your booties no surveillance cameras are allowed in these unisex public restrooms for your privacy.  A perfect breeding ground for gang rape, already proven to be a popular pastime for Muslim immigrants across Europe who are known to openly tell the police that they raped the child because they were having a sexual crisis, and they had blue balls, and so they had to do it.  And they get off without even so much as a ticket because “it’s their culture.”

So the 94% heterosexual unperverted segment of the population are being held at a politically correct knifepoint that demands they submit to perversion and say it is normal and smile which, sadly enough, and oddly so, enormous number of people are doing.

Because they’re hypnotized.

They are submitting to open use of perversion as a weapon by the government against honest heterosexual citizens because these people are literally hypnotized by the TV set.  The new digital 33-flickers per minute have been scientifically proven unequivocally to cause hypnosis within four seconds, bar none.  So the vast majority of the American public are being subjected to humiliation and degradation in order to satisfy a 1% of the population who foster a delusion called transgenderism, forcing heterosexuals to participate in this delusion out of politeness.  Concisely, it is the inability to connect what you see between your legs with who you see yourself as.  This has even spread beyond gender confusion to specie confusion and other irrational ideas.  But, why are we being subjected to this?

We are being forced into unisex bathrooms to destroy the heterosexual population who refuse to assert their rights as human beings.  Those who submit will be increasingly subjected to the well documented gang-rape habits of the fighting age men who compose 80% of the population of alleged refugees allegedly from Syria, seen in every aerial photo of hundreds of thousands marching on the roads of Europe.

In the meantime, throughout Europe, Muslims are defecating and urinating in city streets because “it’s their culture.”  Do you think for a minute that a Muslim woman wearing a head to toe black bag would ever set foot in a unisex public restroom?  Of course not!  It’s not their culture!  So they can’t be forced to submit to this degradation and humiliation but you will be because it’s your culture, the one you silently acquiesced to in order to be politically correct and polite.



First of all, do not submit to any degradation being forced upon decent heterosexuals.  There may have been a time when you, like me, had gay friends who you respected as fine members of the community.  But then you were required to feed the transgender delusion because it is the politically correct thing to do.  And now Salon magazine and other mainstream media outlets are pushing for the rights of pedophiles to “love” little children.

Where does it end?
Where does the submission to every form of perversion end?
It doesn’t.

Once you’ve made that decision, the rest of the path is obvious.  It just takes having a strategy.

  • Know your local indecent exposure and public indecency laws!  The are on the books but they are being ignored because of this mass delusion that unelected officials in Washington, D.C. or the President, who has no lawmaking authority, can simply dream up “rules” without public involvement and those arbitrary dictatorial illegal “rules” supersede law to grease the skids for replacing American constitutional law with Sharia Law.


  • Never submit to the degradation and humiliation of being forced to perform private bodily functions inside a unisex public restroom created in violation of local public indecency laws.


  • If for some reason your efforts to perform bodily functions before leaving the safety of your home have failed, then squat behind your car in a parking lot, or someone else’s car if you don’t have one.  There is also just squatting behind a building where the least eyes are upon you, which is as modest as the circumstances permit.  Muslims from the Mid East just pull it out or squat in the middle of the street.  It’s their culture!


  • Muslims will not be arrested for public urination or defecation because doing so “is their culture.”  However, most likely, you will be arrested for doing so because it is not your culture.  The new culture imposed on you is to subject yourself to degradation and humiliation while men wave their penises in your face, masturbate and ejaculate on your face, or just gang rape you.  That’s your new culture, brought to you by the Dhimmi gods of Washington, D.C., groveling slaves of Islam.


  • Refuse the services of a public defender unless he is agreeable to fighting the case the way you want.  Most often they only plea bargain and you are considered automatically guilty.  But expect him to stick around anyway.  By doing so, he will still be able to pick up a check from the government even though you told him he’s fired and shut up.


  • You plead not guilty and you demand a jury trial.  You move for time to prepare your case because you need to research the local public indecency laws and you need to prepare your argument before the court and the jury  Find the county law library and ask the librarian to help you find the public indecency statute in your state.  Here is a model public indecency law from Tennessee[1]:
In Tennessee, three forms of indecent behavior in public are prohibited:
  • Public Indecency– Knowingly engages in vaginal, anal, or oral sex, masturbation, flagellation or excretory function for sexual gratification, or other sexual conduct; fondles the genitals of himself or herself or another person; or appears nude (showing genitals, female areola, or covered erect penis) in public. Note: single sex public restrooms, enclosed motel rooms, and many other enclosed spaces aren’t considered public.
  • Indecent Exposure– Two types:
    • Intentionally exposing one’s genitals or buttocks to another or engaging in sexual contact (touching anyone’s intimate parts) while reasonably expecting the act to be viewed by another and the act will often an ordinary viewer or is done to sexual arouse the defendant, whether done in public or another’s private premises.
    • Knowingly inviting a child into the person’s residence for purposes of sexual gratification by intentionally exposing the genitals, butt, or female breasts or masturbating in the presence (or intended presence) of the child.
  • Indecent Exposure while Incarcerated– When an inmate intentionally exposes his or her genitals or butt to a guard or engages in sexual contact with the intent to harass or embarrass the guard.
  • Ask the jury is this the law in this state (Make a large copy of it for them to see on an easle or a Power Point presentation)? Or is a rule by some bureaucrat or even a President who has no law making authority superior to this state law?  Remind the jury that if unconstitutional “rules” arbitrarily made up by unelected bureaucrats or treasonous officials in Washington, D.C. get to supersede local state law in violation of the 10th Amendment, then the next step is to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia Law to impose hell on Earth for you.  Don’t mince words.  They need to hear the point blank truth.  Avoid cussing and pet slurs.
  • In your closing argument, be sure to tell the jury about Jury Nullification, which you can study about on the Internet. Expect the judge to illegally interrupt and try to tell the jury they have no right to nullify any law.  He is lying.  Ignore him and continue to tell the jury what he is doing is illegal.  He may even throw you in jail for contempt, but you still got the message across to the jury.

Open the discussion of jury nullification in your closing argument by reading Georgia v. Brailsford to the jury so that they know it was settled early on in this U.S. Supreme Court case sitting in its original jurisdiction–that means at trial level in front of a jury–that the jury is the fourth branch of the government and that the jury has the final say whether an alleged law is constitutional or whether it is null and void without force or effect.

Link to the Court’s decision in Georgia v. Brailsford

I think you will be pleased with the outcome if you carefully disqualify all Muslims from the jury because Muslims cannot swear an oath of loyalty to the United States Constitution because they consider Sharia Law superior to all man made law.  They cannot swear to the truth on the Bible, but they might perform the act to deceive you.  That’s why there is no such thing as an American Muslim citizen.  They have all lied during their loyalty oath to the United States Constitution.  Because the art of lying, Taqqiya, is a Muslim religious sacrament, they will lie to you about this too.  So it is illegal for a Muslim to be on a jury, sit as a judge, or hold public office because doing so is an act of treason.  Doing so illegally imposes Sharia Law on American citizens.

That’s how you urinate and defecate in self defense

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