When Alex Jones turned his soul over to Satan



I used to trust Alex Jones, but not anymore.  I’ve caught him lying outright twice now.  And he won’t retract his lies.  Instead, he spouts off even more about how much integrity he has and what a follower of Christ he is.

It was the second lie I caught on November 4, 2016 that made me decide to back off trusting Alex:

“Wiccans are nice people that are totally deceived.
Once they induct you into this, it’s Satanism”
–Alex Jones

At 7:30 minutes in this video is where Alex begins to bash all Wiccan and Pagan worshipers of nature.  You could assume he spoke out of ignorance.  However, it is historical fact that the alleged followers of Christ have spread this lie for hundreds of years, that those who worship nature really worship Satan.  I can neither excuse Alex as simply being ignorant because I wrote to him several years ago very carefully explaining the truth about Wicca and Paganism; that these are simply religions that recognize the Creator of heaven and Earth in all of his/her natural creations; in the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, in the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, in all of his natural creations.  But that’s not good enough for alleged followers of Christ who slander those who do not accept Christ as their savior, even though there are many Wiccans who accept Jesus as their savior, myself included.  The organized Christian religions do not have a monopoly on the salvation offered by Christ, as they seem to think they do.  It is ludicrous to think that Jesus’ love is reserved only for those who worship in Christian churches.

I doubt the true love of Jesus Christ, the love that Jesus exhibited for prostitutes and tax collectors alike, was not also extended to those who worship nature.  I mean, after all, Jesus was not a Christian!  He was a Jew!!!  Do Jews spread lies about nature worshipers, calling them all Satanists?  NO!  Only Christians are known to do that.

I asked Alex to correct the lie he spread on November 4 and he refused.  His crew backs him.  They all claim to report independently of his instructions and, yet, not one single reporter disagreed with Alex’s lie about nature worshipers.  Apparently, they all agree that anyone who worships nature worships Satan.

White Magick Wiccans do not engage in blood letting and do not worship Satan.  In fact, the behavior of Wiccans can be so exemplary that it is not uncommon for Christians to assume some Wiccans are Christians and fail to reject and slander them only until they discover they in fact worship nature.  Then, all of a sudden, the exemplary behavior is seen as Satan worship.

Satan worship belongs to the followers of despicable characters such as Aleister Crowley.


This picture is compliments of http://truthfeed.com/breaking-clinton-foundation-paid-occult-spirit-cooking-priestess-10k-for-operational-support/34116/, who also reported on the same story that Alex Jones of Infowars broke last Friday.  The John and Tony Podesta emails have provided damning proof that Hillary Clinton and the upper hierarchy of the Demoncratic National Committee do, in fact, worship Satan.

To make that revelation a platform from which to slander all nature worshipers is abhorrent.  I confronted Alex with the fact that his equation makes all Catholics Satan worshipers too because the Pope openly held a black mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and claimed in his Philadelphia homily that Jesus failed on the cross.  I asked Alex Jones then why are not all Catholics Satan worshipers too?  He ignored me, however, I already have the answer to my question:

Alex Jones merely reflects hundreds of years of lies spread by Christians
about nature worshipers, all in the name of following Jesus Christ.
What blasphemy!

I have asked Alex to repent, and retract, but he refuses.  So I decided to write this article with the hope of reaching Wiccans and Pagans around the world who might see fit to enlighten Alex Jones by writing to him at alexj@infowars.com.  Possibly enough nature worshipers sharing the truth with Alex could cause him to turn his heart away from Satan, his obvious new master, and back to Jesus Christ, who he professes to follow, how, I don’t know.  Slandering people without any evidence whatsoever, spreading lies about entire groups of people that cannot be backed up by one scrap of evidence, is simply not following Christ.  It is, in fact, Satan worship, sandwiched between self aggrandizing claims of how much integrity he has.

As a person who recognizes the presence of the Creator of heaven and Earth in all of nature, I pray that Christ will have mercy on Alex Jones’ obviously fallen soul.