The Second Amendment has Nothing to do with Guns!


“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” U.S. Const., 2nd Amendment

It’s about the right to “bear arms,” which are defined as any form of armament.  That includes clubs, knives, swords, rocks, arrows on one end and field artillery, tanks, bombs, missiles, rockets on the other end:

Weapons and ammunition; armaments . . . Synonyms:  weapons, weaponry, firearms, guns, ordinance, artillery, armaments, munitions.

It is clear our founding fathers were talking about our right to engage in a particular kind of action rather than the possession of certain kinds of objects.  That action is self defense.  They were not talking about the objects used for self defense.  The 2nd Amendment includes your right to bash in an attacker’s head with a rock to kill him in self defense.  At that moment, the rock is defined as an “arm.”  If you stab a person in the eye with a fork to defend yourself, at that moment the fork becomes an “arm.”

The 2nd Amendment is not about the noun:  arm.
It’s all about the action verb:  to bear.
The 2nd Amendment is about our right to act in self defense.

It has nothing to do with what objects we use to perform that action.  The object used is not important.  What is important to consider is this:

Why does a need to engage in self defense exist?

That is the most important factor underlying the 2nd Amendment that is being intentionally ignored.  Instead, a “compliant and unaware citizenry”[1] is focused by mind-control operatives called the mainstream media on a particular kind of object and compliant and unaware citizenry are literally “brainwashed” into believing that object is dangerous and must be banned:

In fact, what the terrorist government of the United States[2] is really seeking to accomplish is to eliminate your ability to defend yourself.

The now confirmed traitor, Hillary Clinton, has publicly expressed her plans to immediately use military forces to confiscate the guns of all Americans.  You can be sure she will do this immediately upon entering the oval office in January.

Will Oath Keepers, patriotic American soldiers, actually engage in this crime?  No, I don’t believe so.  There will be treasonous fools, but for the most part, Hillary Clinton will rely on the 100K+ NATO troops currently stationed and training within the United States solely for the mission of attacking American citizens who bear arms.  I believe the patriots in the military will fire on treasonous American soldiers and NATO troops, which is certainly the right thing to do.

So, if you support gun confiscation, you support treason.  You support commencing an armed invasion by foreign troops orchestrated by traitors in Washington, the district of criminals.  You support the overthrow of the United States Constitution.  You are a traitor.  Traitors have no right to citizenship.  They should be treated like any other invading force.

I support 20 years in prison for seditious conspiracy as the just punishment for any American citizen [sic] who has the audacity to demand the overthrow of the American people’s right to self defense.  That right will be exercised with our guns and with any other arms the American people shall need to use to defend ourselves against these traitors, invaders, and seditious conspirators currently in control, upon whose souls I do not ask God for any mercy.



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[1] Per Wiki leaked Podesta-Clinton emails.

[2] Any government that seeks to eliminate your right to self defense engages in terrorism.