If Ohio State students had been packing heat

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Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an obvious Muslim jihadist[1], would have been Swiss cheese within seconds if students on campus had not been suffering temporary brain damage from mind control.  But he wasn’t turned into Swiss cheese in a state that allows concealed carry.  So instead, 11 people were injured.  Why?

Ohio State University is a Gun-Free Zone.
All mass murders occur in Gun-Free Zones.
Jihadists know this undeniable fact.

Muslim terrorists are being allowed to run amuck inside the USA because sick bastards like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have the power to brainwash the public into being afraid at the thought of a gun and absolutely traumatized at the sight of one.

These snakes in the swamp literally mind control the public into abject terror of an object called a gun; an object that has no power to harm anyone without the conscious actions of a human being in possession of it anymore than an automobile cannot be a weapon until a human being uses it as one.  Yet, you don’t see the government banning automobiles because they are used as weapons, do you?  That even sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it?  Yes, mind control has succeeded in labeling anyone who carries a gun as a criminal.

Brainwashing is why 11 people were stabbed at Ohio State.
The Department of Justice literally aided and abetted that criminal.
The Department of Homeland Security arranged the crime.
This is premeditated murder by a treasonous government.

We must know our enemies before we can vanquish them.  The most lethal enemies of the citizens of the Republic of the United States compose what President-Elect Donald Trump refers to as “the swamp” in Washington D.C.  Those are the enemies of the people who are aiding and abetting a jihadist invasion of the USA in the fake name of compassion (Taqiya, the Islamic religious sacrament of lying) while they strip American citizens of all of our rights for “security.”  Whose security?  Certainly not ours.

The traitors in control want to disarm all Americans citizens so that we are easy prey for the jihadist invaders they are importing. Trump knows this and that is why Trump plans to eliminate all gun restrictions in the USA upon entering office.  There is only one gun law, the 2nd Amendment.  There is no legal restriction on self defense in the USA.  All laws [sic] to the contrary are treason.

How can disarming honest citizens ever protect us from criminals?
Are criminals really concerned with gun laws?  No.
So all restrictive gun laws [sic] exist only to prevent self defense.

It’s time most Americans start packing heat on a regular basis.  I’m sure there are delicate souls who will never touch a gun and that’s their prerogative.  But most Americans are not that wonky.  Pew Research Center has revealed that 37% of American households own 270 to 310 million guns, close to one firearm for every man, woman and child.[2]  That is more than enough to vanquish any enemy of the citizens of the United States of America, including those who have overthrown our legitimate government and are currently in control, and even their 100,000+ U.N. “peace keeping” troops already deployed inside the USA for the purpose of stopping American citizens from defending themselves from jihad.

Common sense dictates that carrying a gun is the only real security we have.  When a crime occurs, cops are never there.  I know.  I was held up at gunpoint twice while not armed.  Cops only show up later to fill out reports.  They are essentially paper pushers who periodically find themselves in harms way.  They are never there when the crime occurs.  Then how can they promise “security”?  They can’t!

The only real security any person has is
his own ability to defend himself.
Self defense is the only genuine security.

When government tells you that they will protect you, they are lying.  It’s impossible for the government to be the personal body guard of 300 million people (2.75 million employees; mostly mind-controlled gun-fearing paper pushers).  They know this and you know this too.  But if you have been traumatized by anti-gun propaganda and if you quake at the sight of a gun as if every gun owner is automatically a criminal, then you have also been disarmed of your mind, of your fundamental common-sense understanding that guns are necessary for self defense.  Your mind has been literally enslaved with an utterly baseless fear of guns.

If you deny this fact and refuse to consider it, then you live as a victim waiting to happen.  What a pathetic way for a human being to live when living in terror is completely unnecessary.  Currently, the illegitimate government of the United States, installed through fraud, with their allegiances abroad, is the terrorist, terrorizing American citizens by disarming us while importing insane barbarians with a prime directive to overthrow all other governments; the openly stated mission of Islam, the alleged “religion of peace.” With tons of obvious evidence to the contrary published everyday, it is pure stupidity to think that the government is going to protect you.  They have no intention of doing anything of the sort.

Government employees, particularly law enforcement, just collect a paycheck and their primary concern is not getting killed themselves, especially since U.N. training now requires them to shoot to kill only and not just to disarm whenever they feel scared.  Personal survival instinctively comes first and the vast majority of folks in law enforcement, unfortunately, are just not hero material.  If they were, then the FBI would not be an obvious sellout today, covering for a known traitor guilty of espionage, mass murder, and numerous other heinous crimes.  If the FBI really were composed of hero material, they would not have shot unarmed Lavoy Finnicum in the back and then planted a stolen gun on a man who owned numerous legal firearms, none of which were on him that day.  Anyone who has not resigned from the FBI yet is a paycheck whore, regardless of the bullshit they run you that they’re remaining inside because they can do more good from that vantage point.  What they mean is they don’t want to lose their pension.

You cannot count on anyone else to protect you.  If you relinquish your God given right to self defense, then you remain a victim waiting to happen, just like the 11 victims at Ohio State, a completely avoidable tragedy in a nation where the right to self defense is fundamental, but is being restricted by traitors who support an invading nation, the Nation of Islam.

The Nation of Islam is not just Louis Farrakhan’s operation inside the USA.  All Muslims compose the Nation of Islam.  Islam is not a race because it embraces all races.  The “religion” of Islam is actually incidental to their government, Sharia Law.  The Qu’ran is a law book and their religion is statism.

Islam is a nation without borders.
In order for an Islamic invasion to succeed,
The borders must be thrown open.


If Hillary the whore manages to overthrow the will of the people through post-election fraud; manipulating voting machines even further, coupled with totally unsubstantiated claims of Russian hacking, then we have no choice but to take down the mad dog and her companions, the illegal shadow government of the United States aka the 7th Floor.  One thing that treasonous piece of garbage does not realize is this country was founded by people who refuse to give up our right to self defense.


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[1] A statement ludicrously forbidden by the scum in Washington D.C. because only they can determine whether this was a terrorist act, as if we do not have eyes, ears, and a brain.

[2] http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2013/06/04/a-minority-of-americans-own-guns-but-just-how-many-is-unclear/