Humans and plants have common roots

Taro planting and growing demonstration at the Kamehameha statue in Hilo, Hawaii.  Source:

Our soil today is completely depleted of nutrients almost everywhere.  Without supplementing the soil, preferably organically, vitamins and minerals simply do not exist in our soil today, so our diets perpetually remain nutrient deficient.  Even whatever produce you manage to grow is nutrient deficient to start with when you don’t use good organic fertilizers.

As we link good health to good nutrition and our awareness grows in the fact that the vast majority of what is provided in the supermarket today is nutrient deficient, even whole foods, we turn our attention to vitamin, mineral, enzyme and hormonal supplements, again preferably organic.  However, I am beginning to see we may be short sighted in our focus.

Mr. Peabody and his boy, Sherman, at the Wayback Machine.  Source:  Photobucket

If we can move our focus from putting nutritional supplements directly into our bodies to providing nutritional supplements directly to our food instead, we can mimic Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine and once again eat food already filled with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and hormones necessary for a healthy body that is free of the chronic sickness that is consuming humans and pervading this planet since the AMA and their snake-oil show better known as Big Pharma have taken over managing your health for you.

It’s not wise to put your life into someone else’s hands,
especially if you don’t know them.

We should not have to be supplementing our food.  Our food should be all that we need for good health.  This was the original healthcare plan. However the Profit-is-King scheme ascribed to by many in the land of not-so-free markets today demands that we are provided with products deficient in the nutritional values necessary to serve our bodies, whether it be food, medicine or even hygiene products and cosmetics.  So we have to buy even more stuff.  But when you take over managing your own health, which is your God given right to do and which I have done, you don’t need to take any of these deficient products to get sucked into the treating-side-effects scheme.  You can grow your own food for practically free and you can grow it so nutritionally rich that you won’t need to buy anything else to be healthy.  Just eat what you grow and you become what you grow.  There are some quality nutritional supplements on the market today, but why should we be supplementing our food in the first place?

You are what you eat.


Is growing your own food
the key to a healthy long life?

As I wade through the world of Gardening 101 Montessori style at the School of Hard Knocks Institute of Trial and Error, I have slowly discovered that try as I may and as much as I pray, the yield sucks without good nutrition in my increasingly larger container garden on the lanai, part of which is the pot garden under 18-hour fluorescent lights which I lovingly think of as my farmacy.[1]  The number of wonders of the cannabis plant are about as profuse as the number of cures found in organic apple cider vinegar with the mother.  And it’s all free.  That’s why marijuana is outlawed and they would do the same to vinegar too if they could, mother or not.

So learning how to organically fertilize your container garden is even more important than nutritional supplements or even emergency food supplies because, the bottom line is, you will have to grow your own food in order to be truly healthy, sooner or later so sooner the better.  Until each human being recognizes that it is important to personally grow at least part of one’s food supply while scrutinizing local food retailers for the rest is the only way we will take the reigns of our own health fully back into our own hands without relying on anyone’s “products.”  Human health is found in our common root with plants and that root is our vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and hormones that we each must ingest in order to be healthy, grow, and flourish.

Feed molasses to the critters in your garden so they can poop and then the plants can eat.

So far I’ve found my best education on organic fertilizers at this PlanetNatural.Com link.  I was particularly enlightened by the information they offer regarding how organic fertilizers work.  While chemical fertilizers work directly on the plant, organic fertilizers feed the little critters in the soil and when the little critters poop, they feed the plant.  How ingenious.  Only God would think of a thing like that.

In the meantime, Big Chemical is still trying to figure out how to duplicate the poop when, in reality, shit happens only when it’s organically produced.  Sorry Big Pharma, Big Chemical, and whoever else is trying to make a buck off our miseries.  Organic is free once people learn how to return to their roots; roots we have in common with the plants we should be eating in order to be healthy, and for free.  That’s 100% freeborn sovereign human being for you with no controls over you because you can live without relying on anyone else.

Growing your own food
is essential to freedom.

Once you see the simplicity of the best healthcare plan in the whole world, then it all starts making sense.  We can only be controlled if we let others control us.  Or, we can take charge of our own lives.  And one simple way to do that is to reestablish your link with Mother Earth.

Mahalo, ke Akua.  Aloha, from paradise.


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[1] Hawaii Lic. No. 2016004994.